The next big thing…

… sounds like something Bobo ran his last few seasons in Athens.

Coaches are human, and like all humans they get intrigued by what’s next, the evolution of technology, of thought, or in this case their sport. And after a decade of college teams embracing the spread and spread-option, coaches are thinking about what they can do with more runners in the backfield and tight ends on the line — commonly known as a “pro set.”

One of the draws of this approach, according to Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, is that it renders problematic a trend in recruiting specialized defensive players tailored to stopping the spread such as nickelbacks, pass-rushers and those who slide from defensive back to linebacker.

“If you start to utilize more two-tight end sets, that could be problematic for defenses,” he said.

But the pro sets seen on Saturdays will include a proven college ingredient: faster pace.

Genius, I tells ‘ya.


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11 responses to “The next big thing…

  1. I am hoping for & looking forward to: a lot of 2 Tight End Sets.
    The Dawgs have the players to make this work.
    Great for the Run Game & the Play Action Pass .
    Also could use a TE as the H BACk or split out as a WR.
    They have 4 or 5 TEs that can & should be used as noted.


  2. doofusdawg

    The problem with Bobo was the opposite of what the Stanford coach said… running the hurry up right after our defense had just been on the field for a seven minute drive. Drove me crazy. I can imagine what it did to our defensive coordinators. Too bad it didn’t do anything to our head coach.


    • down island way

      We are paying him not to coach our student athletes anymore


    • The defense has the right to get itself off the field on 3rd down.

      I’ve never seen anybody rue the fact that we had an explosive offense that could literally score from anywhere on the field. Reggie Davis should have fallen down on that 98-yard TD pass, so we could run some clock. Keith Marshall should have let one of those Tennessee DBs run him down on that 75-yard run because the defense was going to have to go back on the field.

      That’s taking “I blame Bobo” to a completely different level.


    • Cojones

      Not a very informed statement, doofus. Blaming the D problems on the O was resolved earlier here when some dumbasses proposed that long ago or didn’t you pay any attention? It was done earlier in the spirit of continuing the criticism of Bobo and Richt using Bobo as the foil to get after Richt. What’s your excuse?


  3. Cojones

    Hasn’t the SEC made rules or at least said they view the hurry-up negatively and didn’t they stop Richt when he first began years ago? Nationally, rules have been instituted for subbing during hurry-up to blunt the advantage obtained , but I haven’t kept up with the latest.

    Is Chaney a fan of hurry-up? Hope so and those who opposed Bobo doing it didn’t have a clue for what that did for our winning ways. We had it good with Bobo and I’m glad he found employment where he can be appreciated. Murray ran that hurry-up to perfection and I, for one, miss it.


    • Amen, Cojones. The combination of the pro-style with the HUNH was devastating especially when Gurley and Marshall would get things going together with Murray as the trigger man.


  4. @gatriguy

    Dat 2012 and 2013 offense tho.