Game day comment thread, Dawg edition

Tailgating is like a muscle — you’ve got to exercise it to get it into shape, so I’m heading out to get my share in before going to the Dome.  I’ll see you guys on the other side of the game, so get your licks in here in the comments ’til I’m back.


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252 responses to “Game day comment thread, Dawg edition

  1. dawgxian

    I infer the following from Smart’s QB decision:
    1. He actually cares about winning today as opposed to “I have 2 years before there will be any hot seat talk, might as well take my lumps with Eason
    2. If he’s not planning to lean on Eason to win it, he’s gotta be planning to lean on Chubb

  2. Puffdawg

    Lot A, The Gulch. Be nearby Bluto?

  3. The most important pre-game question, Senator …

    Is the Cayman going downtown today?

    Inquiring minds want to know … sort of like Kirby’s headwear choice.

  4. DawgFlan

    Kevin Butler tempering expectations on the pregame radio show. Given he is a GA at every practice, I am getting even more nervous. I have no idea what will happen. The last time I was this conflicted going into a game was 2011 Auburn. That one turned out ok….🙂

  5. sniffer

    Play hard, play smart, play to win and I’ll be a happy dawg tonight

    Go Dawgs, Sic ’em…

  6. my usual game day meal involves pizza and wings. nothing exotic, I know.

  7. 80dawg

    Homegating today. Nachos at half time of our game. Thank god we have college football again.

  8. 86BONE

    No time to read ANY of this thread as I am too busy flipping between great games. I want to make a very bold statement…..If UGA plays with half the passion the University of Houston just showed, we will have one hell of a year!

  9. Erk's Shadow

    If Chubb is Chubb, then UNC gonna flub.

  10. Trbodawg

    I’m in Victoria BC desperately seeking a pub that will show the game. Backup plan right now is to take the Kindle to the public library

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    I find it strangely comforting that Kirby likes him some Ford trucks.

  12. Trbodawg

    I WTF ?!! game is ‘ not available’ out side the US

  13. Uglydawg

    Has Georgia ever gotten a call on a replay? Sheeeeeeit.

  14. MurphDawg

    Can’t say that Lambert is any different than last year, he still gets happy feet with any sign of pressure. Chubb is looking great so far though and everyone seems to be settling down after a few early mental mistakes. Love seeing our Dawgs back on the field.

  15. Jody Harrington

    Will the offensive line please start playing. Not inpressed.

    • Uglydawg

      We’ve looked bad every since we had the defensive touchdown negated.
      It was a bad call, but we need to get over it. Little things…dropping an interception, Nauta dropping a short pass for a first down, jumping off sides, and eating the ball instead of throwing it away. At least once we had a man wide open on the right side and Lambert never saw him. We’ll have to settle down to win this one.

      • Cojones

        And Eason had a wide-open receiver to the left when he threw right into a pack for an incomplete. Both QBs played a good game although Greyson’s statuesque play had a couple of sacks. Eason learned about sacks as well.

  16. Dawgfan336

    These officials suck

  17. Old dawgoleb

    This announcing team sucks almost as badly as our tackling.


    I guess they don’t have holding penalties in the Big 10

  19. Ole Dawg

    Only on Ohio State’s opponets

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    Eason looks a little confused till the ball is snapped.

  21. At least with Eason in the run opens up, now just hold onto the damn ball

  22. Erk's Shadow

    Herrien is going to be very good!

  23. Rival

    So Herrien is faster than average. That’s good.


    Speed baby speed

  25. Dawgfan336

    Wow. A holding penalty

  26. Uglydawg

    Need 7 more before the half. Herrien has scored in 100 percent of his carries…give it to ’em!

  27. Stonedawg

    Brock Huard, please just stfu

  28. Uglydawg

    Georgia’s defense has been good..esp. covering the short passing game, I’ve had to hold my breath on the long ones, though…we’ve been lucky NC had dropped.

  29. Uglydawg

    Heck of a game, really. I think it was a mistake to put Lambert back in though.

  30. Young D may cost us. Playing well in the red zone but scarey at times
    Kirby and Chaney need to wake up and realize Lambert is not the QB to lead this team

    • Uglydawg

      I was wrong. 14-10 Dawgs with 11 seconds left in half. Now we’ll see what kind of adjustments this coaching staff will make.

      • Hopefully they decide that the Cigar Store Indian err Lambert experience should be over. Eason didn’t blow my socks off but he at least gives the threat of a passing game. Defense needs to do away with the stupid penalties and poor tackling. Hopefully KS is scorching the paint off of the Falcons locker room right now.

    • Pretty bad when Eason had better stats in maybe 1/3 of the playing time.

  31. And the bullshit replay reversal on the fumble TD return was reminiscent of the Tuck Rule. If the ball slips out of your hands and you’re not legitimately trying to pass it then it’s a freaking fumble.

  32. DawgFlan

    I’m happy overall. Our defense is limiting a very potent UNC offense, one of the best in the country, to what, less than 150 yards? Our O is not in sync but we have made enough plays to stay ahead. Chubb is wearing them down and we should be able to wear them down. Better than UT’s first half, for sure!🙂

  33. I know that Cheesedick is a defensive mastermind but I could call plays when GL is in the game. Obvious handoff to Chubb stack the box. Any play that looks remotely like a pass send a blitz.

  34. Argondawg

    Eason needs to plays the rest of the game. They are putting 8 in the box on Lambert because they know he won’t attempt to go over the top. Eason will swing for the fence and they know it.

  35. sniffer

    First half took two hours…


  36. Soccerdawg

    Special teams.

  37. The Truth

    Good thing we have the dedicated special teams coach now.

  38. MurphDawg

    So much for adding a special teams coordinator……

  39. Grafton

    Can we get a kicker who can put it in the back of the fucking endzone? Ever?

  40. You think they told Lambert he better stand in there and take it or he was going to ride the pine?

  41. Dawgfan336

    Is it me or does this play calling feel like Bobo 2009?

    • D as in Dawg

      Feels like Lambert has run his course. Better not fall behind by 2 scores or we’ll be talking solely about our SEC record already.

  42. Grafton

    Gonna be hard to win this with Lambert. The D has 0 respect for him. The run opened up much more with Eason.

  43. Hunkering Hank

    Please get a kicker that can kick through the end zone. Please. Please. Please. Please.

  44. Mediocre Dawg

    We improved our coaching?

  45. Uglydawg

    Yeah..but our d is getting a little tired too.

    • OrlandoDawg

      Tired? That was the first drive of the 2nd half, except for those who had to chase the kickoff returner 100 yards down the field.

  46. Uglydawg

    Time to “mute” these Bozo’s.

  47. S

    Down by 10? We’re pretty much history.

  48. W Cobb Dawg

    Lambert is our Achilles heal. Can’t throw to save his life.

    • The Truth

      Really, we have a defensive HC who ain’t no better than what we had before at getting a D to set the edge and it’s all on Lambert?

  49. Uglydawg

    Playing not to lose is a losing proposition. Time to let it all hang out, Kirby..We’ve got nothing to lose. But I had to mute the TV affter hearing these assholes trying to build the big story of the demise of the SEC.

  50. Ole Dawg

    Game over. Might as well switch to bama in 10. Oh well, Richt would have lost this one too…

  51. D as in Dawg

    Lambert is just a mistake. From start to finish. Eason should have never come out. This is on Kirby solely for that decision. First game of first season. Gotta give him some time to figure it all out. Still, UGH!!

  52. illini84

    That’s the spirit, give up on your team because they are behind!

  53. Erk's Shadow

    Time for a heavy dose of Chubb and Herrien.

  54. Nashville West

    I bet that the unc homers are better than this tv team.


    should have went for it on 4th down.

  56. pjspound

    So is the game plan now for Eason to come in and spark the team and then bring Lambert in to help us fall further behind? This is a legitimate question. The team is obviously responding better to Eason being in there and the offense is more creative. Tells me that they don’t trust Lambert to do much more than handoff or throw 10 yards or less. Not sure why the in and out is going on.

    • gastr1

      Personally, I think Lambert doesn’t trust himself to throw it more than 10 yards, and that’s his entire problem in about 10 words. Just really not a very good QB.


    These d-bags must get paid by the word, cause they haven’t shut up since kick off

  58. Digitalis

    Hopefully our kickers will improve.

  59. S

    Well, apparently our SEC refs have informed the Big Ten refs that holding can only be called AGAINST Georgia.

  60. Dawgfan336

    Herrin has to be the best kept secret of fall camp


    +1…I had to google who the hell he was

  62. I have zero fucking clue about this QB strategy. Hasn’t Eason shown enough at this point?

  63. Coondawg

    are they putting Lambert in!!!!?????!!!!????

  64. pjspound

    Seriously! Why is Lambert coming in? So we can go 4 and out and lose? I don’t follow the logic on this QB switching. What am I missing here?

    • Uglydawg

      Georgia was not going to throw the ball Lambert, being the more experienced ball handler and very familiar with the scripted plays for that situation was the logical choice. I do agree that the team played much better with Eason in. He’s got a rifle for an arm and really played great.

      • artful codger

        agreed ….. seems like some QB role definition beginning to surface, at least in this early stage of the season

  65. Scorpio Jones, III

    Lambert looked pretty good there, doing exactly what we wanted to do.

  66. illini84

    We’re fucking losers, I’m done. Oh, wait. . .

  67. Digitalis

    Nick Chubb for president!

  68. Coondawg

    No need to pass with Chubb in the game!

  69. Nashville West

    Good thing that kicks aren’t judged on style

  70. Coondawg

    Ok, this is the play. Greyson, you hand off to Chubb. Chubb, you run it in and ice the game.

  71. MurphDawg

    What a change from the past few years. Good to win a close one.

    • Mayor

      Notice what happens when the HC and OC don’t chock at the end with an idiot decision? The Dawgs win.I am SO glad CMR is gone. With him making the end of game decisions the Dawgs would have lost this one.

  72. Digitalis

    Mo Smith for VP.

  73. Dolly Llama

    I love everybody.

  74. Scorpio Jones, III

    10 down, 19 unanswered points. Four-quarter football.

    • This is exactly what I was hoping for. 60 minutes and never give up … Maybe Kirby is delivering on what he’s been selling.

      I hate to say it, but we probably lose this game last year.

  75. Sh3rl0ck

    Eason off the bench for the win; Lambert with the save. I’ll take it.

    Does anyone remember the last time Richt was down 10+ and came back for the win?

  76. Turd Ferguson

    Really hope I’m wrong, but it looked like Chubb tweaked something there at the end of the game, during that last TD run.

    • Digitalis

      hope he was just tired.

      • Dolly Llama

        I held my breath every damn time he touched the ball. I don’t know how deep in the season it’ll be before I quit doing that.

        • I was surprised we didn’t see the Holyfield kid. Douglas is strictly a straight line runner. I forget the name of the third guy that played but he was a nice surprise. I thought we were supposed to be easing Chubb back into the mix but I guess it’s good that they didn’t. Hopefully Sony gets back soon.

          • Holyfield still limping from that ankle sprain was the last report

          • Kirby never said anything about easing Chubb back in. His exact words were “Nick won’t be on a pitch count.”

            Brian Herrien is the guy you’re thinking about. 8+ yards per carry last night. He even was in on some plays where we went empty backfield with 5 wide.

  77. Digitalis

    Game gave me heart palpitations, but we’ve tended to lose a lot of these in recent years.

  78. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yo, Lone…. Fedora…nice.

  79. D as in Dawg

    Go Dawgs! We don’t win that game last year. Nice intro performance. Eason came through! Chubb was limping after the game. He needs a rest next week. I’ll sleep good tonight.

    • Coondawg

      If you watch the replay, when he got pushed on his TD run he landed rough on both left and right knees. Go to ESPN and watch the replay. If he is ok after that…..then he’s back 110%

  80. Rival

    I admit I was wrong about this game. Team battled back and got a good win. There were several head-scratchers and bone-headed plays and penalties, but I’ll chalk that up to the new staff, young team (in a lot of spots), and first game jitters. Go Dawgs!

    • Normaltown Mike

      I was thinking the bone-head penalties were classic Georgia. I hope over time Kirby changes the culture such that we have more prefectionist but we’ll see.

    • Uglydawg

      Nice post, Rival…there’s always questionable plays, decisions, etc. North Carolina certainly had their share too. It was really a good football game. I think UGA is going in the right direction. What a stable of running backs!

  81. S

    Everyone be happy now. DAWGS WIN!!

  82. Digitalis

    Eason is the starter, Period.

  83. Uglydawg

    Does anyone know how many yards Chubb had? And how about that freshman running back? And IMac!! This is going to be a very good football team after a few games. Whoever got the officials to review that big catch by NC late (the one that was ruled incomplete because he didn’t control the ball through the ground contact) needs a big pat on the back.

  84. Coondawg

    Chubb ended with 222

  85. Coondawg

    Brian Herrien was 7 for 59

  86. Uglydawg

    Man…and Sony didn’t play, nor Holyfield.
    We can all go to sleep with a smile on our mugs.

  87. And Larry Fedora is an asshole. Loved seeing him get flagged. Refs sucked both ways. We had a TD called back ffs.

    • Uglydawg

      If he was throwing that ball, the refs should have flagged him for intentional grounding.

      • Mayor

        ^^This. The ball never got past the LOS, he was being pressured and there was no receiver in sight. Grounding if not a fumble. My problem with this crew of officials is the bastards don’t know the rules.

        • He was outside the tackle box, and there was a receiver directly in front of him, if he’d actually thrown the ball, it would have been intercepted by our defender. I dunno about “across the line of scrimmage”… would have to break it down on the overhead.

  88. DawgFlan

    Would have been a 3 score win without the special team issues. Hope we can clean those up, but so happy our D and O overcame them. Defense was especially good, give this UNC offense their due. We played a ton of freshmen and transfers in new systems and still beat a ranked opponent on opening weekend. And as far as Coach Smart (hard not to call him Kirby since we were in school together) I LOVE his constant coaching and energy on the sideline. He should have saved the timeout and accepted the delay of game on the 4th down offside draw attempt, but that is about the only nit pick I could find. Finally, I think we see Eason 80-100% of our next game, unless it is Lambert in mop up duty. I was nervous as hell like everyone else, but damn am I proud of these DAWGS!

    • Plus the bullshit non fumble return getting called back. Might have not even been close if the refs hadn’t fucked that one up. I’d like to see a hell of a lot more Eason than Lambert but a win’s a win.

      • Derek

        That was an incomplete pass, period. Arm moving forward. He was behind the line. Can’t call grounding when they thought it was a fumble. They ducked it up when they called it a fumble. It wasn’t.

        • Normaltown Mike

          i think the call is right cuz his arm was going fwd but I think the QB was pulling it back to step out of bounds and it slipped. He got lucky as shit.

          I found the TV clowns annoying with their “UNC is not getting the calls” and “the SEC is struggling in week one” editorializing.

        • Uglydawg

          So there’s no such thing as a fumble of a pump-fake..because that’s exactly what it was. Anytime you pump fake and drop the ball it’s going to be an incomplete pass? Look at it again..his arm was not going forward because it had passed the ground-parallel point when it came out of his hand. doesn’t change anything..but most of us know that if the shoe had been on the other foot, the touchdown would have stood.It’s a Pavlovian thing🙂

          • Derek

            That’s just wrong. If you pump and it falls out on the way forward its an incompletion. That’s just the rule. There is no “but he didn’t mean to throw it” exception. Intention doesn’t matter. All that matters is throwing motion and ball moving forward.

            • S

              I think it’s one of those cases where the letter of the rule was upheld correctly – I had no objections to the call – but I don’t doubt he dropped the ball instead of that being a pass attempt.

              • Derek

                I think that’s exactly right. He “fumbled” but because he fumbled with his arm going forward in a passing motion, it’s an incomplete pass.

            • Chris

              Intent never matters, especially if you are the former secretary or state and the FBI director appointed by your boss excuses your grossly careless actions.

              TL;DR: we are fucked, move to a south American country encouraging expats

  89. Uglydawg

    But I still want that defensive touchdown back. If he was throwing it, it should have been a penalty for intentional grounding. He dropped it, we scored and it hurt us for awhile. Great comeback and a great start for CKS and Co.

  90. Derek

    Either schotty equals Cheney or Lambert sucks. You decide.

    They ARE trying to running Bama’s defense. It’s pretty good when the other team has to pass but when we lose contain, it’s ugly.

    Kicking and kick coverage nearly did us in.

    • I tend to think Lambert just kinda sucks. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but Eason showed me enough to relegate GL to mop up duty.

    • Digitalis

      Somewhere in this state, there has to be better kicking talent.

      • Uglydawg

        There is, but I’m not throwing cold water on our revelry by mentioning what team he plays for. Our kicker was nervous..he’ll improve. He made the clutch one, but it was scary.

      • Brooks Buce at GAC is a big time kicker this year. Already has 2 50+ yard field goals and on kickoffs from the 40 can put it through the uprights.

        Hopefully, Kirby is recruiting him.

    • Sh3rl0ck

      Schotty != Chaney. Chaney didn’t do anything really stupid like ask Brendan Douglas to run a speed sweep to the boundary. Lamber is what he is. WIth a weak pass rush and zone coverage, he will eat a time alive. Make him move his feet or give him tight man coverage (he got both tonight) and he turns into Obama without a teleprompter. If if if if if if if if if if if okie doke. He gets sacked on the 6th if.

      • Sh3rl0ck

        *eat them alive.

      • Derek

        I think you missed the point. Some people suggested that Lambert sucking was a Schotty issue that would be magically cured by Chaney. Turns out, Lambert still sucks. So either those who said Lambert just sucks were right or Chaney is just as bad as Schotty.

  91. Grathams replacement

    Anybody think chubbs knee is an issue. When he squated 600 in July u should not have doubted him.

  92. Russ

    I hope Chubb stays healthy.
    I hope Kirby stops rotating QBs and sticks with Eason.
    I hope we decide to throw to the TEs at some point in the season.
    I hope Butler can help the kickers or we’re going to get one blocked.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Bauta had a bad bad drop early.

    • Uglydawg

      There’s no doubt IMHO, that Eason is the better QB…by quite a bit. The late re-insertion of GL was understandable to me and made sense. With the lead and in fg range, Georgia wasn’t going to throw it again. Lambert has a lot more experience on tosses and backfield handling and CKS did’t want to risk a turnover on a bad exchange or handoff. I was impressed that the O line didn’t seem to struggle with the different count cadence between the two. I think we may be underestimating how good NC really is. Georgia beat a real good football team this evening and did it with youth. CKS wasn’t perfect, but good enough..and I loved his emotional involvement…I’m not sure NC fans appreciated Fedora’s, though.

    • Uglydawg

      I can’t imagine…if these are college kids posting this stuff, what does it say about them that they can’t find anything better to do with themselves on a Saturday night in Atlanta?

  93. Timphd

    After reading these comments I am glad I wasn’t posting or reading during the game. I have to say that I thought that for a first game under the new regime against what is obviously a pretty good UNC team there wasn’t too much to grumble about. Reading these posts makes it seem not only that there were millions of things to grumble about but you could even get the idea that the Dawgs lost. Yes the missed field goal is worrisome as is the kickoff return but WE WON THE GAME AFTER SOME ADVERSITY. Ask yourself if you would have expected to come back from 10 down after giving up a kickoff for a score and missing a chipshot field goal in the past five years. I have painful memories of games that seemed to be lost once a chip shot field goal was missed or the opposition made a big play.

    I saw many things to be happy with: 1) Kirby and staff had a plan and stuck with it. That says to me they intend to play to win every game and not just play for the future, which I applaud. 2) Eason is the QB of the future but it seemed like he was brought along well tonight. 3) Chubb is Chubb and the rest of the SEC will be worried about him. 4) I don’t remember a single delay of game penalty on offense or defense. 5) There were no WTF moments on the field with the team not seeming to know how to line up. 6) For those of you who didn’t like RIcht’s stoic approach, you got your wish with Kirby jumping and cheerleading all night long. 7) The defense never looked tired and subs got in quickly and efficiently despite UNC’s plan to run tempo. I could go on and on. Plus, we won the game after falling behind and having all the momentum go the Heels way. Overall, it was a win with some blemishes. I am happy given the first game of the year. Go Dawgs!

    • Derek

      That was NOT a well coached game. The time of possession was way out of balance and we weren’t winning. We held them to under 300 yards (I think) and still needed to win it in the fourth.

      We should have beaten them handily. The biggest issues I saw was the stubborn re-insertion of Lambert after Eason came in, playing that aggressive Bama-style defense when we can’t create the leverage we need on the edges yet and special teams.

      We nearly lost to an inferior opponent despite statistical domination. Not a great outing in my view.

      I do think that if:

      1) they can get the kicking game handled and
      2) they go with Eason the rest of the way.

      we can be pretty good. Inasmuch as we weren’t as solid as we might want to be vs the run game, our corners (and nickel) did very well in single coverage.

      • dawgman3000

        Sounds as if you hate we won the game.

        • Derek

          Sounds like you’re an idiot.

          Would it make you feel better if I said that lambert played the perfect amount of snaps? If I said butler did a hell of a job coaching up ham? If I said “way to go Beamer with that ko coverage?” Would I then “sound” happy we won? GFY.

          Being a fan doesn’t mean being an idiot at least for me. I know you see things differently.

        • Derek

          Kirby’s mad we won too.

          Kirby Smart: “It was really weird.” On being out there as a head coach. “A comedy of errors.”

          • DawgWalker07

            Derek you should have probably slept this one off. If you read any of the rest of the article Kirby was talking about his experience trying to navigate through the channels on his headset.

            But don’t let me rip up your sweet narrative.

            I’m sorry we didn’t win the game as good as you wanted.

            • Derek

              My narrative is awesome special teams and awesome starting qb! How could there by anything wrong with losing to an acc school after 3 quarters when you’ve got the best player in college football and have out gained your opponent by 150 yards to that point? Nothing at all. It was perfection.

              Btw: great coaching up Greyson. Clearly the prior coaching staff didn’t allow him to flourish.

              • ltrftc

                Let it go brah… let it go. “losing… after 3 quarters”…

                • Derek is right about containing the edge. Did a poor job and the kicking game needs lots of work. Cover D was really impressive. Disagree about how good UNC is. Think they are not as good as last year’s team.

                  Overall good win and the running game carried us once again. Eason should be the man but Lambert did look good in the victory formation ; )

        • PTC DAWG

          He thinks he is smarter than anyone here…when you realize that, you are better off.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Y’all need to ease up on Da’rek. I do think he is making some progress here at the grown up blog. After all No mention of animal genitalia in any if his rebuttals. And consider that since Sports and Grits domain registration expired in August…and has not been renewed. Well, he’s gotta hang with serious sports guys. Let’s bring him along slowly. Ok men?

    • Ellis

      Alot to be happy about. That is not a game we would have won last year. Considering that may be the best offense we play all year (ole Miss a close second) I was generally impressed with the defense. We had some crucial missed tackles but we were in position and played with intensity all night. Offense looked stout and it was exciting to see Chubb pick up right where he left off.

  94. D as in Dawg

    FYI… the long rushing TD early in the game for UNC had one of the worst missed holding calls I’ve ever seen. Haven’t seen any comments on that. I was out of my seat in anger and had to rewind it and watch it again. Nevertheless, defense played a great game considering the new staff and young front. Just feels good to win this game. Go Dawgs!!!! Meanwhile, SEC is struggling. UMASS @ UF… WTH?

    • Uglydawg

      True, D..but they missed some calls both ways. I bitch about them, but I think they were pretty fair. I jumped out of my chair on the kickoff runback..there was a block in the back or two on that.
      It was better than the officiating we usually get.

      • D as in Dawg

        Agreed. I also don’t remember an opponent getting that many penalties called. Nothing to really complain about unless your a professional complainer like myself.

  95. illini84

    They didn’t even show the replay of D’Andre Walker blowing up 2 guys on that punt cover. Insane hit!

    • WF Dawg

      That was the only thing Brock Huard got right all night. The Walker hit was fantastic. Huard, on the other hand, is utterly unfamiliar with the concept of a planned QB rotation.


    I really thought D would blitz alot more. There was more than a few times the NC qb had a lot of time back there. Off topic- I hope bama beats USC by 100 after that groin stomp

    • Normaltown Mike

      this, and that USC hires tom Herman this December.

    • Derek

      That’s not what he does. He wants to play coverage. Bama almost always sends 4. They occasionally send five and almost never 6. If you like blitzes you won’t like CKS.

      • They only send 4 because they can get pressure without blitzing. Speaking of QB pressure, Zo came up with a big play on the last drive.

        • Derek

          I don’t agree with your cause and effect there. They pressure with four. Sometimes that results in pressure on the qb. They like to have people in coverage. That’s just the way they play.

          You will see then send an extra guy when teams try to go empty (which is almost always a bad idea vs. them).

          • What I’m saying is that Bama typically doesn’t need to blitz because they can get pressure with their 4 and 5-star DLs without constantly sending more than you can block. Watch the Mississippi State game from last year. They sacked Prescott like 10 times and rarely did anything other than use the linemen to win 1 on 1 battles. Later in the game, we saw Tucker start to bring pressure when the threat of the running game wasn’t there.

            Your point is valid. They cover and get pressure. Even last year against us, when they blitzed, they were playing zone behind it.

    • We did blitz from the secondary a few times but it wasn’t very effective until late. Also, they blocked our blitzes fairly well and their QB was pretty dang good. We left our corners on islands a lot and they handled themselves fairly well. What we really need is the DL and LBs to fight off blocks better and not have to rely so much on blitzing. Coaching, more talent and talent development is what we need imo.

  97. Got Cowdog?

    Was it just me, or were the interference calls on UNC the result of a DB having to ride the receiver like a horse to keep him from running under a well thrown ball? Holy shit, when was the last time we saw that?

    • artful codger

      Without looking at replays, I remember those plays as preventing the receiver from waiting on the ball rather than running under it.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I thought first call was borderline, want to see it again. But second call was BS, but there were a lot of BS calls all around tonight.

    • soccedawg

      On both those interference calls I though if the DB had simply turned his head, no PI.

      • Exactly! It’s usually gonna be called when you don’t even look for the ball. That’s just the basics

      • Cojones

        Think you missed the talk among the announcers. The UNC D player was a freshman who had to play and we went after him deliberately because he didn’t turn his head.

  98. Got Cowdog?

    No disrespect, AC, but if we just waiting on it to fall, all I got to do is get between u and it.
    Eason is a threat. You don’t get those penalties unless you are beat.

    • artful codger

      None here either, but DB was between receiver and QB, pawing at him, but not dragging him back from getting to the ball. Ball was already there. There was no running under the ball left to be done. Neither ball was hitting the receiver in full stride. But, like I said, I would have to look again.

      • Uglydawg

        Had his arm around neck from back..The ref was in position to see it perfectly. They had very good defensive backs…very likely the best the Dawgs will see this year.

  99. Has anyone tweeted Herbstreit to ask him what he thinks about Nick Chubb now? He’s better than Fournette. By the way, this afternoon probably lit the fuse on the heat of the Mad Hatter’s seat.

  100. 69Dawg

    You better hope we find some recievers that can get some separation. Eason’s the real deal but he has to thread the needle cause nobody is open.

  101. 1)I get what Smart was doing with the QBs. I didn’t always agree during the game but I do in hindsight. He wanted to give Lambert a fair shake while doing everything they could to build coincidence in the freshman. I didn’t even have much problem with bringing Lambert back in when Chubb broke their backs. That drive was all about Chubb anyway and I told my dad such when they came on the field. Honestly, I expect them to still rotate for the next game or two until Eason takes over for good. The difference in the offense with the two was night and day. With Lambert it was the same as last year with our last OC. Lambert is as safe as it gets but he’s not gonna give us a spark no matter what his completion percentage was or is. He’s not gonna make the tough deep passes. He’s not gonna attempt the tough deep passes when we need them.

    2) Defense was pretty solid all things considered. UNC’s QB was no slouch, nor their RB. We lost contain at times but the secondary had some really good pbu. A few sloppy plays and bad penalties but the D is Smart’s expertise and certainly they can correct that.

    3) ST….ugh! One game, sure, but…the more things change, the more they stay the same. Gave kick return TD, missed big FG and shanked punt.

    Entertaining game where won after getting down. Chubb made huge statement in his return. Coachable mistakes. Saw a lot of talent. Kinda feel like the kicking game will be our heel. Have to improve in the trenches.

  102. PTC DAWG

    Great win…great start for our new regime.

  103. PTC DAWG

    From the AJC

    Though it was just down the road at the Georgia Dome, the Bulldogs’ victory represented a win over a ranked team away from home. Coming in, Georgia was 8-9-1 against ranked teams to open a year, going 8-2 in Athens, 0-5-1 on the road and 0-2 in neutral site games. That represents an immediate improvement and could bode well for the future.

  104. Hardcoredawg 93

    Herbstreit can stick it up his ass this morning. I’m satisfied.

  105. Athens Dog

    Downtown Atlanta is just a cluster. Will watch on tv next time. In Chubb we trust.

    • With Waze, we were on the Connector heading to north Atlanta within 20 minutes of getting out of the CNN Center parking garage. It was really no different than a normal rush hour day. The problem was getting from the stadium to the car because of the new stadium construction.

      • Debby Balcer

        We stayed until the end and just getting out of the parking lot took forever. Once we got on the interstate it was fine but getting to the interstate took an hour. Great game. Our crowd needs to stay in the game when we were down people got too quiet. We need to stay loud even if we are down.

  106. cjwerner

    When was the last time we covered the spread against a solid ranked opponent? Proud as hell of our team tonight. They played with toughness and never gave up when we were down.

  107. First impressions are important, and this was a really good first impression. They aren’t great, yet, but they overcame some glaring weaknesses and mistakes to beat a top 25 team. While UNC may not be as good as last year’s version, I think they will win 9 or 10 games and compete to win the Coastal division. They are better than App State or UMass.

    Where to improve? The offensive line was not great. There were a few times our offensive tackles were playing chase to the QB. They were able to create some running lanes, but given UNC’s inability to stop the run last year (247 rushing ypg allowed in 2015), I don’t know if it was more of the same or that the OL was particularly effective.

    There is no pass rush. There were times when contain was a foreign concept. Elijah Hood and TJ Logan ripped off some big runs around and through tacklers. The kicking game is worrisome.

    Lambert was the plain vanilla QB we knew him to be. Smart obviously wanted to start plain vanilla to see how that went. Eason came in on a scripted drive, and the offense just looked different… even running the same fairly conservative plays. In the second half, it was apparent to Smart — as well as all of us — that Eason provided a gear that Lambert could not. Lambert was reinserted when ultra-conservatism was warranted, and Eason went in when they needed the offense to move. At this point, you have to assume as Smart gets more comfortable and gains more trust in Eason, that he will take over as full-time starter.