Eh? How’s that Year of the Quarterback going, SEC?

Not too well after week one, thanks for asking.

Again though, it’s not worth making too much out of one week, but here’s how the numbers stacked up in Kickoff Week:

There’s a good mix of quarterback talent in other leagues, particularly the Big 12, but the ACC is certainly off to a great start. The SEC … not so much.

To put it another way, out of the top passer ratings at, there are two SEC quarterbacks listed in the first sixty.  For comparison’s sake, in 2012 three SEC quarterbacks finished in the top ten.

I think the technical term for this is meh.


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7 responses to “Eh? How’s that Year of the Quarterback going, SEC?

  1. I’ll wait until Eason dominates.


  2. Steve Berryman

    Before we write off our quarterbacks and teams as no longer the elite of college football based on first week results, let us consider that 7 SEC teams played good teams from the Power 5 conferences, 6 of them ranked, 3 of them in the top 10, 2 in the top 5 at the time of the game. The SEC played more “Big Games” than any other conference. ESPN’s insinuation that the B1G is now king based on winning percentage and statistics does not take into account that only Wisconsin took on an elite opponent. As for TN vs Appy, recall it was Appy who put Michigan into a decade long coma. TN did get the W. An old adage: You are never as good or as bad as you appear in the first game.


  3. rchris

    Sample size.


  4. David Moore

    Anyone really think this was the year of the quarterback in the SEC?? Only two returning starters of note in the conference. Chad Kelly (throws into coverage regularly) and Josh Dobbs (inaccurate and overrated). That being said I think by the end of the season there will be some SEC QBs highly rated. It takes more than one game though.


  5. Macallanlover

    Not arguing the SEC QB case for this year, or any others but these stats (like most stats) are thin in how they can paint a picture. As mentioned above, the competitive disparity for week one is obvious. And through out the season SEC QBs will face more NFL defensive talent than any other conference at DB, LB, and defensive line.

    Lamar Jackson at Louisville contributed mightily to the ACC numbers against Charlotte, who recently began playing CFB. He had eight TDs in the first half, eight. Tonight Louisville had over 220 yards, and 3 TDs on their first FIVE plays. I think the announcer said Jackson had a QBR over 1000 at that point (is that even possible?) Not knocking him, he is a slick ball handler, and a hell of a runner, but it sets up wide open receivers running wide open deep down the field. Grantham’s defense is keeping Syracuse in it though. It will be entertaining to watch Jackson against that FSU defense next week!


    • C’mon, Mac. The SEC’s week one schedule contained such powerhouses as Louisiana Tech, UMass, Southern Miss, South Alabama and Appalachian State.

      That pig’s gonna need more lipstick.


      • Macallanlover

        True, but look at the comparison with other conferences Senator. Half of the conference played: UNC, FSU, USC, Wisconsin, Clemson West Va, and SC, and Vandy defenses. Since you conveniently ignored those I assume your intent to mislead, slant the info and can readily point out another conference that played against so many, or even close. Come on man! I said I am not promoting SEC QBs but the comparison should be a level playing field. And my other point is the bigger one as it applies to more than a one week snapshot, and is true for multiple decades.