The next best thing to a rabbit’s foot

Auburn’s larded up its starting offensive roster.


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12 responses to “The next best thing to a rabbit’s foot

  1. hassan

    Gus doesn’t know how many problems he’s got because math is one of them.

  2. Tybee Dawg

    13 > OR

  3. Uglydawg

    Pepper Rogers was known to put 13 on the field against UGA…and get away with it.

  4. Hard to believe this game will be even close for AU at the half…

    …Should be a blast to watch!

  5. Spike

    Spike channeling his inner Munson..” Don’t count your chickens ..”


    Parents like to see their kids name on the depth chart.

  7. SemperFiDawg

    Now that’s a Pulitizer Prize winning article if I ever read one. The depth! The insight! In all seriousness Senator, that may have been the worst article you have ever linked to. No surprise it came from ESPN. And that’s not a personal insult. You have no idea how much I value this site. On the contrary, this is the ONLY football site I even bother with these days, and I appreciate the effort you put into it.

  8. Cousin Eddie

    Would be hilarious if they get an illegal substitution on the first play.