Here we go again.

This time, baby, it’s for real, right?

Georgia is turning to freshman quarterback Jacob Eason to make his first college start Saturday against Nicholls State, according to a source close to the situation.

It will come in the Bulldogs’ home opener in only the second game of the season.

Honestly, it makes sense.  Eason didn’t look lost against North Carolina and getting a start against an FCS opponent in front of a friendly crowd is as good a way to get his feet wet in that role as Smart and Chaney are going to find.

Should make the Nicholls game a little more interesting than your average cupcake, no?


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28 responses to “Here we go again.

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    Then Lambert starts against Mizzou, and Eason get his first road start against Ole Miss.

    (My aurtocorrect changes Mizzou to Missouri)


  2. Jp

    Bill , Eason gets em all from here


  3. This is the easy game to get an easy start. He needs time and reps.


    • Mayor

      ^This. Even if Lambert were to start against Nicholls State, Eason should play most of the game. This is reminiscent of the Eric Zeier situation.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Nice comparison. Zeier wore #10 and had Garrison Hearst in the backfield. His first start was Between the Hedges came in game 5 against Clems son. I think we beat Bamer that year and Eric was 4-0 against the nerds. Eric was was of the pioneers of early graduation. I like it.


        • Derek

          No. We lost 10-0 in Tuscaloosa. We had two possessions inside their 10 and got no points. Eric played most of the game but didn’t start.

          We won in 1990 vs Bama in Athens. Preston jones brought us back from a 16-6 4th q deficit and we won 17-16.


        • Gaskilldawg

          My memory is that Talley started against Clemson, but Zeier starred in that game. I thought Zeier’s first start was at Ole Miss a week later.


          • Dawg Vegas

            Right. Zeier came in and led a quick TD drive right before the half. It was a spot in the game where we normally would be conservative, run into the line twice, go to the locker room. We instead got aggressive, threw it downfield, and scored. It was electric.

            The Braves won the division that afternoon in that magic 1991 season, and the Sanford crowd was doing the tomahawk chop. And Tech lost. It was a great day for America.


    • I also hope this is Mizzou starting prep. Cause if – I dont even want to say it.


  4. I’ll believe it’s Eason when #10 is announced as the starter during pre-game.


  5. lakedawg

    Should have started NC game, think we would have wrapped it a lot sooner


  6. So glad to see this.

    Dare we dream that gone are the days of wasting games with Stafford on the bench, and redshirting talent like Knowshon Moreno?

    No more “well he’s a senior and he earned his chance” and instead a pure merit based system maybe?


    • I think the people to play will be the best now. No more “show some love” to someone out of handing a bone.

      Douglass is a good example. He fumbled, and cost us a score. He will likely not get the ball much more anymore.

      And I like it – mostly. But we certainly arent going to “hold onto” talent for a special day anymore.


      • Yup. I hope that is where we are headed. All about merit. Not people getting starting jobs because “well daggum it, he hung in there and did his time and stayed with the program.”


    • Sanford222view

      I am happy we made the change to Smart but this gets so over blown. Stafford wasn’t ready to start game one his freshman season and Richt admitted he made a mistake with Moreno. After that talent that deserved to be on the field played early and often. Gurley, Marshall, Blazevich, Godwin, Mitchell, Green, Charles, Chubb, Crowell, etc. all played as freshman.


      • Mishandling the roster is not over blown at all. It was a major problem.

        We had incredible players (see stats on # of UGA players in the NFL. I believe we are currently ranked 5th).

        We just never had all of our bases covered. We had years where the number of people we signed was worse than schools dealing with probation/punishment limits.

        And frequently we had severe lack of depth in key areas.

        Then there were redshirting errors like Moreno, or starting seniors just because they “did their time.”

        Add to that suspending players for rules violations that should have been instead dealt with by making them run stadiums until they puked.

        This was a tremendous problem that hamstrung us repeatedly.


  7. Dawg Vegas

    Gotta put in the 10,000 hours. The most effective way to get better is to continue to get reps, and the best reps are in game action, or so I’ve always heard.


    • jrod1229

      They proved that this was a complete fallacy (the 10,000 hours rule). Gladwell effectively just found his favorite common denominator and wrote a book about it, but it’s false.

      Although I agree with the rest of your statement.


  8. Kirby continue to be a genius.


  9. Jason

    Eason to start. Lambert will sub in giving Eason a chance for in game coaching if needed.