Thanks, Obama.


College football is back. Finally, a chance to step away from the maelstrom of campaign news for a few hours and focus only on the glory and struggle of sport, free of any political implications whatsoever.

Dream on.

As it turns out, even football games affect the way we evaluate politicians, at least in the short-term. New research by three Northwestern University political scientists finds that when a team wins a big game, its fans’ euphoria translates into higher approval ratings for the president. The loser’s fans, however, take it out on the president, evaluating him less charitably.

That’s probably enough to make some of you to wish Georgia struggles this season.


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  1. That’s some serious Friday a.m. tinder right there.

  2. BCDawg97

    Popcorn’s in the microwave right now…

  3. Got Cowdog

    Seriously? UT needed OT and a dozen lucky breaks to beat the Mountaineers, SC had to kick a field goal with less than a minute left to beat Vandy, and you guy’s want to talk politics?

    • I’m always amused when people bitch about not having enough football-related posts here. Where do you want me to send the refund of your subscription fee?

      • dawgtired

        Thanks for the chuckle this morning. It goes good with a cup of coffee🙂

      • Mad Mike

        Because Senator, being outraged is the hip thing these days. If you’re not losin your sh$@ over something you’re not cool.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I cain’t stand it….I’m white and I’m pissed, furious, enraged, mad as hell.

          • Cojones

            Speaking of karma…..Nice to see (?) you again. No one even has inane conversations about important things (like hats and the wearing thereof) anymore. Have a few more hats since last meeting and wanted to know if you’ve picked up any.

            Karma struck again last night and Tenn won with luck to get to overtime and luck to win the game. They are who many of us thought they are. They have a QB that runs and that made for their being NC material to the pundits; the reincarnation of Cam; the QB we can mess with to our little hard heart’s desire when we get them in Sanford. Their two vaunted RBs couldn’t do squat because of heads-up play by small guys who shed tackles and stopped Kamara and Herd in their running-shoes tracks. In Tenn’s zeal to not show anything to SEC opponents, they lost the game, but dumb luck gave it back to them even after they had to reveal a few plays and weaknesses.

            How ’bout them Gamecocks?

            • Derek

              Your first paragraph reminded me of the best minute and a half description of the human condition that I’ve ever seen:

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              I have to confess to a bad hat choice last night…this no doubt explains the Vowels’ lucky bounce.
              I do have a hat or two for tomorrow eve…but I may climb into my new hot rod in the morning, drive deep into North Georgia and see what I can find.

              It is a proven fact hats bought in a red state bring on great sound and fury, but, ultimately, signify nothing.

              • Cojones

                Isn’t hat the area where they built a dam named after the second most famous coach hat was from the 50s-60s Tech?

      • Got Cowdog

        Not bitching, Sir. Just excited for the season, and extremely encouraged by what I saw from our competition last night.
        Thanks for the season opener post, I feel much better now.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    It may not make much difference depending on each fan’s starting point.If you think he’s a deity and your team loses, then he may go down merely to superhuman. OTOH if you think he’s whale shit on the bottom of the ocean and your team wins, he may improve to, say, pond scum.

  5. Frankly, I’m just glad that Northwestern (admittedly, a great university) is private. That way I feel better knowing that tax money didn’t fund such a CRITICAL bit of research. But since you brought it up, my alma mater did lose last night, and truthfully, I don’t dislike the current or future president any more. But that meter was already pegged out.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Speaking of politics, the originator of “Corch Irvin Myers” lost her primary election. So long Corrine. We’ll always have Percy Harvey gusty play.

    • Cojones

      Due primarily to her new district occurring adjacent to the E-W Ga/Fl line from J’ville beyond Tallahassee. No longer in the gerrymandered “lightning bolt” that went down through heavily African-American communities of Fl, Corrine has been relegated to the state or natl pen of her choice. She was a wart on the Dems ass that has seen her last spotlight, except maybe her trial. My Fl Dem brethren are relieved.

  7. If everybody ties, does that mean we’re stuck in a status quo hell?


    Vote Libertarian.

  9. Derek

    Obama has destroyed it. Wrecked it. Stripped it of any integrity or credibility. Reduced it to being incapable of winning anything big. It is represented by a fool. A clown. A charlatan, a chisler and a grifter. It is in shambles. It may never recover. It may fall into the dustbin of history.

    “It” is the Republican Party. Thanks Obama!

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Derek it may be in some ways because of President Obama,(and I understand the point of your point.) but it seems to me the destruction was self-inflicted. The Republican candidate is all you say and more.

      I say this with gritted teeth, but the country needs a viable two-party system if a second party can somehow come to grips with the idea the country and the world has changed.


      BTW: You might find some solace at the link below.

      • Derek

        I definitely agree. It’s much better to have a competitive two-party system each of which is focused on earning the middle of the country. When the fringes take over, its ugly. I thought the GOP would have done themselves a favor, for future cycles, had they kicked this idiot to the curb on principle, but politicians are always worried about holding on to power. They know this race is effectively over, but they need presidential year levels of turnout to hold the house and the senate so they’re doing what we see them do. Hopefully they’ll have their own 1992-like realignment soon. Unfortunately I think Cruz is going to be able to argue: we lost because we weren’t conservative enough! So we’re probably at least one more GOP dumpster fire election away from that.

  10. A cursory examination of the article shows that the samples were from theOhioState and Oregon students. Is this not the definition of a skewed sample group. I would bet as much as anyone would want to bet that these results do not in any way apply/translate/transfer to a sample of say 200 UGA students versus a sample of 200 USc students. The fact that this study is even conducted says much more about the completely out of touch nature of poli science researchers and acedeamia than it does any thing about football or politics. Good attempted click bate though

  11. Paul

    “That’s probably enough to make some of you to wish Georgia struggles this season.”

    That doesnt really make sense. I wouldn’t hope for Georgia struggles just so I could complain about Obama. I would need something tangible in return.

    How about this: a Hillary loss in this election being dependent on Georgia never winning another football game in my lifetime? Is that you mean? Then yes, Id trade them all for that. Settle for mediocrity? Hell no, I want to suck! Basking in the knowledge that the most corrupt individual to ever seek the office lost to someone like The Donald would give me great satisfaction. I’d just go pull for The ‘Canes. Regardless, the Trump Train is steaming ahead pretty strong right now, thank God. Meanwhile, the Hildabeast can’t seem to get out of bed. (Those catheter bags really are cumbersome.)

  12. 81Dog

    UGA could win every game 40-3 on the way to a national title, and Obama would still make Jimmy Carter look like Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. What a waste of whatever cash went into this study. Of course, I’m sure Hillary! will make Tommy Flanagan look like George Washington. What a fabulous time to be alive.