A place to drink for the rest of us

Hey, why not?

Louisiana State University is eyeing an outdoor beer garden for its football stadium, but the idea would have to pass muster with the Southeastern Conference.

The Advocate reports that LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said during a pregame radio show Saturday that the university has “some concepts on the board” for adding food courts and possibly an outdoor drinking area at Tiger Stadium. He said those ideas are “are on the horizon.”

Under SEC rules, alcohol sales at the stadium are currently limited to suites and other premium seating areas.

Yes, because everyone knows the big payers hold their liquor better than the great unwashed do.



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6 responses to “A place to drink for the rest of us

  1. down island way

    The city of Baton Rouge, lots/plots designated for motorized vehicle/bicycle parking and the 100,000 plus stadium seating are all “outdoor drinking areas”. This comment is justified by my observations of the great unwashed, for which I am a card carrying member! GO DAWGS!


  2. 92 grad

    From my perspective, having a couple of beers sitting in my seat during the game would be fine but generally I don’t have time to “party” during a game. My attention is focused on the field and leaving my seat for more than 5 minutes is agony, the idea of hanging out at a bar with the game going on in the background is very far from what I imagine most fans that go to a game want. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Having beer in the stadium would be fine, but having a place to go that is specifically designed to place the game in the background does not make sense to me.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, but if it involves alcohol in Louisiana this will get done. Even if the SEC drags it’s feet or declines this idea, LSU will find a way to suspend a party deck outside the stadium that still has a view. Coloring outside the box to get what you want is in the DNA of these folks.


  3. They probably need to build another but more sturdy stadium for that purpose alone knowing how those folks drink and get crazy.


    • Cojones

      Even in the 60s, seismographs registered in the low earthquake zone and scientists using electron microscopes found them to be unusable during the LSU home games. The research EM signup sheet for Sat nites was retired according to the scientists I spoke to at that time.


  4. Cojones

    I have a better idea. Place two bier gartens, one outside each end zone such that access doesn’t bother the game watchers.

    Has anyone used the dry alcohol stuff yet? Opinions?