“Fire Larry Fedora.”

David Wunderlich’s Five Factors review of the Georgia-UNC game isn’t particularly complimentary of the Tar Heels’ head coach.  He basically wonders about the same thing I do, which is why Carolina didn’t run the ball more.  (Not that I’m complaining, mind you.)

In any event, it’s hard to argue with his takeaway about Georgia.

And as for the quarterbacks, I can still imagine them splitting time for a bit. Lambert’s lack of mobility allowed UNC to tee off with the blitz, but Eason is far too willing to go for low percentage deep throws instead of checking down to something safe. As the freshman matures and learns the craft, he’ll take more and more snaps until the job is his. With Nicholls State and Missouri’s weak offense on deck before the showdown at Ole Miss, I think we’ll see plenty more of both guys as they show what they can do.

In any event, it’s safe to say that Georgia had the best Week 1 performance of any of the East’s three contenders and the best in the conference behind Alabama and maybe Texas A&M. Quiet optimism for this team is perfectly fine, but the jury’s still out on the offense until it faces Mizzou in a couple of weeks and on the defense until it goes against the Rebels the week after that.

That Ole Miss game should be quite a revelation as to what kind of team Georgia is this season.


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21 responses to ““Fire Larry Fedora.”

  1. I would like to think UGA should win the East as the competition isn’t that stout. But the Mizzou and Ole Miss game will really be telling like you said Senator.

  2. HahiraDawg

    “That Ole Miss game should be quite a revelation as to what kind of team Georgia is this season.”
    Have you guys not seen Nichols’ long snappah?!?!
    We got a game this week.

  3. WarD Eagle

    Wasn’t that the complaint against Fedora last season against either Clemson or South Carolina? He essentially had the game in hand, drove inside the 10 by running the ball and either threw an interception or turned over on downs. Obviously, I’m too lazy to look it up.

    • The other Doug

      South Carolina, and yes it was the exact same problem. I sat there thinking “why isn’t he leaning on this Hood kid?” This year I was thinking “thank god he is pass happy.”

    • 69Dawg

      Larry has an ego and his ego says that he is smarter passing the ball than in just the mundane running of the ball. A lot of coaches are too suborn to change their scheme even when it does not work. A certain Genius working out of the North Avenue Trade School come to mind.

  4. sUGArdaddy

    I have family that is UNC, so they’re kind of my second team. I said going into the game that the difference would be that he doesn’t want to give Hood the ball. It drives me nuts watching them, because in that league they could be really, really good if they’d line up and let him just be physical. There ain’t many backs like that in the ACC.

    Overall, he’s a pretty good coach, and probably a good fit there, but that’d get him beat a lot in the SEC.

  5. 81Dog

    I heard Rick Neuheisel comment on this aspect of UNC’s offense yesterday, and he said something close to this: Fedora is a “math guy” in his offensive system, meaning, the numbers on the defense tell you what you do with the ball. If the numbers challenge the run, you pass the ball. Sometimes, RN opined, you have to dictate to the defense what you are going to do, because otherwise, they basically tell you what they will allow you to do.

    Neuheisel may be a tool, but I thought that was an interesting insight.

    • Jared S.

      If true – even in a limited sense – I think that’s a poor commentary on Fedora. Forget the numbers game. If I am getting 8yds/carry, I’m gonna run the ball down your throat.

      • 81Dog

        I am not an offensive genius, but I suppose the theory of the offense (if that is in fact what Fedora’s theory boils down to) is you run the plays which favor the advantages presented to you by the defensive alignment. If you keep playing the odds, you will get more results in your favor, theoretically, right? (Please note, I am also not a statistics/math whiz).

        Given that football has, it would seem, quite a few more variables than blackjack, a slavish devotion to the probability chart might make you a bit more predictable than would be optimal. Beats me. Kirby’s a defensive whiz, maybe he knows.

    • I think Neuheisel’s okay. Just stop the crappy guitar strumming and singing segment.

      • 81Dog

        I agree that Neuheisel is pretty good at explaining strategy, and his insights have been interesting. I don’t even mind the guitar strumming, though it’s a little bit odd. I’ve only been listening on XM for a week or two, but I will likely stay tuned all fall. I just can’t take any more of Dan LeBatard, Bomani Jones, and all the other social justice warriors that dominate ESPN Radio. There are a million news stations to cover all the stuff those deep thinkers complain about 24/7. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to hear a sports talk host talk about, you know…sports.

        • Noonan

          The XM college shows are great. I like the morning guys particularly (McElroy and Zarzour). Neuheisel doesn’t bother me and he gets a lot of coaches on for interviews.

        • Macallanlover

          I listen to CFB sports channel on Sirius/XM a lot at home and in the car, especially from June through January. I never listen to ESPN sports shows on radio, or watch or TV, only the live CFB games and major gold coverage. Neuheisal is very good, don’t know how he puts up with the human pinball Childers but he makes it worth while.

  6. Spike

    Glad the zebras screwed him rather than us for a change.

  7. Ugadude

    Ole Miss has a solid run defense, but not as strong as last years.I expect TN & Vandy to also be good against the run like last season.

    Florida’s might be pretty good too.

    Those are the only type of teams that can beat us.

  8. Yes, that Ole Miss game will reveal if Kirby is a genius or just a mere Einstein.

    • Macallanlover

      Not sure I will put that much on Kirby, that games looks like a match up nightmare for UGA. Until they wore down on defense they were dominating FSU’s offense and it took a mobile QB to get them off stride. They will probably be 1-2 when we come rolling in. Dare I say it, we will get their best shot. Bang ’em up Bama!

      • Ugadude

        I like the Ole Miss versus UGA matchup.

        They are strong in the pass offense, we are strong in pass defense.

        they are weak in rush offense, we are weak in rush defense.

        they are weak in rush defense, we are strong in rush offense.

  9. lakedawg

    I see 300 + yards rushing and control clock against them.

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