If you’re interested in an outsider’s look at what Kirby Smart brings to the table, check out this Roll Bama Roll post, entitled “How dangerous is new Georgia Bulldogs football coach Kirby Smart?”.  Sure, it’s a little condescending, but if anyone’s entitled to that kind of attitude, it’s Alabama’s fan base.

Overall, other than the casual dismissals of Chaney’s and Pittman’s backgrounds and the characterization of the recent outcome of the series with Auburn as a toss up, it’s a fair cop.  Hard to argue with much of this:

Experiencing The Process® is one thing. Imitating it is another. Jimbo Fisher took Florida State to the top of the mountain with his version. Jim McElwain has shown great promise in his short career as a head coach. But heed the warnings that are Will Muschamp and Derek Dooley.

Implementing The Process® is a delicate process. The first step is having that presence of a totalitarian leader. Saban is not a big man but he can bring a grown man to tears. He takes control of every aspect of his program. He is a calculated man and everything he does and everything he says, has a purpose towards helping his team succeed. Can Smart inspire his team to play an FCS cupcake the way Saban does? Can he get his team to buy in every day, every rep, every study hall, every second of every day for the span of each player’s college career at Georgia?

We shall see.


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  1. Walt

    I read this the other day and also noticed how they downplayed Chaney and Pittman. No mention of Chaney’s knack for developing QBs or Pittman’s stellar record at Arkansas and elsewhere. The article made Chaney sound like a former O-line coach who was moonlighting at an OC, and Pittman as his lackey.

  2. sniffer

    Condescending. Entitled. Alabama Fan Base.

    Folks, that’s truth in journalism, right there…

    • I think it the journalistic fan base that is over-entitled at Alabama. Judging from the results of the poll at the bottom, over half of them think Kirby will win a National title in his first four years.

  3. 81Dog

    if if 8 out of the last 10 with the Barners is a tossup, please extend our tossup status to include….pretty much everyone, except GTU, who any fair evaluator would concede we completely own.

    • Legatedawg

      A comparison of their own record against the same opponent does not flatter them. Tide’s record in Alabama vs Auburn for the past 10 years has twice as many losses to AU. Go a few years further back, it gets even worse. You have to go back to 2001 to find a season where Auburn defeated us and lost to Bama. So if the South’s Oldest Football Rivalry is currently a toss-up, I’m not sure what that makes the Iron Bowl. But I fully agree, I would take a toss-up like this in a heartbeat for any of our other rivalries.

    • Bulldog Joe

      We call that “Bama math”.

    • Puffdawg

      One thing Mark Richt rarely lost control of was Auburn.

  4. down island way

    SMART 1.0…….I’m just sayin’

  5. Starbreaker

    Most Bama fans I know are so insufferable. Most do not even know there was a coach named Mike Shula before and get legitimately angry if the Tide wins by less than 20. I felt the article had some fair points, but the comments section was brutal. Whatever…Kirby will land somewhere on the scale of “Sucks” to “Amazing” (most likely somewhere in the middle) and you hope the net result is a positive. Really at this point we have no clue…really just ready for the games to start already! I personally get the skepticism of Chaney mainly because he’s not a name brand guy and I think most of us had to Google him when he was announced (at least I did). I think his philosophy should be a good one, though, and have a wealth of backs and TEs for him to utilize to protect whoever is QB. Let’s see what happens. I am very curious to see how Kirby does managing the game and orchestrating the whole thing from the sideline.

    • Normaltown Mike

      they have the highest quotient of insufferable “sidewalk alums” in the conference (which is saying something).

      I recall in 2008 (!) fans complaining about the Tide letting teams hang around too long, etc. So in less than one calendar year from the La Monroe loss, they just can’t abide a two TD victory.

  6. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    I read the article and said….”wow this really isn’t all that unreasonable. Well done Alabama people.”

    I read the comments and said…”wow….I’m going to close the browser”

    I share the authors skepticism about Chaney, and I think “not such a clear choice [as Tucker]” is about right. But correct me if I’m wrong; didn’t Alabama try to hire Pittman? Seems like that’s at least as relevant as calling him a “Chaney disciple.”

    • I don’t have a problem with skepticism about Chaney, but dismissing his experience prior to his stint with Tennessee is nonsensical. He was Purdue’s OC for about a decade.

      • The Quincy Carter of Accountants

        That is true – he makes it sound like UT was his first OC gig. I did not notice he had done that, and his work at Purdue was some of his best.

        I hope I’m wrong about Chaney. His 2012 Tennessee team was very good and many of his others were not particularly talented. Hopefully with the group he has to work with here he will do well.

      • Derek

        I guess they didn’t think it worth mentioning that Saban hired Major Applewhite as his first OC at Bama. McElwain’s pedigree in 2008 was amazing! Eastern Washington AND Montana State!

    • ugadawgguy

      I’m with you on Chaney et al.

      Honestly, I also have strong doubts about Smart being another Jimbo Fisher (as opposed to another Will Muschamp or Derek Dooley). And even Fisher wouldn’t have had nearly the success he’s had if he were in Athens. The surrounding culture just isn’t as nearly as conducive to it as Tuscaloosa or Tallahassee, and I don’t think it ever will be.

      Time will tell, I guess.

      • Cojones

        I think you put your finger on it. That, plus the fan ignorance of what is being accomplished and how it’s being done is what keeps the program in tenuous mode.

        It doesn’t matter what any ignorant outside source says, we should be the better judge of what’s going on that is Dawg. That includes our coaches and if you haven’t learned yet with the Bobo soap opera, you should at least embrace what our new HC embraces. He has seen more of these guys on the field than he would like to remember because that’s where he was impressed and it wasn’t by some agent giving out Chaney’s and Pittman’s resumes.

      • ugafidelis

        The only thing that makes folks think Jimbo great is Jameis Winston. A LOT of Mile fans that I know called him Dumbo on a regular basis pre JW.

        • ugafidelis

          *Nole fans

          • ugadawgguy

            I’m both a UGA (undergrad) and FSU (grad school) alumnus. While I can’t say I care about FSU even 50% as much as I care about Georgia, I do follow them pretty closely — kind of as if they were another upper-echelon SEC East school.

            Fisher is a very good coach, and he was a very good coach before Jameis. He’s quite comparable to Richt in that regard, only with slightly more luck in his championship season (and the good fortune of being in a successful portion of his run as head coach when the playoff came to fruition).

            I don’t think Fisher’s success can be dismissed out of hand. He and Dantonio are Saban’s most successful disciples, by a wide margin.

        • lakedawg

          Maybe being short makes you a great coach, Saban, Jimbo, Kirby???

    • The coaching lifers like Chaney or Norm Chow or Noel Mazzone or Chavis or Monte Kiffin (I guess even his son now ..) have way more good to great seasons that bad ones. They have been around too long, coached at too many high profile programs and had lots of HC’s trust them to be terrible at their jobs.

      While Schottenheimer was terrible in Athens last year, I don’t think that a guy who has spent 10+ years in the NFL as an assistant or coordinator is terrible at his job.

      Hopefully, Chaney will coach Eason as well as he coached Brees.

  7. Noonan

    And now we know why Auburn fans are insane. They are forced to deal with these arrogant SOBs on a daily basis.

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Thanks for your fine summary. I’ll pass.

  9. SouthAsiaDawg

    The “Process” is having better players at every position (or at least a great majority) than the opponent. Don’t buy the smoke and mirrors that it is anything more than that.

    Jimmy’s and Joe’s, not X’s and O’s, has made Saban who he is.

    Kirby can replicate it, so some extent, by recruiting the way Saban has.

    That’s what makes Alabama what they are. Attack that, replicate that, and you have your “Process”

    • J J

      “Jimmy’s and Joe’s, not X’s and O’s, has made Saban who he is”

      I guess Jimmy and Joe decided to call that onside kick against Clemson.

    • The Dawg abides

      Great coach plus the most talent plus TOTAL support, from the custodians all the way to the Govenor, equals the Process. It seems like a simple formula, but oh so hard to put together at the same time. If Saban had been the coach at Georgia the last nine years he would have been very successful, but not the level he has achieved at Bama, because of that third ingredient.

  10. 92 grad

    I’m happy to read the column but before I do I know one thing for certain. Chaney and Pittman, with tucker are all great additions to the staff when the dynamic of “rookie head coach”. And, that’s all I have to say about that….

    • Totally agree … the fact that those 3 along with Rocker and Sherrer as experienced assistants decided to work for a first time head coach appears to speak volumes for what they think of Smart’s vision for the program. We’ll see what happens when the ball is kicked for the first time, but anyone with a clear mind would have to say Kirby did a damn good job of putting together a staff … this is coming from someone who was very skeptical of the hiring when it was announced.

      GATA now, Dawgs!

  11. 92 grad

    When the dynamic is given consideration…..hate when I don’t proof.

  12. kckd

    Considering the way they lost to that cupcake LAMO his first year and the way they lost to Utah in the bowl game his second year, I hope Kirby is a little better at inspiring.😉 The guy may be the greatest coach of all time, certainly the greatest college coach in my lifetime. But he’s had his WTF moments like all the rest. Personally I don’t think Muschamp really bought in to his process considering interviews about his time spent with him. Kirby speaks much more positively towards Saban. Dooley was only a position coach.

  13. stoopnagle

    The comments make me sad for 2012 all over again.

    • stoopnagle

      I did like the survey though. (They’ve got some healthy traffic at their SBN site!) I’d have to say it’s either 4 or less or never because I don’t think Kirby gets 5 years.

  14. DawgPhan

    Can you even call Muschamp a Saban coach?

    I mean he spent a lot of time with Mack Brown….that has to do some damage.

  15. Columbus Dawg

    UGA is 8-2 versus Auburn in last ten contests, Bama is 6-4 in same span. Do any of you actually KNOW any of these inbred morons that spit tobacco on the sides of their rusty old cars and trucks? I do, and I avoid them at ALL costs.

    • Denver94

      Now this is some well placed, measured vitriol. Nicely done.

    • Down island way

      Hear me now, listen to me later……all this blather coming from the arm pit of the world about notta, zip, zero…..nil to be international. One place where they distribute useable TP on some peed on trees, another where they take their own TP in the stadium to wave at each other.The latter begs the conversation of out right bragging rights or qualification to go to the head of your class at the nearest porta let.

  16. Cojones

    It would be interesting see how many lesser teams and cupcakes have beaten Saban’s Bama. ULM comes to mind.

    To me, Saban seems possessed to not overlook a detail that could cost him a game as it has in his past. I think he is especially worrisome of games because he firmly believes that anyone can beat anyone on any given day of CFB. If the Pool hasn’t shown you that’s true, then stick around for the first games of the year when that liability to Bama is at it’s greatest. I think that their fans react out of fear that will happen, not out of cockiness (oh sure, some have that attitude as well ). Their program emphasis of being on guard is what I think gives many Bama fans security in their support of their team. They feel better and their nervousness is attenuated. We just need to give them effort enough as opponents to make their fans think they just had a double Cappuccino that 10 shots of bourbon wouldn’t dent.

  17. AusDawg85

    Man…we’ll never be Bama. Even their blogs can hire 1 million monkeys typing randomly away that eventually provide a post they can publish. We have to stick with one Senator (with a Cayman…SCOREBOARD!!!).

  18. I agree that the author underplay’s the importance of the Pittman hire. Even Saban couldn’t lure him out of Fayeteville.

    The key to implementing The Process 2.0 is tweaking it to make it your own. A big piece of what makes Saban’s Process successful is Saban himself (personality, temperament, etc). If Kirby can make the right adjustments to The Process to fit him, I think he’ll be successful.

    I hated to see him leave, but Ill be rooting for Smart. He’s a good dude and he’s got his dream job. I hope he does well.