Fun times at the Georgia Dome

Who knew there was any kind of amusing story to tell about tomorrow night’s venue?

The coaching box at the Dome, Bobo said, “is up high, but you’ve got a good view up there. When you go three-and-out and your fans start turning around and throwing stuff at the booth and yelling things, sometimes you’ve got to stay focused.”

Maybe that’s why both coordinators will be on the field with Smart.


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24 responses to “Fun times at the Georgia Dome

  1. baitstand

    Maybe that’s why Bobo’s at CSU.


  2. This game is a hot cake. The cheapest tix are 180 on the third level. Stub Hub has only 300+ left.


  3. stoopnagle

    Dammit Bobo.

    Good luck tonight in Denver.


  4. JT from SC

    sat in the section directly in front of the coaches box at the last Kick-Off game (against Boise State). People would beat on the front of the booth every time they didn’t like something. The most commonly heard remark was “Dammit, Bobo!”


  5. WF Dawg

    Bobo re: the 2012 SECCG: “You’re never going to forget that game. You’re just going to have to learn to live with it.” Three and a half years later, and he’s absolutely right. Will be 30 years later, too.


  6. ASEF

    Speaking of 2012…

    Murray was just cut by the Chiefs. Hopefully the Viking pick him up.


    • Derek

      He should’ve thrown left…..


      • Mayor

        They should have spiked the ball. On the coaches–not Murray.


        • Macallanlover

          Jeez, obviously age doesn’t always bring wisdom.


        • Derek

          but they did snap it, right? Then the qb has to decide where to go with the ball, right? Whose that on?

          I’m not talking about the decision BEFORE the snap but the one AFTER the snap.

          I think that if Murray throws left the talk is about how brilliant they were for not giving Alabama a chance to set their defense because TK gets 6 there.

          BTW: who gets credit for having them one play away from beating a team that should have beaten them by 3 TDs? Not the coaches I’m guessing.


  7. OrlandoDawg

    First 2 Colorado St 3rd downs: 3 yards to go–low percentage deep ball to the sideline. 6 yards to go–2 yard throw across the middle. 2 3 and outs. Do CSU fans know about blaming Bobo?


  8. lakedawg

    Wonder if they have s JC on their favorite blog?