The toughest Georgia support staffer’s job is…

… being in charge of managing Kirby’s cabling on the sideline.  Good luck with that, my friend.


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40 responses to “The toughest Georgia support staffer’s job is…

  1. The other Doug

    Air Kirby

  2. Denver94

    Not that JH is paying any attention to the Eason situation or anything

  3. TheCasey

    That picture is just delightful.

  4. Little known fact, the guy in the white shirt had a full head of hair before the game started.

  5. I’m glad Smart admits that he has to work on his emotions and allowing his assistants/coordinators to do their jobs. I like his emotions but I like a HC having the ability to make the best decisions more. His ability to see these things is what already makes him a good HC.

  6. I P Freeley

    How is it in this day with all of our technology that there are no wireless headsets? Or do they exist and coaches are paranoid that their signals can be intercepted by opposing teams?

    • Brandon

      No doubt the tech exists and potential for intercept plays a part.

      Answer is reliability/risk, though. Same reason the military still prefers some pretty basic technology in field communications. If things go wrong (which they inherently will), troubleshooting a lot easier for a variety of people instead of 1 or 2 “key” individuals that know the tech incredibly well.

    • Those are wireless. The only wire shown is the headphone jack which could easily be discarded for a bluetooth, but to Brandon’s point above – the jack is probably more reliable esp given the need to charge bluetooth headphones

      • Cojones

        Yes. You can’t see the cable leaving his waist, so the guess was wireless for me.

        Amazed you didn’t give with the “Name that Caption” on this one, Senator. Mine would have involved pirouettes with a reference to Tristan and Isolde.

        • JasonC

          Yeah, the wire goes to a pack that is wireless. Back 20 years ago, we did wired cables through a phone system. You would open a big crate with cables, headsets, com boxes and such. Then tap into the main jack on the field. Put 2 U-shaped anchors in the ground to hold the base of the cable stable. Then, each set would go to a coach. As an equipment manager, you had to stay on your coaches hip, reeling in and letting out, keeping people from tripping on the cable and such. Then, at the end of the game, you have to unweave all the tangles and put it up. And of course, occasionally dodge a flying headset if the coach was pissed.

        • Cojones

          I had not seen Indy’s post below and apologize. Mine was an independent observation that, during typing, was interrupted by a walk-the-dog Honeydo. Came back in, finished posting and then saw the next post that had been there 25 mins early.

          Too early for drugs so the goof wasn’t from not being aware, just that I had not read past my post. That happens sometime. Can’t compare “like minds”, Indy, but can say one thought of like minds was delayed.

          What day is it and where am I? Didn’t I do this last week before game day? If there is an intervention, could we make it with a tequila during the game?

  7. IndyDawg

    I thought this might be another “Name That Caption” post. Opportunity lost?

  8. Otto

    But can he dance like Dooley did on the sideline?

  9. Jim

    Does anyone else remember the 2005 SECCG when Les Miles had a dinky looking little earpiece in at the beginning of the game? Announcers basically said “good luck with that when it gets loud in here”. Sure enough miles switched to the traditional set up half way thru the first quarter

  10. AusDawg85

    Like an angel, Kirby descends from on high to the Bulldawg Nation sideline and gives us all the Chubb we want.

    • Macallanlover

      You are a young pup Aus. Trust me on this, and remember you heard it here……..there is never enough (or too much) Chubb.

  11. HillDawg

    Vince Dooley jumped and kicked, too. Dick Copas was assigned to the job of keeping Vince off the football field during the games. Standing next to Vince at all times during the game resulted in Copas being kicked in the shins many times. At one point Copas considered wearing shin guards. Lot of pictures of Vince in the air like Kirby.

  12. Bulldog Joe

    Looks like Kirby is wireless. It wasn’t always that way.

  13. Tlkdawg

    Does anyone else have a coach that can levitate?

  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Gawd I hope Kirby doesn’t start jumping around like Ray Goff. He looked like such a goober when he did that.

  15. Ole Dokes

    Love the guy, but Coach Dooley dances like Elaine Bennis…

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