Moar good news?

Somebody else may be making his 2016 debut tomorrow.

It appears that Sony Michel could make his 2016 debut in Georgia’s home opener against Nicholls on Saturday. Persons with knowledge of the situation confirmed to Dawgs247 that the junior running back has been cleared by doctors for contact and shed his black, non-contact jersey the past two days for a red one, allowing him to participate in practice in full.

Between this and Eason’s start, it’s time to ask:  is there such a thing as a must-see cupcake game?


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28 responses to “Moar good news?

  1. Granthams replacement

    Why play Sony? Save home for the SEC and let fumble Douglas and the freshman carry the load. Eason needs reps, Sony has 2 years worth of experience and will be fine if his first game action is at Missouri.

  2. Biggus Rickus

    Eh, I know how good Michel is (very). Now, if Holyfield is cleared, that would be a reason for interest.

  3. Dawgy1

    I wouldn’t put any money on Sony playing.

  4. Nacodog

    While I wouldn’t put money on Sony playing, I will say getting him some game reps might be good just from a conditioning stand-point.

  5. Macallanlover

    Agree about holding him another week, but with his parents traveling all the way to Athens this weekend he will play some in the backfield with Chubb. Imagine the Nichols defense deciding to go after Chubb, or assume it will be a fake with Sony catching a swing pass around the end after the fake dive. What a DC to do with this newest of circumstances?

    But this game is more about finding some receivers that can get open, and turning it over to Herrien and Real Deal II. Makes for interest throughout the game and must see TV for Dawg fans not in the Sanford heat. Certainly not your run of the mill cupcake game.

  6. Got Cowdog

    Is it on TV? Where can we find it?

  7. Cojones

    Unless Nicholls has stepped on their dicks between preparing so hard for us all summer and by taking a bye-week before the season even starts to perfect their plays, I would say that we are setting ourselves up with expectations of them to lie down and invite us to walk over them. I’m considering switching my bet with the point spread. I think they are coming with all their might and squeaky depth to slay Goliath – and we ain’t the Israelies. I look for the first dull qtr to be blamed on Eason before we begin to gather our footing thereafter. They may even outplay us in the first half.

    Then, in the 3rd qtr,, after the fatigue begins to set in for Nicolls, we turn a Chubb lose for 7 plays that net 120yds and we sigh our relief because Herrien has chopped for 85 yds in the first half. But, from then on, it’s going to jar our sensibilities – like Chubbing seals .

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