Name that caption, bet they would have gotten Notre Dame right edition

So much missing from this Chantastic t-shirt.

That’s how they roll in Dublin, I guess.


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38 responses to “Name that caption, bet they would have gotten Notre Dame right edition

  1. Derek

    Ireland tells Tech to póg mo thóin and right in the middle.

  2. 92dawg

    Alex, the answer is what state and city did George O’Leary lead as governor and mayor, respectively, according to his resume.


    That is a hell of a flight for college kids…guess not as far as Cal went…frankly, I don’t see the point.,

    • Sanford222view

      Three Atlanta area high school teams are playing some New Jersey and Florida schools over there this weekend as well. REALLY don’t get the high school angle except it is a cool deal for the players. Wonder what Westminster, Marist, and Trinity Christian (I think) are spending on travel for that road trip?

  4. 81Dog

    I guess they should have consulted former GTU great Stephon Marbury, but I guess he’s busy being a minor deity in China. Of all the places in the world for a Tech guy to be worshipped…..but, India doesn’t have a pro basketball league, and Starbury probably can’t play cricket.

  5. J.M.

    This makes me harken back to playing as Tallahassee versus South Bend on Bill Walsh College Football.

  6. The nerds can’t run across the pond without dealing with their Dawg overlords.

  7. The other Doug

    And it will forever be in the mind The Genius and in the mind of our football team. So, we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.

  8. I’m just sayin’… I was in Dublin this time last year and might have planted the bug.

  9. Debby Balcer

    Talk about a major mistake.

  10. VoxDawg

    Yes, but how many hot dogs and Cokes doe you get with it?

  11. paul

    Well, as with any piece of memorabilia that contains a mistake, it has a certain collectors value. Or not.

  12. Derek

    We Run This Too!

  13. Uglydawg

    After seeing the “Best Quality” tag on the top of the coat hanger,
    “Georgia” sounds just right.

  14. HVL Dawg

    Dublin, you’re no Montana.

  15. Coweta Dawg

    You can survive a potato famine, and even British tyranny, but to put a “Tech” after Georgia? Bollocks!

  16. WF Dawg

    Meet the next latest trend in Somalia.

  17. Just Chuck (the other one)

    Do you suppose they were really thinking they were getting Georgia for this game? What a major disappointment when Tech showed up.

  18. hassan

    They should go ahead and ship these over to the same village that got all those Clemson National Champions shirts earlier this year.

  19. The Irish Prime Minister should resign now. This is just pure sacrilege.

  20. Macallanlover

    Perhaps they thought Tech was from Russia, only to find out they are primarily from Asia.

  21. newisph

    They even trolled them with their helmet – ha!

  22. Got Cowdog?

    I want one! Can I get one online?

  23. W Cobb Dawg

    The Paddys probably thought they were getting the UGA fan base and our $$. Reality is sinking in right about now – empty hotels, no t-shirt sales, no ticket sales. Oy vey! Or as the Mick’s might spell it, Oi vey!

  24. Mad Mike

    Two tickets, two potatoes, two Guinesses?

  25. Chunky A

    Any clue where we can get one?