The cream always rises to the top.

Look who’s starting at A-back for Georgia Tech.

I’m looking forward to the anti-Dwag spin about this at StingTalk.



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24 responses to “The cream always rises to the top.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Good to see J.J. doing well.

    We Tripped him badly while he was here (thanks to undersigning and Greg’s bungling of the Gurley situation). He did everything we asked him to do.


    • On the Saturday after Thanksgiving our Dawgs need to beat that traitor so bad that he regrets ever taking those scumbugs invite to join their little ball playing with fraternity. Screw JJ! They need to pound his ass into the grass.


  2. Good news for JJ. I hope he does awesome in every game except for one. Heck he can even do well in the one game as long as we win in a blowout.


  3. Athens Dog

    I have a bad feeling about this………….


  4. JCDAWG83

    I do not wish JJ well, he went to the hated nerds. He will forever be a traitor in my eyes. I don’t wish an injury on him but I hope tech loses every game, he struggles and regrets leaving Georgia every day for the rest of his life. I hope when we play them, he is held to negative yards and has several costly fumbles that contribute to a huge blowout win for Georgia.


  5. Mayor

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? J.J. is better than any other back on the Tech team, so of course he is going to be first string.


  6. Spike

    He must have been able to handle the vaunted academics at tech.


  7. JJ was a DGD while he was here. He will always be remembered for that draw play that set up Murray’s winning TD pass to JSW against the Bayou Bengals. I also think he had 100+ yards after Marshall got hurt on the Kneeland cow pasture the next week.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. I don’t understand why we’d let a talented kid like JJ just walk away from the program. Even when we were supposedly deep at RB he was getting carries – and producing.


      • I think Richt wanted to move him back to DB where he started. He decided he wanted to play running back and get more carries. When tech wouldn’t allow the guy who’s now at Maryland to transfer to Georgia, didn’t McGarity pretty much call tech out because we let Green transfer earlier that year?


  8. J.J. Green moved atop Georgia Tech’s depth chart at A-back because he’s tough, physical and likes playing football, according to coach Paul Johnson.

    Sometimes, it is what is not said that speaks volumes.


  9. Uglydawg

    It’s only fair…After all, we got some great service out of Reggie.