We may be witnessing the dawn of a new era.

See if you can catch the almost breathtaking admission in Bruce Feldman’s latest Heisman rankings.

He was fantastic in his return, burning UNC for 222 rushing yards and capping it with a 55-yard TD run in the fourth quarter as he carried the Dawgs to a comeback win over a good team. Every time Chubb has been able to play a full game in his college career, he’s come up huge. You can’t say that about any other RB in college football.

See it?  No?  Okay, try again.

Georgia gets a win and the opponent isn’t Dawgraded.  What’s the world coming to, I ask you?


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  1. heyberto

    #KirbyEffect ? #SabanizationEffect ? #GeorgiaIsTheNewBama ? Kind of seems like the media is buying in to what McGarity bought into.

    • merk

      Well the Kirby effect is real. CKS makes every effort to make what is seen/spoken about UGA football to be what he wants. We saw this when Pruitt came on board and all of the sudden we start seeing UGA billboards going up around town.

  2. Athens Dog

    It’s a whole new ballgame. Exciting times indeed

  3. Billy Mumphrey

    Wasn’t there some clown at ESPN who just last week said Chubb wouldn’t even be the best RB in the Dome last night? Wonder how he’s feeling this morning?

    • Clown at ESPN? Which one? Pretty Boy Empty Suit Herbstreit? Undeserving Heisman Winner Howard? Bama Lover Rece Davis? B1G Homer Galloway? Village Idiot Kanell? Should I go on?

        • I thought he picked UNC on Friday as well. He was gushing about Elijah Hood as the best back in the game.

          • That’s the beauty of being an analyst and making predictions. You can make your pre-season predictions, then make completely different picks throughout the season and claim to be right in one way out of the several you went at the end of the year.

      • DawgFlan

        Add Booger McFarland to the list. He didn’t have much to say this morning, but noticed he was sporting a Carolina blue pocket square this morning, ha-ha!!!

      • 81Dog

        Des may not like UGA, and he never fails to express skepticism about us, but he has excellent dental work. Herbie is a Big Integer fan at his core.

        Galloway picked us, and Kannell picked us to be in the playoff. Rece? He’s such a huge improvement over the ennui-laden Chris Fowler, one hardly knows where to begin. If UGA wins, and keeps winning, it won’t matter if they like us. If we don’t keep winning, it still won’t matter.

      • Yeah, the chucklehead who is starring in his own cartoon with Heather Dinich, another sportswriter chick who often sits at the “expert/analyst” table on one ESPN show or another even though she knows nothing more about the game of football other than what she’s read about, interviewed others about or what she has watched on video.
        I digress…

    • 69Dawg

      There were numerous clowns that said that. A majority were picking UNC on the Saturday talking head shows. We couldn’t stop their running back and deal with their great QB. Jacob “Bombs Away” Eason is going to be fun to watch.

  4. Derek

    Twain said that the man with a reputation of being an early riser can sleep until noon, so perceptions, even false ones, can be valuable. However, I still think bullshit is bullshit and truth matters. I’m not sold on UNC being that good. The season will reveal whether we beat a good team or not.

    I said last year (and the year before) that we were a good team with a serious qb problem and the solution was on the way. He’s here now and we wouldn’t have won yesterday without him.

    We need to clean up ko coverage and get our kicker some confidence. If we get that done and we see more and more Eason we could go a long way before we have a bad Sunday.

    • Mayor

      I agree the Dawgs probably lose yesterday without Eason. Hopefully Kirby got that, too.

      • Derek

        The thing that doesn’t show up in the stats are those two pass interference calls on the drive that McKenzie scored his TD on. Those are sacks with lambert in there.

      • I am a big Eason fan, but I won’t say we wouldn’t have won without him…I do believe we got a little help from a guy by the name of CHUBB.

  5. gastr1

    I thought for sure Chub would be criticized for only gaining a third of what Baylor got last year against the Tar Heels.

  6. IAmAChubbyMan

    Of course it’s a new era. A new era many of us have been clamoring for since the debacle of 2008. We could have had good times like this for many a year now.

    For those of you still like to talk about Mark Richt, this team would’ve folded like a cheap suit when they went down 10 if Mark Richt were still the head coach. Make no mistake, this is a new era, there is a new sheriff in town, and things are about to get great.

    • Hardcoredawg 93

      The only thing I disagree with is that we might have come back, been in a position to win and invent some new way to fuck it all up.

    • No AxeToGrind


    • 81Dog

      for those of you who like to talk about “those of you still like to talk about Mark Richt,” the only ones talking about him are….you.

      The rest of us have moved on and are a lot more interested in building on yesterday than listening to the 20/20 hindsighters, who will be the first ones to turn on the new regime the first time we fail to win a game impressively enough, much less lose one. Let it go.

      • IAmAChubbyMan

        I guess you don’t read this blog much, as Blutarsky has posted numerous things about Richt at Miami and comparisons between him and Kirby since those hires have gone down. But I guess you shouldn’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.

        • Hardcoredawg 93

          And numerous things about Richt will continue to be posted on this blog most likely.

          Also, when you have heard the old “who else are we going to get that’s better than Richt”, and “we could be Tennessee” argument for several years it feels good to point out that it was all bullshit.

          • 81Dog

            Spoiler alert: You got what you wanted. It’s a shame you can’t focus on what you have, instead of whining about what you think you should have had. Just for the record, we’re off to a good start. We all hope that continues, but maybe you should pump the brakes a little before assuming we’re the Tide 2.0 after one game.

            • Hardcoredawg 93

              Oh, I am not whining dude just pointing out the obvious.

              Not going to apologize for believing Kirby is going to produce a mean machine finally for us.

              News flash: 1980/1981 was a shit long time ago and we haven’t done much since.

              • 81Dog

                I’d try to explain the term “non sequitur” to you, but I might as well try to explain algebra to my dog.

                Enjoy your bile. I’m sure the first time UGA loses a game with Kirby at the helm, true believers like you will spin on him like a turnstile at the Cheetah. You might want to pace yourself a little bit. The rest of us are happy just enjoying a win over a solid opponent. All your boohooing about the past isn’t going to make the present any more enjoyable for anyone except people like you who seem to be happiest when you’re miserable.

                • Hardcoredawg 93

                  Ha ha , I got you going, cakepuss! 🖕

                  • DaddyRichATL

                    …says the perpetual sour puss

                  • 81Dog

                    I didn’t know you could get an emoji that told us all your IQ. I suppose that’s what passes for wit among the snowflakes. Good one, pajama boy! I guess you told me!

                    • Hardcoredawg 93

                      Using Latin terms, talking about IQ and algebra, telling someone they don’t understand English. You must be one highly intelligent motherfucker.

                      But, just dumb enough to get drawn into an online argument with a complete stranger.

                      I hope for your sake you don’t carry yourself in whatever industry you are in that you are smarter than the next guy. That is a character flaw.

        • 81Dog

          I guess you don’t understand English. The Senator posts what he wants. The rest of us, except possibly you and a few other bitter whiners, are talking about what UGA is doing now, not crowing about stuff you assume. Nobody knows what would happen if things were different, so who cares? Napoleon might have won the Battle of Waterloo if he’d had air support, but he didn’t. So, we don’t talk about that, either. Try and enjoy the W. If you wanted Richt gone so bad, be happy. He’s gone.

        • PTC DAWG

          The Senator missed CMR, no doubt.

      • garageflowers

        I agree with 81Dog.

    • lakedawg

      Mark Richt is coaching Miami and you have no idea what would have happened if he was still coaching Dawgs, one thing for sure would have been Eason starting and we win by more than 9 points.

  7. Charles

    Not just perception. Hard to argue that’s not the first good team we’ve beaten since 2014.

  8. illini84

    They didn’t even show the replay of D’Andre Walker blowing up 2 guys on that punt cover. Insane hit!

  9. 86BONE

    Has anyone bothered to mention that the UNC QB, arguably, fumbled that ball, as he clearly tried to keep it. Had that TD not been overturned the game could have very easily been a blow out!
    On another note, did anyone see UNC holding on multiple occasions, without any notice from the zebras…

    • Dawg19

      86, it was also very close to being a grounding call, which they didn’t review from what I could tell.”

  10. Uglydawg

    Just watching the replay. On NC’s KO return, there was a block in the back right at the point of the returner starting his weave..and a hold down field held a Dawg tackler by his arm and prevented contact. I know we can pick apart many calls so this time I’m not ready to go on the warpath, and NC got some rough treatment from the refs too.. I can understand Fedora thinking he got screwed on the Illegal player downfield call..but it evened out, I think.

    • 86BONE

      Point well taken…

    • Charles

      Definitely true. Of course, Nick’s long TD was partly assisted by one of his lead blockers tackling someone from behind.

    • 81Dog

      winners tell jokes, losers complain about penalty calls. Fedora should make himself run stadium steps for a week for his own bonehead play in drawing a flag at a bad time.

      • Uglydawg

        Oh yes. And who called the draw play from the endzone? That would seem to be a terrible call anytime, but especially when your team is reeling, the opposing team surging, and the crowd so loud you can’t think right. Better to have quick-kicked or run a safe play and punt. But there are no perfect coaches and no perfect bloggers..

        • 81Dog

          I guess it’s possible to outsmart yourself. Throwing the ball to someone 6 yards deep in the end zone who has about 5 red shirts between the R and the goal line seems like a bad choice for a QB who was supposed to be a seasoned veteran, and maybe even an improvement over last year’s UNC QB. Maybe he’s just John Brantley 2.0

  11. 86BONE

    I was live at NRG and got to see another team, clad in Bulldog Red, play a very exciting game yesterday. The excitement level in both stadiums was very refreshing and both UGA and U of H played a great ballgame…keep an eye on Herman, he’s a gamer!

    • Russ

      If not for all the other good games on TV, I would’ve been there too. I pegged UH to win back whe. The game was announced, but got suckered by the Choklahoma hype over the summer. UH is for real.

  12. Steve Berryman

    Seems to be a new era in Bulldog player conduct as well. Didn’t see anybody showing out (look at me) after making a good play. Also didn’t see any in your face trash talking to our opponents or chippy shoving after plays. Just mature business football. Refreshing.

    • S

      And it’s a damn good point. One that I somehow missed, so thanks for making it!

    • 81Dog

      Have to admit that was a nice thing. Catalina’s unsportsmanlike flag was very, very mild (and proof that the refs often miss the first cheap shot, but they always see the retaliation). I don’t miss the yapping and jawing.

  13. It was McGee who said Hood would be the best back on the field. Mark Packer also commented on XM college radio that he was excited to see Hood! Logan actually had a better game than Hood. The Heels should win some games this year. Just my .02 and GO DAWGS!!!