Game day comment thread, non-Dawg edition

I got a request for an open thread for game day comments for other games, so we’ll give it a whirl.

I’m not going to play the “greatest opening weekend in the history of college football” card, because ESPN’s already giving that a ridiculous workout.  (Then again, they’ve paid handsomely for that privilege, so you could say Mickey’s entitled to use it.)  I’ll leave it to you guys to fashion a drinking game out of that, if you so choose.

Anyway, here are today’s big games:



12:00 PM

Both teams look to make a statement, but I think the Sooners have a bigger chance to do that.


Texas A&M

3:30 PM

I’m not all in on TAMU yet.



3:30 PM

You think Dave Aranda has a few insights about his old team?  LSU should roll.



8:00 PM

Both schools have great first team talent.  But nobody has depth like Alabama has depth.



9:00 PM

There’s been some late week pundit chatter about not sleeping on Auburn.  I know Clemson’s got some people on defense to replace, but if Deshaun Watson could handle Alabama’s defense, is there some reason he shouldn’t be able to do so with Auburn’s?

Feel free to discuss those, along with any others that catch your eye.


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53 responses to “Game day comment thread, non-Dawg edition

  1. The Sooners make a statement today as to why they are the best team in the country.


    I predict one upset….

  3. illini84

    A rare day as all three of my teams have new coaches! Go Dawgs, Gi Illini, Go Hokies!

  4. Sooners run over Houston
    Aggies get the upset
    Bayou Bengals win with SEC speed
    Tide rolls and Junior gets revenge
    Clemson sends the Gus Bus into reverse

  5. Dolly Llama

    Thank you, Senator.

  6. Dolly Llama

    That Mixon run for OU was pretty damn strong. Hell of an opening drive.

  7. AusDawg85

    So f*ing tech. Win the game, lose the Fabris pool spread. At least it’s good for our SOS and we know where Gus’ rabbit’s foot has gone.

  8. Uglydawg

    Tech was lucky, but BC’s offense stinks..and their QB looked like he was drunk on that last posession….But Tech’s special teams are very good..or at least they were today.

    • DawgFlan

      Agree on Tech special teams. I also think the wet grass made Tech look worse than they will be the rest of the year on O. That freshman FB/RB is good and I can’t help but to expect good things from JJ. Defense looked to be of the “bend and hope for good luck or break” variety, with a slightly improved front 7, though.

  9. DawgFlan

    That Ward QB for Houston has to be Gus’s wet dream… slippery fast and decent arm. Connect a few more passes at Houston could make this a 4 quarter shootout.

  10. Nate Dawg

    Not on the list but man Mizzou looks pedestrian at best..Offensive is uggh…

    • DawgFlan

      QB and WRs are completely out off sync, something like 40% completion and 6 yard avg. Ugh is right.

      • Normaltown Mike

        if they win the East again, we need to disband the damn division.

        • That first Missouri division winner was what I thought Mizzou was going to be. Really good defense and the James Franklin version of the spread. I still think we would have whipped them without all of the offensive players we lost to injury the week before on the cow pasture.

          That team was legitimate … The 2014 version, not so much

  11. 92 grad

    Houston making Ok look “ok”, not top 5 for sure. Kick 6 was cool to see.

    • DawgFlan

      OK may be good, even top 10, but Herman is a great coach and that Houston team is legit. If they win, does this help or hurt their Big XII aspirations?

  12. The Truth

    Houston does not look flukey to me. Glad we weren’t opening with them.

  13. AthensHomerDawg

    Poor Bobo. Some of his crayons must of got broken during the move. Bauta had a Florida day.

  14. Dolly Llama

    Holy shit, Mississippi State! I didn’t even remember they were playing today!

  15. 3rdandGrantham

    Holy crap…South Alabama just beat Miss State. Unreal.

  16. South Alabama just beat Ms. State now if only UMass can beat FU

  17. Uglydawg

    Anything can happen…nothing is a gimme anymore. I hope LSU kicks Wescahhhhhnsons butts.

    • Uglydawg

      They just showed film from last year..Leonard running over Triggah like he was a wet paper bag.. Never gets old!!!

    • Dolly Llama

      That is most definitely NOT happening up to now. Look at that first-half time of possession number!

  18. On another note just heard that the U’s starting QB was arrested for dui and cocaine possession.

  19. The other Doug

    I hope Herman doesn’t end up in Knoxville.

  20. Wisconsin going toe to toe with LSwho. Running back by committee running all over Miles D.

  21. 69Dawg

    There are no kickers in the SEC.

  22. Ole Dawg

    UCLA A& M in ot

  23. Russ

    When the Houston-OU game was announced, I thought Houston would win. Closer to the game, I got caught in the OU hype. But today reminded me why I initially thought that. Houston was the better team.

  24. Normaltown Mike

    Hate to admit, I was unaware South Alabama had a football team.

    I’m too lazy to research it, but are they new?

  25. Uglydawg

    3rd qtr…BVG having is ass handed to him by Texas.