Talent will out. Or will it?

According to the 247 Sports 2016 College Football Team Talent Composite, Georgia ranks sixth nationally in total talent.

North Carolina is 29th.


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14 responses to “Talent will out. Or will it?

  1. QB talent can make up for a lot of that discrepancy, but I find it hard to believe that UNC has a talent advantage anywhere other than behind center. Maybe at WR. If Chubb is even a half-Chubb, this game shouldn’t be too close.


  2. Timphd

    Uh, see Auburn at #7. If talent were the issue they would not have had last seasons results.


  3. Jared S.

    Only surprises for me on the list are Miami at #18 and Washington at #26? Wouldn’t have thought either would be nearly that high.


  4. More shocking is that Florida is at #16 on that list and has only 25 blue-chippers. Georgia, by comparison, has 45.

    I’m telling you, Florida is going to tank soon, especially if UGA can step up a little.


  5. Athens Dog

    The genius is nailing those three stars.


  6. South FL Dawg

    If talent were everything we wouldn’t have a new coaching staff. I’m excited to see what the new coaches can do but out of the gate UNC isn’t a walk in the park. Hopefully we can pull it out though.


  7. sniffer

    So, you’re predicting a win, right Senator? Otherwise you wouldn’t have posted this….you’re trolling us, aren’t you?


  8. Now we’ll all see if Kirby has IT.


  9. JarvisCrowell

    Call me crazy but these rankings don’t seem legit. Our cupboard is far from bare, but 6th in the nation? Regardless, our current issue is not total talent, but the distribution of it. RB and secondary are great but I’m worried about the D line. Either way tomorrow I don’t think anyone’s getting blown out, but I hope we come away with the W.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    There is, I note, a considerable distance, talent-wise between Tennessee and Appalachian State, despite Brent’s drooling.