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Around the horn

After watching a bunch of yesterday’s action, I’ve come to the only conclusion possible: College football, you’re drunk.

Which isn’t to say drunk can’t be entertaining.  Anyway, a few random observations from the season’s first Saturday:

  • Luke Del Rio is Florida’s Greyson Lambert.
  • Cam Cameron is to Les Miles what Brian Schottenheimer was to Mark Richt.  Les, in case you’re not sure, that’s an ominous comparison.
  • As embarrassing as LSU’s loss to Wisconsin was, it’s probably no worse than fourth on the list for the day.  Kentucky blew a three-touchdown lead to a mid-major with an offense coached by the coordinator Stoops fired after last season. Mississippi State lost on a clanked field goal to South Alabama.
  • At the top of the list, though, was USC’s humiliating seal-clubbing at the hands of Alabama.  It was the worst opening day loss in the program’s history.  Pat Haden’s legacy as a complete disaster as an athletic director is cemented.
  • The best coached team I watched play Saturday was Houston.  That’s a team that knows exactly what it wants to do on offense and goes out and does it.  It’s a talented team, too, as its complete emasculation of Oklahoma’s offensive line showed.
  • The weirdest game I saw was Auburn-Clemson.  Clemson looked like a team that had some rust to shake off, and maybe needed a little attitude adjustment.  Auburn looked somewhat competent on defense and totally off the rails on offense.  If Gus Malzahn is trying to sabotage his reputation as an offensive guru, he did an excellent job of it last night.  The only way to describe his quarterback rotation is flailing.
  • Don’t look now, but Texas A&M may be at a point where it’s going to win games with its defense instead of its offense.
  • If I were enough of a Virginia fan to care, I’d be wearing a bag over my head today. They were joined by two other teams that lost to FCS foes, Iowa State and Washington State.

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to putting together this week’s SEC Power Poll.



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“If we’re able to run the ball and are physical up front, it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is.”

Judging from the comment threads here, Kirby, my impression is that the fan base disagrees with you.


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We may be witnessing the dawn of a new era.

See if you can catch the almost breathtaking admission in Bruce Feldman’s latest Heisman rankings.

He was fantastic in his return, burning UNC for 222 rushing yards and capping it with a 55-yard TD run in the fourth quarter as he carried the Dawgs to a comeback win over a good team. Every time Chubb has been able to play a full game in his college career, he’s come up huge. You can’t say that about any other RB in college football.

See it?  No?  Okay, try again.

Georgia gets a win and the opponent isn’t Dawgraded.  What’s the world coming to, I ask you?


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Troll Tide!

If this report is true, Nick Saban’s troll game is masterful, to say the least.


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Fun with numbers

I get that as sample sizes go, one game is as small as you get, but still, isn’t it nice to see where Georgia sits in 3rd down conversion and red zone conversion percentages this morning?

On the other hand, considering the sample size, this says a mouthful, not all of it good.

The 51-yard pass by Jacob Eason to Isaiah McKenzie was Georgia’s longest pass completion in three years, and the only 50 yard-plus pass in three seasons by a Georgia quarterback. (Todd Gurley had the longest pass completion in 2014, a 50-yarder. )

You gotta admit it was one helluva pass.


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In Chubb We Trust

32 carries.  222 rushing yards.  2 Touchdowns.

And one back breaker.

I’m still in a state of awe over the number of carries.  And I’ve definitely run out of superlatives to describe Nick Chubb.

I don’t know if you heard Kirby on last night’s postgame show, but during it, he related what Chubb told him in their first conversation after Smart’s hire.  Simply put, Chubb assured him that he’d be ready to play in the opener.

I guess Kirby bought that.


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Name that caption, you look mahvelous edition

It looks better than a visor, I guess.  Especially after you win.


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