Eason, in gifs

If you want to see a breakdown of Eason’s opening night throwing the ball, here you go. (h/t)

In particular, watch the pass protection on the left side of the line and how that impacted Eason’s game.


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  1. Bright Idea

    Eason’s best two plays was having the confidence to turn it loose downfield rather than holding the ball. That drew 2 pass interference calls that otherwise would have been short checkdowns, throw aways or more likely sacks. Our receivers are on scholarship so give them chance just don’t underthrow the ball after holding it too long.


    • Rob

      I was actually a little concerned with him forcing deep balls. Not because of the results but bc of the decisions/execution on the throws. He threw 5 deep balls: completed 1, 3 into double coverage- 2 way off mark- 1 way underthrown(PI called as Davis came back to ball), other PI was decent throw but had he led him it’s TD that said it was good enough throw to put defense in position where it had to foul.

      Not bad but in film room hope he got some “teaching” on when to check down instead of let it fly.

      Moving forward we need to decide how we are going to score. If on focus on ground lambert gives us best chance to execute. If going for more balanced attack it’s Eason allows us to stretch field better. Both give us good chance to have good year!!!!


  2. Left side of OL needs more reps. to learn QB protection with 4 sacks.


  3. 69Dawg

    I’m really worried about our WR’s. They can’t seem to get any separation, excluding #16 of course. Would love to know if Eason was trying to make back shoulder throws on those two inference calls or was he trying to put the ball on target. Brock seemed to think our WR was trying to comeback for the ball and that’s why the refs called interference.

    We do need to get 72 help with the speed rushers but that is not any different than last year with JT or IW doing their matador impressions.


    • Uglydawg

      Wonder if Herrian can catch the ball. I bet he could get separation.


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      So here’s my thought on those two PI plays. First, Eason throws it early. Not much..but not enough time to know if his WR has his man beat. He gets a little itchy in the pocket bc he feels the rush (rightly or wrongly). Here’s the difference…Stanley and Davis are both long. You throw the ball out in front and they aren’t there and you can get a pick, but throw a 35 yard jump ball to a WR that is 6’3″ in single coverage and as long as you don’t leave it short…it’s probably not a negative play (sack) or a TO. It’s almost like his safety valve. That’s why tall guys are important btw. But just as important is a live arm. That’s not a throw I trust Lambert making. He shorts it or can’t get it there before safety help can arrive. He also takes sacks in that situation…another potential TO.

      Not that worri d about ‘separation’. Happy to see some guys with size get involved and Easin throw it down the field.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I like that link. It was fun to watch and easier for me to see. Saw one time when they pulled a guard to catch speed rush. It was screen away from the rush to Douglas, but interesting to see.

    I am going to defend 72 a little – he’s not dominant, but as CKS has said before great LTs don’t grow on trees. On the other hand, I didn’t see Eason get sacked in that series of clips. One holding call, which means you got beat, but still no sack. And I thin the call was little iffy given how much slack they usually give the Oline on holding. NC was holding all the time and only getting called for about a third of it. So while 72 may not be NFL ready, and won’t likely be an all star. I would say he was serviceable.


  5. Jake

    Anybody know why Hardman didn’t play?


  6. DankJankins

    The one he threw to Nauta on the side line looked like it had potential to be a completion if Eason threw the ball with less air and short. Both defenders were in front of Nauta. It looks like it could have been a nice back shoulder throw and catch.


    • DawgPhan

      They mentioned it during the broadcast on that throw should have probably gone to the RB.

      But that is something he will learn.

      He performed well, but wasnt asked to do a ton.


  7. Got Cowdog?

    Since I know >0 about X’s and O’s at that level, My opinion is not to be trusted. But I got the feeling the team was more behind Eason. Just watching the body language in the huddle and post play.


  8. Skeptic Dawg

    I have to admit that I was incorrect in an earlier criticism of Kublanow. From the clips linked above, he really did a solid Job of standing up his guy. Well done.

    I wish that a network would offer an All 22 view of live games. Being able to view the entire field is one huge advantage to be at the game.