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Looking for the perfect Gator

Although Jeremy Foley is scheduled to leave his position at month’s end, Florida still hasn’t hired his replacement.  This, despite the fact that the school has been interviewing prospects most of the summer.  Why the delay?  Welp,

In conversations with people familiar with the matter, one potential issue has come up several times: Foley’s continued presence at Florida in an emeritus position. Essentially, some higher-profile athletics directors who might have been interested in the job aren’t sure about the dynamics of having Foley, who was credited for much of Florida’s athletics success during his 25-year run, right down the hall…

Florida remains focused on hiring a sitting athletics director, likely one within the Power Five.

I can think of at least one P5 sitting athletics director who’s accustomed to working with Foley right down the hall.


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You can never have too much beer.

What really sells that picture are the beers being stacked up in front of a funnel cake stand.

Though, now that I think about it, that’s only a little more than three beers per fan in attendance.  I guess the kids will have to drink less.


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