This is your Year of the Quarterback, SEC.

Jeez, check out these passer ratings for every conference quarterback who threw at least fifteen passes in anger in the first week of the season.  Except for Drew Barker — who lost, by the way — the rest range from mediocre to abysmal.

Alabama and Georgia didn’t have a quarterback with fifteen attempts, which is why you don’t see theirs listed.  But their leading passers, both true freshmen, would be second and third on that list if included.

If you’re looking for reasons to explain the SEC’s early struggles, that’s not a bad place to start.


UPDATE:  In case you’re wondering, the QBR story isn’t any prettier.



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7 responses to “This is your Year of the Quarterback, SEC.

  1. DawgPhan

    These days finding someone that can coach up QBs might be the most important coach on your team.

    There are so few great Qbs in the country and so much is asked of them by coaches.

    Seems like it is the most important position that you can’t just go out and recruit a fix for.


  2. lakedawg

    So QBR’s do matter?


  3. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly is mostly an exception to this trend — he slowed down in the second half, but still passed for 312 yards, four touchdowns and three interceptions against a strong FSU defense

    Someone explain to me how three INTs is an exception to bad QB play. Herbstreet mentioned it in the first half when Ole Miss was dominating…up 20 and Kelly was trying to force the long pass instead of checking down…kid has tons of talent, but he’s got to get better at playing the position instead of trying to win the highlight reel.


  4. sniffer

    Hugh seems to struggle with undisciplined quarterbacks. Wallace, now Kelly, seem to do whatever they want with the ball. How many times have we seen Freeze anguish on the sideline after his qb makes some boneheaded pass, often to the other team?


    • 69Dawg

      No doubt Kelly is more interested in demonstrating his arm for the Pro scouts than to making a safe shorter throw. His turnovers doomed the Rebel Black Bears last night.