In Chubb We Trust

32 carries.  222 rushing yards.  2 Touchdowns.

And one back breaker.

I’m still in a state of awe over the number of carries.  And I’ve definitely run out of superlatives to describe Nick Chubb.

I don’t know if you heard Kirby on last night’s postgame show, but during it, he related what Chubb told him in their first conversation after Smart’s hire.  Simply put, Chubb assured him that he’d be ready to play in the opener.

I guess Kirby bought that.


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67 responses to “In Chubb We Trust

  1. Argondawg

    That dude is flat special. He will probably go down as one of my all time favorites. He is the epitome of a DGD.

    • Walt

      The kid is incredible. His performance has me wondering who did his surgery? That guy did an amazing job as well.

  2. I was too young to remember HW but I’d give a healthy Gurley a slight edge over Chubb but that’s actually a compliment bc TG3 was probably the best I’ve ever seen. And having the night he did ten months after shredding his knee was amazing. Seems like a great person too.

  3. Derek

    My prediction was that he’d run over them “at will.” Close enough?

    If they can turn the reins over to Eason, Chubb will win the Heisman and we’ll win the east.

  4. greg63

    I was at the game last night. There were a couple points in that game that were as loud as anything I’ve ever heard at a football game. The fans were great! Right before the safety was insanely loud! And yes, Mr. Chubb is a beast. He looked a bit tired to me in the 3rd quarter (who can blame him), but he didn’t look tired on that last run. It was beautifully blocked as well! He is a special player. We’re very lucky to have him.

  5. Merk

    I don’t think any other major back had a game as good as chubb did. That is crazy given the return from injury and actually playing a team that knew the key to winning was stopping chubb and the run game.

  6. Nate Dawg

    I’m pretty sure Nick Chubb is my favorite human being. And oh yeah –
    How bout them Dawgs!

  7. Russ

    So happy he’s on our team. Great kid and amazing performance.

    This should be the story of week 1, and should wrap up nicely this December in NYC.

  8. Just Damn. 10 months ago I would have laughed if somebody predicted Chubb’s game last night. The only negative is he will leave after this year. Damn.

  9. artful codger

    #6 DB appears to slightly stutterstep at the 45 ….ruined the angle he could have had

    • The other Doug

      I don’t think so. He is trying to decide how he will get around two UGA players that are blocking for Mr Chubb. One of them is Lambert. I like seeing that!

      • RugbyDawg79

        not Lambert it is our Fullback 47 — it does look like an 11 or 17 tho

        • The other Doug

          Yeah, 47 is leading the block, but who is the guy helping him ? I can’t quite make out the number for sure, but I think it’s #11.

          If it’s Lambert, it’s nice to see him getting downfield to help out.

  10. Athens Dog

    Too many carries to sustain over the year. But what a MAN.

    • 81Dog

      Nick will get a break this week. And hopefully, the formula for beating an awful Missouri team wont take him getting the ball 30 plus times. By the time we get Ole Miss, Sony and Holyfield should be healthy and game ready, and Nick should be tuned up and not overworked. Could be an interesting fall.

      • Cojones

        The way Herrien runs could indicate an heir apparent to Chubb whereas Holyfield can make the pair zing. Two more (at least) coming with the next team. Nice.

  11. Billy Mumphrey

    Happily eating crow this morning. I thought Chubb would play, but never expected last night’s results. The guy is flat out amazing.

  12. Ed Kilgore

    Since we have no idea what the immediate future holds, it’s wonderful that Chubb’s incredible comeback from an injury that looked career-hobbling, if not career-ending, came against a ranked team that threw everything into stopping him. Had it happened against Nicholls State, it would not have been as memorable. As it stands, Dawg fans will be talking about this performance for years. Chubb looked like an insane hybrid of Herschel and Knowshon out there.

  13. Smitty

    I loved it! I don’t think Richt wins this game.

    • No AxeToGrind

      If Richt were on the sidelines and not Smart, would UGA have pulled this game out?

      • Reggie

        I don’t know, we beat an awfully good VA Tech team with our freshman QB on that same field, down big at half in 2006.

        Smart will earn his money in JVille, period. That’s when we will know if we have truly changed the recent culture of laying eggs in big games (something that didn’t happen in CMR’s first 5-7 years either).

        • Tlkdawg

          True, the ’01-’07 Dawgs absolutel could have pulled this game out. Everything changed the night of the Alabama blackout. UGA became a different team and Richts’ ability to inspire under duress seemed to disappear.. Last night felt different to me.

          • PharmDawg

            For me, the Richt era crashed with the loss to WV in the displaced Sugar Bowl in 2006. That performance became the pattern for showing up not ready to play at the start and unable to finish.

    • lakedawg

      Would have won more handily because Eason would have started game.

    • The Dawg abides

      Here we go…..

  14. Normaltown Mike

    Can he take this week off?

  15. Once Sony gets back, and btw I read a line from a reporter that he looked great in warmups as far as running, and Holyfield gets right plus Herrian I almost feel sorry for other teams.

  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Chubb & Herrion made a nice combo.

    • Add a healthy Sony and possibly Holyfield to that and I might need a Kleenex.

      • Dawg Stephen

        Add a healthy sony and holyfield to that, Eason continues to work and earn his spot, another WR emerges, start throwing to the tight ends, and im gonna need a cold shower.

        • Erk's Forehead

          Add improved line play on both sides, consistent special teams with more confident kickers, and building depth among a talented freshman class, and everybody in the house look under your seats – you get a new CAR!!

  17. 69Dawg

    Chub is like HW in that they know he is coming and they can only hope to contain him. He pounds 3 – 4 yards then he breaks one. NC knew they were done when he broke the last one. It’s a demoralizing thing to plan and plan to stop the man only to see him finish your team off in the end. If we are “Smart” we will use the other guys early to help ware out the defense then put Chub in to finish them off. For the most park I thought the offensive line blocking for the run was much better. They were going against a lot in the box but were getting positive yardage. That Yankee tackle made some errors but he is a mean SOB and I like that in my Olineman.

    • When UNC would hold him to 3 or 4 yards, the Tar Heel crowd would cheer. Then he would come back with a 15 yarder on the next play. Last night, he was Herschelesque.

  18. Starbreaker

    Really happy we have a cupcake this week, as hopefully it means Chubb gets a light load. I would be curious how sore the knee is today…he was worked hard last night. The dude is special. Herrien was a pleasant surprise, I honestly didn’t think we would see much of him in game 1.

  19. Cojones

    Takes care of the 8-4 predictors. Onward to Ole Miss to take care of the 9-3 crowd, then Tenn in Sanford for the 10-2 folks followed by FU at J’ville for the 11-1 group.

    It’s not too late to jump on the 12-0 bus, yall.

  20. lakedawg

    Schedule looks easier now than before weekend.

  21. AthensHomerDawg

    Not surprised.
    Bluto gets a Porsche. Georgia gets its Ferrari outta the garage . That was an omen.

    What’s the over under that Bluto drove the car to the game?
    Drives it to work?
    Remains garaged until Saturday night to tool around town with Mrs. Bluto? 😉

    • Normaltown Mike

      TJ Logan’s big run at beginning of 2nd quarter was made possible by an obvious hold by the tackle.

      On the kick return, there were two bad blocks from behind…the first guy that got there and also towards the sideline

  22. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Wouldn’t Munson have loved calling this game?

  23. Sanford222view

    One thing not being mentioned much with all the deserved focus on Chubb is the defense. Besides losing contain on a few plays and seemingly ignoring the small white receiver they held the “high powered” UNC offense to 17 points. I would have liked to see more of a pass rush but I thought they played well overall.

    Catalina stood out to me as well but not as a positive. I hope he can improve because he did Lambert no favors. Granted, Lambert may have the slowest drop of any QB I have ever seen ( Is it just me or is there no sense of urgency whatsoever for him to drop back and get set to throw?). Catalina missed assignments or got whipped several times not to mention penalties. He seems to struggle to me.