And your starting quarterback is…

the suspense is killing me.  (Not really.)  And still no direct quote from Smart, for that matter.

If you take this on its face, then the choice as to who got the reps with the ones this week turned out to be telling.


UPDATE:  Marc Weiszer is reporting it’s official now.


UPDATE #2:  Mark Schlabach reports that Eason is expected to play, too.


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  1. Silver Britches

    And I think it’s the correct call.

    Throwing Eason out there game 1, play 1 in that environment is a big ask.

  2. Billy Mumphrey

    No matter who starts just hand it to Chubb and run it down their damn throats.

  3. Greg

    GOOD!!!….too big a game to start a rookie QB. Work Eason in slowly as the season goes. If I had to guess, Lambert gives us the best chance imo.

    • Yeah. Because the guy who bailed out of the pocket for no reason every chance he got even though he’s about as mobile as a cigar store Indian, threw the ball into stands as often as he did a WR, and really looked average as hell last year has quite the upside. Not to mention that UNC has presumably played him before and know the mediocrity that is GL.

      Either Chaney is the QB whisperer or this is a decision made out of fear.

      • Bill Belichick

        “…threw the ball into [the] stands as often as he did a WR, and really looked average as hell last year has quite the upside.”

        Lambert completed nearly 2/3rds of his passes last season and only threw two interceptions the entire year. He also set a single game NCAA record for consecutive completions. From here, that upside looks a whole lot like… you know… the sky.

        • More meaningless stats from last year: UGA winning ten games or Lambert’s stats? Point is neither led to shit.

          • Charles

            Oh… right… if you ain’t first you’re last. I get it.

            Call me quaint, but I like the idea of seeing Dawgs in the NCAA record books. After all, I suppose if completing 24 of 25 passes was so friggin’ easy it would have been done before. That’s hardly meaningless.

            I look at performances like that and see tons of potential, especially in an ostensibly upgraded program with better coaches and a laser focus on the details. But, I’m not a blog post comment realist like you.

            • Yet the former HC thought so much of him that he started Bauta in a big game. I personally thought that Lambert was abominable to watch.

            • DawgPhan


              I also thought that the drive at the end of the UT game showed some promise. I know it didnt end in a TD or a win, but taking the team down the field with a minute left and starting at your own 1 yard line @ neyland stadium at night doesnt just happen.

              • Derek

                I saw David Greene. I was there when David Greene led us to victory. Greyson lambert is no David Greene.

                And who gives a damn about beating UT? The game on last year’s schedule was Bama at home. We were three years seperated from taking them to the wire and 8 years seperated from getting beat down in Sanford. That was an opportunity to make a damn statement.

                We needed to be able to play in that game. There is one major frigging reason that we had no fucking chance and we saw it on the first play.

                I want to see the guy who can win in Atlanta in DECEMBER. If we can’t win Saturday night with Eason, Lambert or Brice we won’t be in that damn game anyway.

                • And yet people are excited to see the same guy that MR replaced with a thoroughly unprepared Bauta bc he thought he was the better choice for arguably the most important game of the season. I thought KS had bigger balls.

                  If GL has a great game I’ll happy but the unfrozen caveman QB doesn’t excite me. Eff the grad transfer rule as far as I’m concerned. Let’s toss out a guy who the UNC staff has presumably seen before.

                  • Puffdawg

                    You seriously need to find a new hobby. You sound pathetic.

                  • No One Knows You're a Dawg

                    ” the same guy that MR replaced with a thoroughly unprepared Bauta”

                    And that was a mistake, wasn’t it? Arguably the mistake that got Richt fired.

                    • lakedawg

                      Results would have been same regardless of who we started. Coaches can not throw or catch for players on field.

      • You should read the drivel that Fedora was spouting when the news broke…about how great a quarterback Lambert is and how he can run as well as throw…I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
        Let me preface by saying I have no reason, and in fact no choice but to trust the decisions that have been made here…but…
        I sure am curious how our staff will expect to establish the run when UNC is going to pack the box slam full because they know Lambert is incapable of hurting them deep.
        I mean, they literally KNOW. They played against and beat his Virginia team twice, in 2013 and ’14.
        I’m also reading from different sources that now, it is not a given that Eason will even play against UNC.
        I sure hope none of this is true, but unless Lambert has all of a sudden developed the arm strength and accuracy (not to mention the patience to actually stand in the pocket for a couple of seconds) to throw the ball deep downfield, we will surely be in trouble.
        This much I know to be true… if UNC is able to plug all the running lanes by jamming 8 in the box to stop Chubb, we are not going to win a shoot-out if we can’t throw the ball downfield effectively enough to make those safeties back off and give us some room to run.
        If that happens, it could get ugly. 2015 Jacksonville ugly.
        If our young defense plays lights out, and we don’t become one-dimensional, we can win this game. But we will need a much better passing game then we had last year, so…

        • Puffdawg

          Now would be a good time to observe that Mark Richt has lost control of Kirby Smart’s personnel decisions. Same guys screaming to fire CMR are now screaming mad at Kirby before he has ever coached a play for us. Sit back and enjoy the ride fellas.

      • Greg

        LOL!!….next time you watch the dawgs play, try and process what you see.

  4. Starbreaker

    No surprise there…is the logical approach. Hopefully Eason gets a few series and can play himself into more.

  5. Chopdawg

    Kirby’s going to move Saturday’s game to 1:30. When the fans, TV cameras, all the media get to the Dome he’ll say, sorry, the game’s already been played, you missed it! And then he won’t tell us who won.

  6. DawgPhan

    That’s great. He’ll be fine.

    But what I really want is for him to just ball outrageous, mostly because it would drive some dawg fans crazy. Lambert settles in goes nuts and never gives up snaps to Ramsey or Eason unless it is just garbage time.

    It would obviously mean our season was going great, but it would also probably kill a couple of the commentators on this board…so win-win-win.

    • Derek

      I’d love to see the guy play great against a good defense. Frankly I hope we don’t see one Saturday. The test will probably come in Oxford. The first time somebody gets a second half lead or puts the brakes on our run game, then we’ll revisit Lambert’s capacities. Just because I’d rather not see him ever play another snap doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather be proven wrong. Hell, I’d like him to win the Heisman and be the number one pick next spring. It could happen. After all, I thought Henry was too big and lumbering to be a big time sec back like Chubb and fournette. Wrong! Let’s all hope I’m equally wrong here. Happy to be.

      But to be clear I know he can be effective when he has a functioning running game and is facing a mediocre defense. However, it’s not those teams you have to beat to win championships. If you want championships, you’ve gotta have a qb who can make plays when they’re hard.

      If he plays Saturday night like he played vs. South Carolina last year it will prove nothing to me.

      • Uglydawg

        Feel the same way, Derek. And we need to throw it enough that we don’t get Chubb worn out..he’s got a long season to get through.
        And I would LOVE to see NC’s defense give us what South Carolina gave us last year. It would prove nothing?? Yesmaybe..but it would be fun to see.
        I wonder what this board will look like this time next week.

      • Cojones

        Attaboy. Close your mind completely before he plays. Niiice.

        • Derek

          Oh, he’s played before. I’ve suffered enough. But like I said, unlike chili, I want to be proved wrong, not proved right. I have no wish for an “I told you so moment.” I’d rather Lambert’s supporters say that to me…after the ole miss game. I think we should be able to win this one with either frankly. If we don’t we probably have more issues than qb.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Reading lots of cheap shots at Lambert around the internets today. Lambert’s okay. He had a lousy coordinator and the weakest receiving corps in recent memory to work with last year.

        He did fine in the TN game, ‘Bama in the rain is ‘Bama in the rain, and didn’t play in the Florida game.

        He’s learned two offenses in two years and has kept his nose clean and his mouth shut despite being everybody’s second choice, no matter who’s been his backup. Time for DGD’s to get behind the kid.

        • Derek

          What shots are cheap? Rain is a damn excuse??? WTF??? Didn’t bother Coker when he hit Ridley up top. The kid could do nothing when it was on him. Yes he threw a nice pass to Reggie vs. UT but we were up 24-3 and that lead got blown because without Chubb we were helpless.

          As far as Schotty, Lambert had by far his best year with him calling the plays. Not sure the oc is the issue. The issue is that we didn’t have a guy who could make plays when there was no one else to make plays.

          And as far as the receivers most guys would kill to have Mitchell, Godwin and that set of TE’s.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            That was not directed at you, posted in the wrong spot. But disagree Schotty was an asset or that’s a strong group of receivers (so far). Agree re the rain, and never said GL was the giant-killer. He’s been unfairly the focus of a lot of frustration.

            • Derek

              Just understand what the frustration is. The frustration is knowing that if we play a team with just enough offense and a really good defense, we have no chance with that guy. At least from what we’ve seen so far. If the kid grew a pair in the offseason and can set his feet and throw darts in the face of pressure, great. That is not what we’ve seen so far. He’s been timid and inaccurate and has lacked confidence. Coaches don’t teach those things. You either have it, you find it, or you won’t be successful.

              • Cosmic Dawg

                “Just understand what the frustration is”

                No, I kind of don’t. He doesn’t set me on fire either, I always liked Bauta purely for reports of his scrap and energy. But Lambert’s not “inaccurate” as you suggest, and he doesn’t strike me as much better or worse at his job than 50% of his teammates. You can go down the entire roster and say, “well, we’re not winning a championship with so and so” with just about any of them not named Chubb, Thompson, or Sanders.

                I’m just a little tired of everybody whining about Lambert. I get it, he’s not the flashy or cool choice, but he did all right last year. He doesn’t “suck”, he’s not an asshole, he’s apparently showing up and working hard despite being loathed by half the fanbase for no reason beyond he’s not Aaron Murray.

                Joe Namath ain’t ready, apparently. I’m glad you’re not rooting for Lambert to fail. He’s not a championship QB, we all know that – good thing this is not a championship caliber team.

                • Got Cowdog

                  It’s a team sport, Y’all. GL didn’t win or lose anything by himself. I am glad the coaching change was made and I hope GL lights the place up. I am ready to watch the Dawgs play ball, and they could run Jan Kemp out there under center and I would pull for her.
                  Well, maybe not Jan Kemp. Maybe if she had a good looking sister……

                • My god there are so many soccer moms on this board. You can’t criticize a guy’s play without being accused of assassinating his character? I’m sure GL is a good guy and is obviously smart with a degree from a good school. Doesn’t mean he’s a good football player and we are ostensibly here to talk about football.

                  • Cosmic Dawg

                    My first post was about comments here and elsewhere. And it’s ever since he transferred, and it’s not always accurate, and yeah, it gets pretty shitty . I have been very critical of him myself – this is the first time I’ve said anything about it iirc, so don’t start the soccer mom shit with me – the better part of the fan base is excited for the season to start, but some of you want to bitch ad infinitum about the guy on your own team who has won the starting job twice. Who are you pissed at – Lambert for wanting to come play for the Dawgs, or Smart for playing him? Should he quit football for you?

          • 69Dawg

            Derek I guess you blame Lambert for the Alabama loss because you lack the knowledge of the damn game. He was 1 of 22 UGA players and as I recall all but Chubb played awful. Why the hard-on for Lambert?

            • Derek

              Yep. If you put me out there at qb it would be equally Greg Pykes fault we lost. Tremendous analysis.

              An idiot like me has a point if view that you remember how many super bowl titles Joe Montana and Tom Brady have and not who their left guard was, but admittedly I know nothing about football. Many, many football teams have won championships with mediocre qbs. Vince young, cam newton, Tim Tebow were just cogs in a machine. Could have been anyone taking those snaps.

              Got it. Just be patient with me as I wallow away in my ignorance.

              Btw: please tell NFL GMs to stop paying qbs more than other players. They just don’t know football like you do. I think that if you suggested that qbs be paid the same as other players NFL GMs would call you, unfairly no doubt, a fucking idiot. Too bad. They’re just not part of your football cognoscenti.

              • Will (The Other One)

                Yes, all that money to Matt Ryan and no real investment on either line has worked wonders for the Falcons…

                • Derek

                  They should fire Ryan, pay you the NFL minimum to play qb and put the savings in the OL. That’ll work!

                  The fact is that there are like 10 people on the planet who can play NFL qb at a high level. It isn’t just any other position. To suggest otherwise is like saying that it doesn’t matter whether they put you at second and sandy Koufax on the mound. Either way, same thing. No the fuck it ain’t. You might get a W with you playing second. As the starting pitcher??? Not so much. Yes it’s a team game but some positions are much more important than others. If you can’t see that then there’s just no help for you. You’re just plain dumb.

        • Scott

          OK, so you addressed the UT game, the Bama game, and the Florida game (which he didn’t play in). Did you watch the Mizzou game, the Auburn game, the Georgia Southern game, the Tech game, and the bowl game? What did Greyson Lambert do in those games that inspires confidence?

          Please don’t say “win”….those games were won in SPITE of our quarterback, not because of him.

          By the way……I’m not saying the coaching staff is making a mistake. I have no idea what Eason has looked like in practice, other than the very limited snaps we’ve seen. I’m just disappointed that nobody performed well enough to take the job, and feel like we’ve just defaulted to the guy with the most experience.

        • Debby Balcer

          Amen!! Support the QB our coach chooses.

    • FlorineseExpert

      Agree 100%. Best case scenario is that the Lexicon gets updated to “Beyond Lambert” after this season.

    • Yeah. Because if you don’t want to see the same lack of awareness from Lambert that was constantly on display last year you secretly hate the guy or aren’t a “real fan” right?

  7. paul

    I just want to see the game. It can’t get here soon enough. But now I have to deal with a tropical storm first. Not a happy camper. But once I settle in with a bourbon and water and the ball gets kicked off, all will be right with the world.

    • Biggen

      You and me both. Here in Panama City Beach it should blow through tonight and be a beautiful weekend for CFB!

      • paul

        We’re on St. Simons so we will be dealing with this storm all day Friday. Trying to get out of town to spend the weekend on Lake Sinclair.

    • Uglydawg

      If you haven’t tried it yet..go buy some Silk Vanilla Almond Milk (in the milk’s a very healthy milk substitute..but not for anyone allergic to tree nuts..beware) and add a shot of your favorite (or less $$ will still be good) sippin’ whiskey. A cube or two of ice doesn’t hurt…it’s very good and the fairer sex enjoys it too. I made it with Ezra B…took one sip and never looked back.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Well, with Faton Bauta gone, Lambert’s probably our next best option for such a big-time game on a neutral field.

  9. CB

    My main takeaway from this news is that Dean Legge is still a clown and his insider sources are people who are standing on top of the Catholic Center watching practice from across the street with binoculars.

  10. Athens Dog

    I’ve been quoted as saying that I’d poke sharp sticks in my eyes if i had to watch him play QB for us again…………….I hope y’all will let me off the hook with just covering my eyes……………..

    • 69Dawg

      Just don’t watch the game. Simple as that. If you are so down on him and the coaches then just don’t watch. The sun will come up Sunday either way.

    • Will (The Other One)

      One massive plus: he won’t be behind a Rob Sale coached (sic) line this season.
      I remember with Chubb seeing the Dawgs fail to convert 3rd and short vs ULM last year. In hindsight it was pretty telling.

  11. baitstand

    Meet the new boss.
    Same as the old boss.

  12. DawgPhan

    Oh man…what is cheese dick going to do? He was all set to defend Eason and now he has to start all over. No way he can prepare for this new QB in just a few days. Smart’s plan has worked to perfection.


  13. Skeptic Dawg

    I have felt all along that if the OL played above average in the coaches eyes and provided the QB with ample time in the pocket that Eason would be our guy. This tells me that our OL is not what I have been hoping for. While serviceable, Lambert will not lead the Dawgs to a W vs quality opponents. Either way, I am of the opinion that Eason will play early in the Dome and will be our QB sooner rather than later.

    The caveat to my theory is that Schotty, Sale and Richt completely screwed up our offense last season to the point of uber conservative play.

      • dawgtired

        “This tells me that our OL is not what I have been hoping for”

        Seriously?!! Starting Lambert in this game tells you our OL has not improved to satisfy your hopes? Dang, I just don’t know football. I thought it meant Kirby felt Lambert gives us the best chance to win. Because its not like Lambert needs any protection for the opposing D. How silly of me.

  14. 81Dog

    “and at one time, I thought I’d be over here all night, cause Carnie Norris was lookin’ good, REAL good.” Former Class A true freshman UGA RB, post game, Knoxville TN, opening game 1980. Some of you may recall that worked out ok, though I can’t imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would have occurred had Al Gore had the foresight to invent the Internet just a few years earlier. We all have regrets, I suppose.

    While I hope we don’t have to work our way into an 0-15 hole before Eason comes in on the white horse to save us, I’m pretty sure we’ll get a chance to see him. If Kirby thinks starting Carnie, errr, Lambert is the way to go this week, fine. Let’s see how it plays out.

  15. Cojones

    I will enjoy and cheer for Greyson to lead the team into our first match as I’m sure the coaches and the team are behind him as well. Starting Greyson has been in the cards for some time and he is what we got so my emotions will rise and fall as happens with any and all Dawg QBs who aren’t perfect during game play. Wishing him the best, hope the lines hold and “Go Dawgs!”.

  16. bulldogbry


  17. Charles

    You guys wanted regime change and you got it. And yet you don’t trust Nick Jr. to make the right decision regarding something as pivotal as who starts under center on Saturday? Y’all are incorrigible as hell.

    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how much Lambert has improved some nine months into a new program. After all, that was the whole point of… like… changing coaches, right?

    Who’s the realist now?

  18. AusDawg85

    Well, Senator, Kirby missed on one of your hoped for changes by not naming a QB early enough in camp because reps matter. So does this mean:

    A) Kirby/Chaney is not an upgrade in coaching
    B) Picking QB’s in the SEC is hard
    C) Kirby is as “smart” as Richt and goes with the correct, if not spectacular, choice
    D) A freshman QB is really never ready to start a big game opener in the SEC, but he’s being groomed as fast as possible.

    I can already tell who on this board is going to pick which answer.

    • The correct answer is………..D

    • I might add an E) to your list: there isn’t much difference between Chaney’s offensive scheme and Schottenheimer’s.

      • Well shit. I’m really looking forward to a bunch of four yard routes on 3rd and 7 again.

      • Otto

        I’m not so sure that Chaney’s scheme will be that close to Schott’s. We will find out more Saturday. It will be interesting to see how much time the QB spends under center, and how that varies if Eason gets playing time.

        I do think Chaney will be much better at developing the offense than a Schott who was used to working with player that did not have the NCAA limiting their practice time. Again I also get back to Smart’s 1st hire, Smart understand’s you need to be complex enough to hide what you’re doing from the other team but package it in a way that a college kid can understand.

        I expect Lambert to continue to improve. I was hoping Ramsey could make a leap but that didn’t happen. I have reservations about how Lambert reacts when under pressure but this is a new season and a new staff. OC changes have vastly improved QBs in 1yr.

  19. Squatch

    This is the Smartest move. If you start Eason you’ve pretty much said he’s your guy. If he struggles and you have to pull him it wouldn’t be pleasant and you mess with his confidence. Then you deal with all the same BS next week.

    You start Lambert and you can rotate Eason in as much or as little as needed to work him into the role. If he lights it up…you keep him in as much as you want. If he struggles you rotate Lambert back in. No pressure.


    • Will (The Other One)

      It’s similar to how Clemson brought Deshaun Watson in, if it plays out that way (hopefully without the injuries, or Lambert looking as bad as Cole Stoudt.)

    • Dear Jacob,
      if you read these sorts of fanatical meanderings, take heart and listen up.
      Your time is coming soon.
      Prepare each week like you’re the starter.
      Stay focused and ready.
      You’re going to get the call, it’s just a matter of when.
      When you do, step into that huddle, look your teammates in the eyes and say “Alright fellas, I got this. Let’s go!”
      Trust your instincts and your abilities, but most of all what the coaches have taught you.
      When the opportunity presents itself, turn them loose and leave it all on the field after you’re done.
      Make the play, change the game, and make Dawg Nation proud.

      Go Dawgs!

    • Except that Lambert’s proven that he can lose you a game as quickly as Eason can. I.e. The Bama game last year.

  20. If Lambert trots out there first I will begin slamming beers rather than drinking them.

  21. Macallanlover

    Very comfortable with this decision and impressed that Kirby did not bow to the great unwashed in this decision. It matters absolutely not who takes the first snaps from center, both QBs are going to get a look under fire, and this order gives Eason a chance to get his heartrate under control and not feel the weight is on his shoulders in a very strange environment for someone nine months removed from Washington HS football. Possible that Eason wins the job on Saturday, but I doubt it, though his chances are better in a secondary role in the opener. I am much more concerned with the OL performance because that can give either QB to show us what they have.

  22. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I will say that if he was going to start Lambert, it’s better that it’s not a surprise. The booing would be merciless. Let’s hope GL finds his authentic voice:

    • Derek

      Agreed. Now that we know its coming we can all do a polite “golf clap.” When (if) Eason comes on it will be “worse than bonkers.”

  23. Uglydawg

    I think it’s a prudent decision. It’s not like Eason won’t be dressing out..we’ll see him when the time is right, as determined by CKS…a guy who most likely has a little more of an idea about what’s best than any of us.

  24. PTC DAWG

    I would hate to,watch a UGA game with some of y’all….you know who you are.

    Beat UNC



  25. 69Dawg

    Some of you people are amazing. You hire Saban Jr and when he does what Saban has done and is currently doing in the same QB situation you piss and moan. Eason will play as soon as Eason is ready in the coaches’ eyes not because the fans want him to play. Kirby/Saban Jr does not have time for your shit.

    • Starbreaker

      Yeah, it is crazy. I would actually question Smart’s sanity if he started Eason. There’s absolutely no reason to rush the kid out there. Lambert’s been here before and will manage the emotion of the first 2 series for the offense. Chaney’s offense is not an “air it out” approach anyways, and Lambert can just as easily (and probably better) dump it to TEs and backs to get some early momentum…and, oh yeah, hand the ball off to 27. I predict we’ll see Eason in the 3rd or 4th series after everyone’s nerves (including his) calm down and hopefully we’re in good/neutral field position to set him up for success. The fact that Eason was as close as it appears means very good things for his future, but Kirby’s being pragmatic about how he gets him in the flow. This is not a big deal.

      • Talk to me when GL has bailed out of the pocket for no reason and airmailed 6 balls into the stands in his first two series. You know that you wouldn’t bet against that with your kid’s college fund.

    • Some of you people need to take the stick out of your ass.

  26. If this is a mistake and I think it is starting Lambert, I trust Kirby to make the change and to do it quickly. Don’t want this team to look like the teams of the past that is for sure.

  27. I called this(Lambert starting) weeks ago.You don’t bench a QB who threw 2 int’s all last year…. Almost all football coaches are conservative by nature and one who worked for Saban even more so.First ,play, fake end around to McKensie and long post route to Godwin for TD…I figure if I was right in my first prediction I might as well go for broke.

  28. charlottedawg

    So Kirby and Chaney are basically saying all the qbs on our roster are shittier than greyson Lambert. Let’s hope they at least coached greyson to throw the ball past the first down marker when it’s third down.

  29. ASEF

    Alabama always included live game reps in their evaluation of their starting QB. It usually went 2 and sometimes 3 games into the season. Kirby saw it work. Kirby’s going to do the same thing.

    It’s arguably an advantage for an offense early in the season, especially an opener, and especially when there’s really no tape or scouting report on one of the guys getting reps.

    Lambert gets the offense into a rhythm, gets the game past the opening jitters, and then Eason gets to come in for a series or two in the first half and show what he can do. Evaluate at halftime. And then revaluate after the game.

  30. It’s amazing. The same “Fire Richt” crowd is already screaming about the first decision Kirby makes.

    • PTC DAWG

      Not me….

    • What is more amazing is how quickly you chose to point this out. What? Did a buzzer go off at your house letting you know it was time to finally cash that chip in? I don’t see any screaming on here.

      • Nope, just read the comments … I’ve said all along that I trust Kirby and Chaney to make the right decision for the team to win now. I thought Lambert or Ramsey would be the guy until the season’s goals are gone. I want to see Eason but wasn’t surprised he’s going to be coming off the bench.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      You’re not supposed to point things out until a certain amount of time on the clock in Dudemankind’s head has elapsed.

    • Debby Balcer


  31. Russ

    Well, I know y’all were waiting for my take on this. I think it’s the right call. Work Eason in slowly and hopefully Lambert can hit some short and intermediate routes. Let Eason find is feet the first few games and then roll to him mid-season when he’s good and ready.

    The larger concern for me is that Michel likely won’t play. We can’t afford to ride Chubb like we did at Missouri when Gurley got McGarity’d. If Sony can’t go, I’m hoping the Real Deal can deliver a blow. Douglas can also help pound it.

  32. There is a lot of stuff to adjust to game one. “Where are my cleats, where is the tape guy, which one is my locker.” In a strange new dome. It just gives Eason a chance to be comfortable and ready when he comes in, and he will come in. Without feeling a mountain of pressure on the first snap.

    It also allows to get a look at the defense and put Eason in the best position coming in. How much better when Lambert can tell Eason what he sees and the reads and talk to the box and come in uber prepared?

    Lot of “sky is falling here” and we havent played one snap.

  33. Coach Bobby Finstock

    Matt Saracen gets the nod over JD McCoy. I’m not shocked.

  34. ZutaDawg

    Anybody considered that Lambert has played NC before and had a pretty good game, well if you throw out the 2 interceptions. He was 20/40 for 300+ yards and actually caught a halfback pass for a great gain. Here’s the highlights of that game:

  35. AusDawg85

    If Kirby and Chaney couldn’t sort our QB situation out, then there’s really only one solution. HIRELANEKIFFEN!!11!!1

  36. Rocketdawg

    The amount of stupid in this thread is mind boggling.

    I seriously hate a significant portion of our fan base sometimes.

  37. lakedawg

    The first big mistake of the few I hope kirby makes. Hop he consulted with Nicky first.