“If we’re able to run the ball and are physical up front, it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is.”

Judging from the comment threads here, Kirby, my impression is that the fan base disagrees with you.


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44 responses to ““If we’re able to run the ball and are physical up front, it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is.”

  1. Skeptic Dawg

    Eason should have ample opportunity next Saturday to earn his starting spot. I am actually excited that the Dawgs have a cupcake up next to further develop the young QB and other young kids. Should be a fun game.

  2. Argondawg

    That theory works marvelously if you have Bama’s players. Not so much here. Someone needs to tell Dorothy (Kirby) we are not in Kansas (Tuscaloosa) anymore. I understand the sentiment but it is gonna take a couple of years to dominate like that. We are just getting accustomed to the process. We are not known for our patience.

    • artful codger

      I think Smart realizes the inverse is true also …if we’re not able to run the ball and aren’t physical upfront, it does matter who the quarterback is …and react accordingly as best he can with what he has. He has no illusions as to where he is and who surrounds him.

  3. Athens Townie

    But sometimes your ability to run the ball depends on who is QB.

  4. DawgWalker07

    Based on yesterday it seems like the coaches have a plan for how they handle the quarterbacks (shocking I know!), so I’m inclined to not listen to whatever Kirby says about the QBs publicly (because it’s pretty obvious he’s not telling us his plan) and just see what happens in games.

      • down island way

        We have been receiving all UGA football unrelated info from the head master and only him all spring and summer…….welcome to Kirby’s world. It’s his place and we are only passing through! As time passes, even the ad will only be allowed to speak on football related issues after it has passed through the Kirby’s world info director! GO DAWGS!

        • Bulldog Joe

          I know he is not allowed to talk much about recruits, but three of our top contributors yesterday (Herrien, Catalina, and Maurice Smith) were not on our roster on signing day.

          All were under-the-radar acquisitions (prior to Saban’s protest with Smith) whose roles were not completely clear to our opposition until the game progressed.

          Kirby understands the relationship between full-transparency and competitive disadvantage much better than his predecessor.

          If Georgia continues to improve, our fans will learn to appreciate this and trust him.

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Whoa. Slow your horses sports fans.
    Anybody bothered to ask Da’rek’s for his coaching acumen?
    Well then let’s wait. 😉

  6. The Old Jeffster

    The freshman already gives the Dawgs the chance for a vertical passing game, which are nil with Lambert. Just common sense that his playing time should increase and Lambert is likely only a a handful of games away from relegation to a trusted backup role.

  7. The other Doug

    From the AJC:

    “You saw them open it up a little more when Eason was in the game,” North Carolina coach Larry Fedora said. “It gave us some issues.”

  8. Kirby may have said that but he knows it’s not true. It may be fine against our East opponents, but if we make it to the SECCG and don’t have a legit passing game, BAMA will beat us by 4 TD’s.

  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Sorry to disagree coach, but Lambert didn’t impress at all. We were reminded how immobile Lambert is – 3 sacks. Slow as molasses. No athletic ability to avoid or escape tacklers. We got 14 points with Lambert as QB. One of which was a 1 play drive (Chubb’s 55 yard TD run).

    • AthensHomerDawg

      2 of those sacks were on the lines lack of blocking. 1 was untouched. You want a qb that’s mobile I understand but I’ve watched AM nailed the same way. Houdini he ain’t.

      • Mayor

        AHD, this is my only real concern about Eason becoming the starter. I fear that our O-Line is not good enough to keep the other team off him and the kid will either get hurt or become gun shy. That said, he makes the O so much better just by his presence back there that we need him to play immediately.

        • Sh3rl0ck

          This. Guys like Lambert are made, not born. Being gunshy was bred into him by poor OL play at UVA. If Lambert serves no other purpose than to allow the staff to bring Eason along with low enough stress levels to avoid building bad habits, he will forever be a DGD.

  10. The threat of a deep ball with Eason changed things. With Lambert you just know he will G-LOC on a blitz and has no deep ball. So its too easy to jailbreak bumrush the LOS.

    What Kirby says is mostly true, but it’s clear a deep threat “keeps them honest” as the saying goes. It just doesnt have to be Bobo 1st and bomb all the time. A little goes a long ways.

  11. Sanford222view

    I agree with the observations that Lambert is slow but where it hurts him most is not in evading tacklers or the rush but with his drop. He takes so long to drop back and set up to throw that he has little time to get rid of the ball before the rush is there. This causes all the throws he makes where his feet aren’t set properly resulting in throws at the receiver’s feet or those way off the mark. I think if he could get quicker in dropping back to pass he could greatly improve as a QB and make him more than serviceable. That one weakness is the root of the other problems he fights like not being comfortable in the pocket, not getting the ball out on time, etc.

    That is just my arm chair QB analysis of his issues.

  12. mwo

    I saw a tweet during the game that read” Even when I do a self check for testicular cancer I don’t hold on to balls as long as Lambert does”

  13. Nashville West

    It seems like both are pretty immobile but Eason can throw 30 yards just using his arm so the pressure isn’t as big a factor. Lambert has to wind up and step into it to get it past 20 yards.

  14. Saban made the gripe in his post game remarks that everyone wants to know who his starter is, but he pointed out that one of the USC players commented that they wished they knew who the Bama starting QB was going to be, and isn’t that a good thing?

    Smart probably believes the same thing. Why show your hand before you need to? If it wastes any of your opponents time preparing for two different guys, then so much the better.

    • You’re missing the point, Chili.
      Opposing teams don’t have to game plan for UGA with Lambert at QB.
      By now, every team on our schedule knows this. They know that Lambert is not a passing threat, nor is he capable of hurting them with his legs. All Lambert can do is hand the ball to one of our backs, and everybody knows it now.

  15. Bright Idea

    The 2 pass interferences would have never happened with Lambert. He would have never thrown the ball to a receiver that tightly covered or if he did it would have been underthrown.

    • Under throwning is what we need for Eason to get better at.
      A perfectly executed back shoulder throw is impossible to defend, even by the most skilled at man coverage. Once Eason and our rookie receivers develop this skill, it will open up other passing routes by loosening the tight coverages. Then, our passing game will explode and we will be VERY formidable.

  16. Derek

    That’s just bullshit. He thinks most fans are fools and he’s right, but that’s grade A bullshit.

    Yes, if we could blow out Alabama’s defensive line and gain 8 on every touch then the qb doesn’t matter. Until then, the qb matters.

  17. Debby Balcer

    As I said about Coach Richt I supported his choices I will support Coach Smart my job is to cheer loudly for whoever he puts on the field. So he choose Lambert I support that.


    This is a no brainer for me…and I hate to say this because I admired Richt, and what he brought to Athens as far as class, and showmanship as a head coach in this town over 15 years. However, even though this thread is not about coaches, its our quarterbacks, I cannot say a whole lot because I am close to the program on the quarterback situation, which would land me in a hell of a lot of hot water.

    My takeaway from this game if you needed something to hang your head on is that Smart is the right man for the right time, in this New Era of football. Why? Simply…this morning would be a morning we all would be listening to “Killer” from the Hilltop Grille on a loss in the Dome, and much of it due to the lack of fortitude and balls our guys developed over the last 5 to 6 years under Richt. No questions in that regard. Smart will harden that up….I have heard great things, and some talent we have coming in to our fold, are very big guys. If you remember two years ago when Alabama and LSU had guys that looked liked NFL guys….that’s the kind of attitude, and look that Kirby is looking for…..

    GO DAWGS!!!!

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Didn’t LSU try and fire their lead testicular development guy…one year ago. 3 years ago our balls were bigger than LSUs. If you recall.

      • SMARTERA

        I would say you would be correct, and I do recall on the front 7 absolutely no question, problem is no depth behind each of those positions to not get us into the jam where again we find ourselves facing the same question to start the season in regards to both lines….the only question in college football that should be asked each and every year, and should be hammered after spring, and first football game is the quarterback. Not the question of how many guys am I going to need to replace to make this work, or makeshift…patchwork put together. Smart knows more about x’s than just o’s, which will make him a great game planner. Look for Bama and Georgia in the title game each and every year. I expect those games to be chess matches for quite some time.

  19. PTC DAWG

    Damn, some folks cannot be pleased. GATA Kirby.