Real old man football

If you’re one of those souls who occasionally channels Sylvester Croom’s offensive juggernauts and thinks of those days fondly, then tonight’s South Carolina-Vanderbilt game may represent your last, best chance for a 3-2 throwback this season — at least until one of those two plays Missouri.



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6 responses to “Real old man football

  1. down island way

    3-2, are those the odds boom blows a 50 amp fuse before the 3rd quarter?


  2. I want to see some old man football in the Dome like what we saw in Columbia West in 2012. They were crowing about how SEC teams had never seen anything like Missouri’s hurry-up offense and we played old man football, and we applied a smack down. I think Fedora’s “if we have to punt” comment is a similar challenge.

    Pound the Tar out of the Heels!


  3. Macallanlover

    Not wagering on this one but I think Vandy will prevail and start Boom down the road to a really bad season. Better running back, and better defense, just wish the had the home field advantage. 🙂


  4. Otto

    It could be one of the better games this year.


  5. Mayor

    Vandy wins 2-0. Neither team will be able to move the ball. If any points get scored at all it will be because of a return, an interception/fumble return or a blocked kick.