“The second year, we broke through,” he added. “The third year, we finished.”

Per the New York Times,

The new-coach trajectory of a brief adjustment period followed by team buy-in seems to be the best formula for success. It is close to a fact of life that college football coaches who win a national title do so in their first few years. Since 2000, every title but two has been won by a coach in his second, third or fourth year with his team — or by a coach who has already done so with the same team. The same can be said of the head coaches for most runners-up.

Year 3 might be particularly magical for winning titles, with recent examples including Lloyd Carr at Michigan (1997); Pete Carroll at Southern California (2003); Les Miles at Louisiana State (2007); Nick Saban at Alabama (2009); and Urban Meyer at Ohio State (2014).

Okay, Kirby.  You’re on the clock.


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12 responses to ““The second year, we broke through,” he added. “The third year, we finished.”

  1. Russ

    Well, three years seems to be the shelf life on reasonable expectations.


  2. Juan

    It’s all about year 2. Bob Stoops, Chizik, Corch at UF. All programs with talent rich rosters storied programs.


  3. TomReagan

    The Year 3 national championship game will be in Atlanta.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    So Cubb’s gonna get a medical redshirt for last year, and have 2 more years of eligibility?! I see that as 2 championships, not one.


  5. Given the recruits that come in this year and 2017, it would make complete since that in 2019 we should be world beaters.