Georgia – Nicholls (State) game post

I’m not going to waste your time or mine with a breakdown, or speculating about key matchups.  This is a meeting between a top ten P5 squad and a bad FCS team.  It won’t be close.

Which isn’t to say it won’t be interesting.  It’s Eason’s first start and we’re likely to see a few jersey numbers making their first appearances of the 2016 season.  But it’s very unlikely we’ll see a lot of new wrinkles in the game plan.  It’s a day for getting player reps and avoiding injuries.

I’m heading out in about thirty minutes.  If you’re going to the game, take care and enjoy another Saturday in the Classic City.


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175 responses to “Georgia – Nicholls (State) game post

  1. kevinsauer

    If you watched last chance U it’s worth keeping an eye on #72 – Ronald Ollie

  2. Spike

    Wave to us on TV, Senator!:)

  3. Rp

    basically looking forward to seeing the new guys…Holyfield & Mecole. After seeing his speed i nominate Herrien for a shot at kickoff returns.

  4. Nacodog

    Headed to Atlanta. Hoping the Bears get one over on the jackets.

  5. I nominate Eason for Heisman if he gets 400 yards passing, haha.

  6. DawgFlan

    Oh no… Our lang snapper is hurt. We’re doomed!
    Seriously hope Frix gets healthy by next week.

  7. Is anyone else having problems with just the SEC network on directtv?

  8. 364 yards to go for the Heisman winner, haha.

  9. My SEC network is out thanks to directtv. Only old school radio I have is in my hot ass hell car. Anyone have a rec for an app that I can hear the game on?

  10. Not missing much, snoozer of a first qtr.

  11. D as in Dawg

    Getting beat bad on both fronts… Which means that should be open all day. Thank you. Good grief.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Painful watching Nicholls absolutely manhandle our OL.

  13. Prosticutor

    Good things about this game so far…Hey! 2 touchbacks!

  14. Nate

    Our O is making their D look like the Denver broncos

  15. The Truth

    This is epically bad. It’s about run til you puke time for most of our team.

  16. Old habits die hard for everyone who asked if we would play down to our competition.

  17. Nate

    Now Chubb? Lawd have mercy

  18. 69Dawg

    Out coached and for sure out played.

  19. The Truth

    We either:
    A. look shitty
    B. are shitty

    I hope it’s A.

  20. Oh. Mah. Gawd.

    This is awful.

  21. Argondawg

    Getting beat on both lines of scrimmage.

  22. SCDawg

    Thinking Chubb is going to play the whole game.

  23. mwo

    I know this sounds like whining, but is holding legal now? Every f’ing play!

  24. Nate

    Our boys don’t deserve to go to the locker room at half. I’d leave em sitting on the field. Get a real good look at the home field your getting your ass kicked on.

  25. Guess they thought it was going to be easy today..fooled them

  26. This looks like a classic MR players thought that they could just throw their helmets on the field for a W game. I hope KS is peeling the paint off locker room walls right now. Lines look like garbage.

  27. D as in Dawg

    Straight up getting dominated all around. Looks like we could very well lose this game.

  28. 10-7 is just embarrassing for a supposed top 10 team

  29. Well, to no one’s surprise, our offensive line still looks poor. Pittman has his work cut out for him.

  30. Richts softness still hanging around🙂

  31. The Truth

    Dear UT,

    I’m sorry for everything I said about you after the App St game. At least App St is a decent team.

  32. 69Dawg

    You guys can blame Richt all you want but it’s Kirby’s job to have them ready to play and they aren’t. I don’t think we will be overrated in next weeks poll.

    • Can blame MR for letting both of the lines go to hell before he left. But yeah KS should have had his guys ready to play and better be chewing some serious ass in the locker room.

      • 81Dog

        why don’t you blame George W Bush, too?

        You can argue all you want about the relative state of UGA’s roster (which by the way, is pretty talented). Are you seriously claiming CMR didn’t leave enough players for UGA to be able to handle Nicholls Freaking State???

        Kirby’s the coach now. If he wins, he’s a genius. If he loses, it’s CMR’s fault. Perfect.

        I’m pulling hard for KS. Some of you would probably be better off letting go of the crutches.

  33. Nate

    At least Pitt is putting it on that D bag Franklin at psu. He’s like spurriors retarded cousin.

  34. Dolly Llama

    Well, we’re looking like ass. I expect to pull away in the 2nd half, but the damage is done.

  35. DawgFlan

    Hey #2 Clemson is winning by 1 point against Troy at the half…

  36. dawgman3000

    Is there something in the air today or something, Clemson is having trouble pulling away from Troy

  37. Scorpio Jones, III

    Chase related to John?

  38. Scorpio Jones, III

    Nice job on the wheel route.

  39. Scorpio Jones, III

    Fuckin Zombie Nation out there in red.

  40. D as in Dawg

    This is f’n pathetic. Everyone on this team is getting beat by their counterpart. WTF is the excuse for this? There is not one. No unpreparedness, lack of depth, lingering complacency. Just getting beat down by a better team. I have never experienced anything this embarrassing. Holy moly. Is this really happening?

  41. Scorpio Jones, III

    I thought we changed coaches.

  42. Well this is well and truly fucking pathetic. Another year as a UGA. Another chance to get laughed at by the rest of the country.

  43. Prosticutor

    There may not be enough tv’s for sale in Georgia to supply the potential need come Monday morning.

  44. dawgman3000

    Absolutely horrendous football being played by the guse in red

  45. Scorpio Jones, III

    Nice block by Wims.

  46. At least IMac came to play

  47. dawgman3000

    I Mac 4 Heisman

  48. Scorpio Jones, III

    Great influence call by Lone Fedora.

  49. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ya know, maybe we did change coaches. 😀

  50. Scorpio Jones, III

    Damn when are we gonna pooch a kickoff, these long ones are boring.

  51. D as in Dawg

    Well, if we win I think that says something about this team. However… maybe my expectations will be tempered with an embarrassing victory in lieu of the typical inexplicable loss.

  52. 92 grad

    I know it’s been an ugly game but ya gotta give #10 credit. Some darn fine throws we haven’t seen in years. Run game sure went to shit tho, doesn’t make any sense.

  53. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man…lotsa weapons.

  54. Turd Ferguson

    We might escape next week, but Ole Miss is going to have their way with us. This offense might be all-world in 2017, but holy hell does it suck right now.

  55. AthensHomerDawg

    Grayson steps in to ….

  56. Scorpio Jones, III

    Well, lemme see here…punt game looks buttah.

  57. D as in Dawg

    Going with Lambert at this point is a bad idea. Bad for Eason’s confidence and bad for our chances to win. CKS had a great opening week. After this week he’s in the negative. Win or lose.

  58. Looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

  59. dawgman3000

    Panic button officially pressed

  60. 69Dawg

    Well this is embarrassing. Jim Donna’s loss to Southern Miss comes to mind..

  61. I'm right, you're wrong

    Mark Richt doesn’t have this team prepared to play…again.

  62. Cosmic Dawg

    Hey, everybody I was just doing some work out in the yard and

  63. Prosticutor

    Awesome! Todd Gurley in a Hardee’s commercial! Good to see the Red and Black representing since the football team is off today!

  64. Total failure in all facets of the game.

  65. AthensHomerDawg

    10 yard …3rd and 7

  66. AthensHomerDawg

    …and Lambert saves us!

  67. Scorpio Jones, III

    Nice play by Eason…oh…wait…

  68. 69Dawg

    Welcome to your 6 and 6 Georgia Bulldogs.

  69. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ahhhhh, about that top 10 thingy…..

  70. CB

    How bout that attention to detail though 😂😂 It was fun being in the top ten for a few days.

  71. Rick

    3 points separating Kirby from the greatest upset in college football history. When Appy state beat a top 10 michigan, they were coming off an FCS championship. Nicholls was 3-8 last year.

  72. Nate

    Shameful and embarrassing

  73. I'm right, you're wrong

    Ya know, I’m so sick of Mark Ticht not having this team ready to play. I mean, I bet if we had Kirby Smart and the Process, this wouldn’t happen!

    • I'm right, you're wrong


      • Not as sick as I am of comments like yours. You know, you can get that tattoo of Richt on your chest re-inked.

        • I'm right, you're wrong

          But but but Kirby’s the savior! He’s never let one of his teams show up and play uninspired. Never! I’ll get the tattoo of Mark when you stop jerking off to Kirby.

          • dawgman3000

            I’ll let Kirby get HIS players in before I pass judgment. Gotta give him a chance to clean up Richt’s roster mismanagement .

            • I'm right, you're wrong

              Oh, got it. It’s the players now and not the coach. Bet you started calling global warming climate change too. Get your memes straight. And how about the full time special teams coach!

            • TN Dawg

              You can’t seriously be implying that the level of talent at UGA isn’t up to snuff to handle Nicholls State. If that is truly the position you are taking you might as well pencil us in for 10 losses.

              This was all about lack of preparation and focus.

          • If Kirby can’t get it done in a few years he will get shit canned too. Unlike you, I don’t worship a coach.

            • I'm right, you're wrong

              what do you mean can’t get it done!?! Kirby? Precious Kirby!?! Damn boy, there’s counties in GA you could get locked up for saying shit like that.

  74. I hope that the offensive line is having a fun day at the lake today because they obviously didn’t come to the game.

  75. Prosticutor

    Let’s just never speak of this again.

  76. AthensHomerDawg

    Lost the game at line of scrimmage.

    • Mayor

      We didn’t lose the game (thank goodness) but your observation about the LOS is correct. We have a Heisman quality RB and the top freshman QB in the nation–and no blocking. The D-line except for TT is pretty pathetic, too.

      • Olddawg55

        You obviously didn’t see Louisville’s Lamar Jackson last night…just a great passer and runner wasted on Perino and Grantham!

  77. D as in Dawg

    I have never been more ashamed of a win. Defense is far from elite, but this is all on the offense and mostly the offensive line. If this OL becomes a strength this season or next, we need to start playing in Pittman Stadium. Period.

  78. Ramguy 68

    Not a good look for the Dawgs. Offensive line pushed around all day. Was Carter’s name called any besides of the look what I found TD fumble run back?

  79. 69Dawg

    This was a total embarrassment. SEC defenses will kill our offensive line. Oh yea were’s that BS about Eason opening up the run game?

  80. Mr. T

    Just took my break at work…WTH?!?

  81. I'm right you're wrong

    I just can’t understand this. I thought Kirby was going to save us all! THE PROCESS never allows a ten to show up unprepared and not ready! That’s Mark Richt ball!

  82. ugafidelis

    Well boys.., any given Saturday! That one’s over. Time to move on to the next one!

  83. Sorry Mr. Eason, no Heisman award to day neither will Chubb get one today but both of you played well enough for Georgia to win by a big 2 points. Thanks for the thrill though.

  84. Gurkha Dawg

    WTF!!!!!!! I was going to have sex with my wife this afternoon, but now I just don’t feel UP to it. Thanks Kirby.

    • Cojones

      Today was your day for 2017? Guess I don’t feel first in that category anymore.

      My day was Labor Day. One day I’ll catch onto her mood swings and then she’ll be nailed twice a year.

      • Gurkha Dawg

        Cojo, uhm, slow down on the cookies dude. I think it’s still 2016. On second thought, I could use one of your cookies about now.

  85. Cojones

    I spelled it out for yall yesterday. ‘Splained the first half and part of the 3rd qtr, but NO, you didn’t heed the Oracle.

    Scorpio, you could have spared yourself the angst that was posted . That’s OK, no fawning, just a tip of the hat will do (you know – the funny pointed foil hat for the Karmic Bitches).

  86. Mayor

    This is sort of what I was afraid of. Kirby Smart appears to be Mark Richt redux. A career assistant who really doesn’t know enough to be a HC now. We’ll be watching him make bonehead decisions for years as he gets his OTJ training on how to be a HC at Georgia’s expense. P.S. You NEVER go for 2 until it is the end of a game and the 2 points are necessary to either win or tie. By going for 2 and not converting that opened the door to Georgia potentially losing the game to Nichols on a last second FG if Nichols got the ball back at the end of the game. Thank goodness for Greyson Lambert and Nick Chubb being able to get first downs at the end to run out the clock.

    • ugafidelis

      What boneheaded decisions? Serious question. I didn’t get to watch it.

      • The decision to go for 2 in the 3rd quarter was the wrong decision. Take the point. Unless you’re behind, never go for 2 before the 4th quarter regardless of what the card says.

        • realbendukes

          Regardless of what the card says? So, your idea is, “Abandon the plan in any situation that a fan disagrees with”?

          • Coaches rely on that 2-point play card too much. That would have been the right call in the 4th quarter. I didn’t think it was the right call in the 3rd quarter. I thought there was too much time left to make that call. Just my opinion.

    • C’mon now. Too early to make that judgement right?. How many times did he screw up on the clock? How many penalties for substitution? His people are where they should be. It is a matter of execution now.

  87. Ramguy 68

    From my novice observation it seems like the Dawgs are in dire need of wide receivers. Didn’t see a whole lot of separation today or last week for that matter. A better pass rush wouldn’t hurt either.

  88. TN Dawg

    Just a few casual observations from a sofa-cushion analyst.

    Eason looks less adept at hitting crossing routes and more comfortable on vertical routes. A four receiver set with seam patterns might help a little.

    Ham did absolutely nothing to ease my reservations about place kicking okay. The line drive knuckleballs continued and I foresee some blocks in the near future.

    The team looked almost micromanaged today, rather than playing with natural instincts. Two key instances stood out in my mind in this regard. One was seeing iMac looking over to the sideline while the punt was damned near in the air to get his cue to automatically fair catch the punt he muffed. The second was CKS running down the sideline at Roscoe that the pass was going to his assignment shortly before he was toasted like an English muffin for a TD. With preparation and film study, you really have to let these players revert to their practice and instincts during live play, in my uneducated opinion. Especially so on iMac’s two egregious errors at the end of the game (muffed punt and bobbling the kickoff out of bounds) in seemed as if the old axiom “Analysis leads to paralysis” was at play for a kid that froths at the mouth to make big plays when left to his own devices.

    In any event, a wins a win. I’m gonna take some ribbing at the office this week though.

  89. shane#1

    Home is the hunter, home from the hills, home is the sailor, home from the sea. Home is Shane, home from the bar, bless His little heart. Bloody Mary’s make a damn good lunch. If six turns out to be nine, I don’t mind, I don’t mind. If all the hippies cut off all their hair, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. Fall mountain, just don’t fall on me. I have a good buzz, my Lady isn’t home, and I have a case of beer to wash the taste of this game out of my mouth, so I am sitting in the catbird seat. I will post about the game tomorrow, or maybe not. Some things are better forgotten. The lap top is going to the TV, Ginger Baker’s “Toad” drum solo from Cream’s last concert in ’68 will ensue. Later, Shane is out. BTW, nobody hires ugly barmaids, damn!

  90. kckd

    Evidently, the coaches and players felt the same last week.

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