The magic of the four-minute offense

I’m really trying to get a handle on this, but it’s a struggle.

Eason was lifted after throwing an interception inside the 10-yard line on what Smart said wasn’t a good decision of where to throw. Lambert came in the game with 7:50 left and was in for the last two series.

Eason was 11 of 20 for 204 yards with a touchdown and a red zone interception with Georgia up 26-14 when his pass on second-and-goal at the 10 was picked off by Jeff Hall and returned 91 yards to set up a field goal.

Lambert went 2 of 3 for two yards.

“Jacob was playing well in the game,” Smart said. “He didn’t get great command out of the huddle, didn’t get great timing out of the huddle. That’s frustrating but he made some good throws. We dropped a couple of balls that I thought could have given us some more cushion there.”

Coaches discussed making a switch several times, Smart said.

“The decision to go with Greyson was more of a change-up,” Smart said. “Go with him, let him go in there and show a little confidence in him with the four-minute offense and be able to shift and motion some people and hopefully run the ball and get some run game going and let him execute the flow of the offense.”

Georgia got the ball at its own 7 with 3:42 to go and ahead 26-24.

Lambert completed a third down pass to Michael Chigbu for nine yards to keep the ball away from Nicholls State

“I thought it was a great job by pressure to Greyson to make a pressure throw,” Smart said. “He’s been sitting there all game and makes a great decision and converts for us.”

I get that some of that is nothing but coachspeak, but let’s get real for a minute.  Lambert’s first series, which came with almost eight minutes left on the clock, was another three-and-out that featured a pass that resulted in a seven-yard loss and an incompletion when Lambert missed reading two open receivers.  He did manage a big completion, as Smart noted, that allowed Georgia to keep the ball out of Nicholls’ hands when it still had a shot at pulling the upset.

Final passer rating:  72.27.  This is not exactly the stuff that legends are made from.  It’s not even the kind of stuff that lets you win SEC games with a game manager.

After two games, it feels like Smart and Chaney are in a kind of no-man’s land with their quarterbacks.  They know what they’ve got with Eason, loads of talent and just as much inexperience.  They’ve got the opposite with Lambert.  Normally what you’d expect in a cupcake game is an effort made to address the one glaring hole you’ve got there, namely, getting Eason as many reps as possible, as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, Lambert is there as a backstop, a competent backup.

That’s not what happened, though.  Instead, there appears to have been an ongoing debate throughout the game to switch quarterbacks, either to jump start the offense (Eason’s passer rating was 147.18, which wasn’t spectacular, but still) or send a message to Eason that he’s not meeting his coaches’ expectations.  If it were the former, it didn’t work.  As far as the latter goes, we’ll see.

I get that the way the game went had to be as frustrating to Kirby Smart as it was to everyone else who watched it.  The difference is the rest of us went home and vented on the Internet about it.  Smart and Chaney have to groom a true freshman who’s their best option as the starting quarterback.  This was a strange way to go about their business.

I hope I’m making a mountain out of this particular molehill.  The season is still young, no doubt.  Things will be alright if the final takeaway from Saturday was that it wound up being nothing more in the end than a wasted opportunity.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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84 responses to “The magic of the four-minute offense

  1. It’s time for Kirby to name a starter and go with him. If it’s Lambert, play him (with Eason getting some snaps) until the season’s goals are no longer attainable and then bring Eason in. If it’s Eason, we all need to watch Stafford’s starts in 2006, reset our expectations, and hope Eason becomes a seasoned starter by mid-November.

  2. @gatriguy

    It was strange to be sure. I wonder if possibly Eason checked into the pass that he threw the pick on and that’s why he got yanked. That at least would make some sense. Until Kirby comes up with an explanation that sounds more plausible than the “four minute offense with 8 minutes to go”, the door is open for speculation.

    • Dawg_Dave

      I’m pretty sure I heard Smart defend that play call in the post game presser saying it really wasn’t a dangerous pass and they were confident it was convertible enough to be called in the red zone. Highly doubt season checked into it. Looked more like he just didn’t know what was going on when he threw it.

    • Will (The Other One)

      My initial speculation is it was some of the line checks that Lambert would make that Eason was missing, and the lack of run production was getting blamed on that.

      But I also think they aren’t in that situation if they just let Eason throw on 1st down a good bit more than they did. Pittman and Chaney were on hand when Arky dropped 70+ and 400+ rushing yards on Nicholls a few seasons back, and I think were convinced it’d happen again.

    • pumblechook114

      I read the call to yank Eason as simply: you made a terrible decision at the worst possible time, so we’re benching you. The Process values a quarterback that doesn’t make mistakes (and especially mistakes at the goal line), and that ball never should’ve been thrown. Up until that point Eason had done a good job, but he committed the cardinal sin of being careless with the ball in a situation where at least 3 was almost automatic. Nothing to do with Eason’s overall performance to that point.

      At least that might make some sense instead of this “flow of the offense” gibberish.

  3. HVL Dawg

    Because Kirby mentioned it pre-game, I specifically watched Eason’s huddle management. Saw no problems. No delay of games. No frantic lining up. No last second snaps. Everybody knew who the Mike was.

    I’m thinking Coach Smart reminds me of Georgia’s head coach when Smart was a player. We got to get better.

  4. Jared S.

    I watched the post-game presser and I thought most of it was good. He was pissed and rightfully so. But it was in this period where he tried to explain his rational for brining in Lambert that I was really miffed.

    You call it “coach speak.” I call it “weak sauce.”

    We don’t need to pay attention to anything CKS said about bringing Lambert in except this: “The decision to go with Greyson was more of a change-up….be able to shift and motion some people and hopefully run the ball and get some run game going and let him execute the flow of the offense.”

    Translation? “We diagnosed our main problem as having a QB who wasn’t executing the ‘flow of offense’.” Uhhhh. What?

    This is the most troubling thing to me. That the coaching staff were grasping at straws to try to create a spark in their team and put Lambert in for the final two series after Eason did quite well (considering his OL’s poor performance) the entire game up to that point. The problem wasn’t Eason. And instead of creating a spark, they threw a wet blanket over the QBs, the rest of the team and all of Dawg Nation by revealing that they didn’t know what the hell they were doing the entire 4th Quarter.

    To recap: in the 4th quarter when we should have been finally recovering from shock and having our “enough of this sh*t” moment, we were out-scored 10-0.

    Holy Moley Crapolli Fazolli. It’s gonna be a long season.

  5. Kirby ain’t got time for this over analyzing shit.

  6. BCDawg97

    Didn’t coaches say they brought in Lambert to manage the 4 minute offense at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarter against Carolina? Something to the effect that Lambert would keep us from any brain farts (alignments, checks, etc.) that might cost us at the end of a half, salting it away? Now obviously, Lambert isn’t helping salt it away with his play so I agree they need to just take their lumps with Eason. Just wondering if that wasn’t more the thinking for bringing him in.

    • Jared S.

      Playing not to lose instead of playing to win is what got our last coach in trouble time and time again. I was hoping to not see the trend continue. Maybe next year?

    • adam

      That’s what I thought as well. He was brought in to run the 4-minute offense and kill clock because he was less likely to have an operational error.

      • 81Dog

        Is offense geared to 2 minute increments? Or is that a Process refinement? Is there a 6 minute offense? If you get the ball with 5 minutes left, do you run the 6 minute offense, the 4 minute offense, or stall for sixty seconds and then run the 4 minute offense?

  7. Puffdawg

    I know this sounds weird given the run/pass stat you mentioned, but I just got the feeling we came into this game with focus on what Eason could do. I don’t think that was limited to just the fans. I think the same could be said of the players and coaches. That’s just my gut feeing. It seemed there was such an overbearing belief we’d trot out there and roll them over that the effort and intensity was just not there. It was kind of just everybody standing around waiting on Eason to pass for 300 that we forgot we had an opponent.

    This particular edition of UGA football needs to have the mentality that we did going into Mizzou a couple years ago where we go 3 yds and a cloud of dust. Pop an occasional 15 yard play action. Would help if receivers and TEs actually catch the ball when it does come their way.

  8. John Denver is full of shit...

    Leaving at half time to watch the game at the bar was the best decision I have ever made, the 2nd best will be not watching the replay…c’mon saturday.

  9. Russ

    I’m starting to think Kirby is stubborn just to be stubborn.

  10. lakedawg

    Maybe a genius and stubborn?

  11. Coondawg

    Yeah, I didn’t like that either. To me, turnovers were the biggest problem UGA had besides the OLine and then add Chigbu’s drops. What would his passer rating be, and the score, with him making those 2 catches?
    My biggest question was “Where is Ben Cleveland?”. I’m guessing I missed something here cause he isn’t listed in the 1st or 2nd team. Are they wanting to RS him and Madden?
    Just wondering. I was also wondering if CKS did away with awarding bones. I didn’t see any on the helmets after the UNC game.

  12. tbia

    One thing I thought Lambert did well was getting us out of the huddle late on the third down run by Chubb. I was bitching at Kirby bc I thought we were going to waste a timeout. Obviously we broke late by design and seemed to have Nicholls a bit on their heels on that play.

  13. gastr1

    I don’t understand how Lambert can ever be the choice. He’s just so damn bad. What is the debate? He clearly can’t do any more than hand off and make throws into the flat.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      And even one of his his throws to the flat was questionable and almost got intercepted or Woerner murdered.

      I’m at a loss as to how anyone could hang Saturday’s struggles on Eason.

      • I personally think Eason is not the problem but how Chaney/Kirby planned the plays/calls/game for him.

      • DawgPhan

        mostly because of that awful QB run at the goal line and several passes that flew well over the head of the receiver.

        Eason scrambling is like watching a baby deer try and walk for the first time.

        Oh and who ever called the play where we faked to chubb and 16 only to throw to payne in the flat with him covered….that was brilliant.

  14. I just hope Kirby is not falling in the same hole that Richt fell through, hardheadedness. I like to see him get out of that hole though.

  15. Bright Idea

    Most coaches are stubborn. Watching the replay I believe Georgia was suffering from some dead leggedness. The big guys especially were in quicksand. They’ve had very few days off.

    • Jared S.

      Interesting note….. since Kirby had mentioned earlier in the week allowing the kickers to rest. I think he said they thought maybe they’d kicked too much the week before UNC.

      I know, for sure, Rodrigo kicked a lot better/further this game.

  16. ApalachDawg

    Pump the brakes my brothers.
    Chigbu catches those balls and Nicholls hopes never rises and this game plays out as expected. Chubb’s fumble – even Superman stumbled. I expect a jet engine roar from the Dawgs on Saturday. Eason is still learning on the job. Lambert can get us into the correct plays. Now him actually get the ball to the receiver, well…
    I actually like how this game played out. I would rather it have been close than a 40 point blow out and everyone thinking that all we need to do is show up and other teams just lay down for us… I expect a lot more games like this in 2016. Last I checked, we are still 2 wins and zero losses.
    We are two friggin’ games into a new coaching regime, with a true freshman QB, repaired RBs, suspect special teams, zero depth OL and DL,etc…
    Bottomline – Let’s kick some ass in the Show Me State on Saturday, whether that is by 1 point or 50 points.

    • Chubb’s fumble pretty much confirmed that nobody’s head was in that game. He didn’t have it tucked away, and it was just sloppy play from the one guy on the team I would put faith in to be focused on every play and put forth max effort no matter the score or opponent. If even Chubb isn’t in the game, it’s no wonder the rest of the team was playing hungover.

      • Coach Bobby Finstock

        I could be wrong, but I think this is the first game we’ve won when Chubb loses a fumble.

        IIRC, we were 0-2 before this one. He lost a fumble on a GREAT run against UF in 2014. We lost. Badly. Lost a fumble against GT at the goal line in 2014. We lost. Embarrassingly.

        And against the Colonels of Nichols State. We won. Embarrassingly.

        He doesn’t fumble much, but when he does it’s at the worst moment, it seems.

  17. ApalachDawg

    Sorry for the grammar let me try this again…
    Lambert can get us in the correct plays. Now, Lambert actually getting the ball to the receiver, well…

  18. Chigbu had two huge drops that cost UGA the momentum it needed to put the game away. The first was a nice pass, maybe low, but still in Chigbu’s hands on a 2nd and 18 play with 6:28 in the first quarter. Complete that, and UGA is inside the 10 and in position to go up 14-0. Instead, the drop is followed by a sack and missed FG.

    The second came after McKenzie’s long punt return to open the second half. UGA up 10-7 with a great opportunity to go up a TD and start to put some pressure on Nicholls. 3rd and 5 at the 9, Eason again with an ever-so-slightly off-target pass, but still in Chigbu’s hands and very catchable, and it’s dropped. UGA gets a FG instead of a TD, and Nicholls is still in the game.

    I’m not trying to bang on Chibgu, but those were two really bad drops and they came at really inopportune times. Eason needs his WR’s to help him out a little bit, and the offense would have looked much better than the box score suggests.

    Lambert converted the third down UGA needed, but if ever there was a stat line that could sum up the bio of a player, Lambert’s 2/3 for 2 yds would be it.

  19. The Truth

    I’m not a huge Lambert fan, but how is he getting ZERO credit for standing in there, looking off one defender, and making the throw to the flat that helped ice the game. He did that. Watch the replay.

    • “He did manage a big completion, as Smart noted, that allowed Georgia to keep the ball out of Nicholls’ hands when it still had a shot at pulling the upset.”

      Did I need to put that in ALL CAPS for you to notice?

      • DawgPhan

        but you are the only person that seems to understand that Lambert actually made a play to ice the game.

        Everyone still thinks that Eason over throwing someone was the reason we won.

      • The Truth

        Wasn’t talking to you, distinguished moderator, or Kirby, was talking to others on here who needed the ALL CAPS to notice.

  20. waltondawg

    Senator, you are making something out of nothing but mostly your expectations are screwed up. Eason will be fine. He’s a baby and isn’t going to get it all in one practice, one game, or one season. Clearly he made mistakes as he missed throws, struggled getting us in the right run plays vs stacked LOS, and the interception was a 14 point swing. At the end of the day it is a team game and dropped balls and fumbles put us in the position we were in more than anything Eason did or didn’t do. Eason’s mistakes were to be expected but Chubb & McKenzie, not so much. Might be more concerned about them and blocking of OL in general. That said, Eason clearly was frustrated so I have no problem with Kirby bringing Lambert in. At that point let’s get the win and get the hell out of there. Why risk the game and Eason trying to force something to happen? If Eason screws up there what does that do for his confidence and better yet the confidence the team and coaches have in him? Let’s face it the worst possible thing that could happen to Eason and his confidence would have been to lose his first start to Nicholls St regardless who was in there at the end. Lambert may not be a better play maker but clearly can handle the pressure of situation and just close out the game and nothing the matter utilizing both of their strengths until Eason is more comfortable running the offense. I agree with eethomaswfnc and your expectations may need to be reset becuase it will likely be more like mid-November than mid-September.

    • dawgtired

      “but mostly your expectations are screwed up”

      I’m not sure which expectation you’re referring to but I certainly hope its not the expectation that our D-1 FBS SEC team that recruits in the top 10 most years shouldn’t be in a close contest with a FCS team, with possibly one 2star player, that went 3-8 against mostly FCS teams last year….not THAT expectation, right?

  21. ApalachDawg

    Was this the Dawgs version of the La. Monroe game as part of the process? At least we won our game and hopefully achieved the same goal.

  22. zdawg15

    Anyone else feel like Chaney won’t make it to the end of the Kirby Smart era? Only 2 games but still.

    • Jane, you ignorant slut (aka W Cobb Dawg)

      Yes, but I thought it would be a heart attack or some other major health issue. Not job performance.

  23. Macallanlover

    I don’t know why we changed from the first game order for QBs, felt we should stay with that until Jacob proves he capable, or we are eliminated from contention for the East. That takes the burden off his shoulders, and gives Cheney some time with him as they watch how the defense reacts to what we are doing in the first 3-4 series. Just don’t think he is ready for the full job, not knocking him but his HS didn’t play at a high level, and he wasn’t asked to do what we need him to be able to in our offense. I know he is a talented thrower in mock situations, but that isn’t the full job. I recognize Lambert isn’t the final answer either, but he is ahead of Eason in what we have to get done.

    I think Kirby hoped Eason could get comfortable enough on Saturday to grow ino the job, but changing the order may have caused him to fail publicly when it wasn’t necessary. I think he was pulled for not finding open receivers, running the wrong play on the 2 point conversion, several inaccurate throws (including two some are calling drops), thrwinfa pass recklessly in the red zone that got deflected into the 90 yard INT, and other issues only Cheney/Smart know. I am not against Eason, wish he turns out to be what everyone wants him to be but I think so many want it because they have given up on Lambert that they overlook the obvious shortcomings he has at this stage. It is unfair to expect him to be what he hasn’t had time to become yet. He looks very tight to me, more so than in the Spring game. I am behind him if gets selected to start at Mizzou but in the first true away game at night, in Mizzou, I would prefer going back to the UNC plan. JMO

    • I know he is a talented thrower in mock situations…

      He pulled a 185.87 passer rating against North Carolina.

      • Macallanlover

        Can’t argue that but giving credit for forward laterals behind the LOS has contributed to two of his longest “completions”. I know he can spin it, made 3-4 wonderful passes in April’s game, but not seeing that confident throw so much in the two games so far and he has missed some opportunities. Again, I am all for him to succeed, just feel we are rushing it at this point, and that could come with some downside.

        • DawgPhan

          Funny how the senator has turned to be ride or die for those QB ratings these days…

          • Macallanlover

            I just cannot hand my hat on something that doesn’t measure some of key non-statistically measurements like checking plays at the LOS, getting the players in position and ball snapped in time, knowing where all the route runners are, selecting the correct/best person to throw to, competency in running a 2 minute offense, having the full playbook to work from, etc. So much more to being a competent QB at this level than throwing a ball through a wall.

    • Cosmic Dawg



    • TerryGrad2016

      The UNC plan was not the optimal plan though. Eason led the team to more points on less possessions than Lambert, the definition of efficiency. Literally, we scored one touchdown led by Lambert where Lambert did more than toss the ball to Chubb. I scratch my head at all the Lambert love around here. Besides a terrible South Carolina team, he has not done anything special. Did you watch our offense last November? I don’t blame you if you didn’t because I almost fell asleep too. He is a worse version of Hutson Mason while Eason has the potential to reach the Stafford/Murray tier. Our only chance of beating good teams this year is with #10. Eason may not be the savior, but he is easily better than Lambert.

  24. Red Cup

    It is way too early, but the stubbornnes in insisting on going with a 3 tight end set and trying to run against a 10 man in the box front over and over again to establish an identity sounds alot like Boom speak. Spread the field a little and use the pass more on first down and the safeties will bo bak where they belong. We don’t have the OL yet to bowl people over ala Stanford.
    I truly hope we were just holding back on the playbook and we will see improvement over the course of the year.

    • WF Dawg

      If we’ll spread to run, Chubb will make things happen in space, even with mediocre blocking.

    • zdawg15

      Maybe that’s it. This brings back memories of some of the plays Bobo called that frustrated the fan base. Now all we need is a draw play up the middle on 3rd and 20. Then again, is it our own expectations that has us frustrated?

      • Red Cup

        No. It was that shitty performance against a bad FBS team. I could call the defense against the 3 TE offense if every play is the same. Again, hopefully, there are some plays that involve faking it to the TB in that set.

  25. Squatch

    I think he was worried that if we put Eason back in there a mistake could cost us the game. Especially after that exhibition on tackling our offense put on after that Nicholls pick. To be honest, I was too….so I don’t disagree with putting in Lambert to close it out. It’s not where we wanted to be…but that’s where we were.

  26. I just don’t see any reason why Lambert should ever take another snap unless it’s because of an injury to Eason. We aren’t going to win any games with Lambert. We might lose a few with Eason growing up, but the sooner we get him through the growing pains, the better. I just don’t know who it serves to have Lambert coming in.

  27. I think we see Lambert for what he his: safe. He competed 65% of his passes and doesn’t turn it over because he rarely can nor rarely does throw more than 10 yards. There is plenty of evidence too support that. If that’s what we’re gonna roll with then I hope our OL gets much better in run blocking, our defense gets better in causing turnovers and shutting opposing offenses down and our kicking game makes some kind of miraculous turnaround. We need those things to happen anyway but certainly if we’re going with Lambert. Toss in the predictable run almost every 1st/2nd down and those needs increase. I hope Chaney will start mixing it up because we don’t have the Alabama type OL to be this predictable and have much success. The shifts at the LOS even give away every time we run some type of reverse or play to mix it up. Great game plan with the right OL but we aren’t there yet.

    Maybe we have to accept that this won’t change. Maybe he have to bank on recruiting better at the OL.

  28. JCDAWG83

    Neither qb was the reason for the pathetic showing Saturday. Nichols physically whipped both our offensive and defensive lines and that should be a source of very serious concern. When an SEC team cannot physically dominate a bad FCS team on the line of scrimmage, it really doesn’t matter who the qb is. Nick freaking Chubb couldn’t get 100 yards against an FCS opponent and people are arguing about whether or not Lambert should have been put in at the end of the game.

    All three of our qbs should have had career days Saturday. This inane, ongoing debate about whether to play Eason or Lambert in what situation is an example of group denial of the real problem.

  29. Jane, you ignorant slut (aka W Cobb Dawg)

    No doubt in my mind Eason should be our starting QB, but nobody wants to sacrifice a win or two while we train a true freshman QB. Kirby is doing a balancing act. We won a huge game in the dome and a sloppy game over Nicholls. But hey, he’s 2-0 – and that’s something CMR couldn’t say after 2 games back in 2001.

    This is a really young and inexperienced team, and a new coaching staff. Our top WR is a sophmore. Our 2 top RBs have been injured for long periods. With the exception of Atkins, Carter and Bellamy, our front 7 (and their backups) are sophmores and true freshman. Our kicking game is a patchwork of newbees and backups. I’d argue our most experienced players are Pyke, Kublanow, Mauger and Lambert – that’s not much of an inheritance to build with, let alone win now.

    In short, get used to a lot of hiccups. Defenses are going to have 8+ in the box and throwing everything they’ve got at our OL until Eason starts making them pay with long and intermediate passes. I’m no Lambert fan, but he did what we needed him to do. He completed a pass to ice the win. That’s a welcome change from CMR, who usually punted the ball back and left it up to the D to secure a win.

  30. AusDawg85

    Ramsey’s worse than Eason? Not in upside potential, but in starting a game and leading this team while Eason gets some OJT? How disappointing for everyone. That was truly his job to take for 2 years now.

  31. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am surprised there is any surprise at all about Nichols, or the mistakes against North Carolina.

    You divorce your wife of 15 years, she moves out. You re-marry, new wife moves in….You gonna tell me there is no confusion about who takes the dog to the vet? Or where to put the remote, or any number of other decisions that allow the home to run smoothly?

    And this is way more complicated with literally hundreds of minds, hearts etc involved.

    Why is anybody surprised?

    • Jared S.

      Man, quit talking sense. [sarcasm] We’re talking sports here. You mix good players with with good coaches and enough passion and – BAM! – you get an automatic championship team. It’s that easy. [/sarcasm]

    • Jeff Sanchez

      I’d accept this argument had this happened against any team but A TERRIBLE FCS team.

      That itslef throws almost every excuse out the window

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        So, if Nichols wins a few more games this season, we can mediate the divorce?

        • Will (The Other One)

          If they find themselves in FCS playoff contention, I know I’d feel better. Right now I can’t shake “got shut out by Louisiana-Monroe last season” out of my head.

  32. Cosmic Dawg

    I’m a bit surprised at how much surprise there is that Lambert got in. It seemed like a tailor-made situation for what he brings – ball security, comfort under center, etc. They’re not making a lot of promises to any of the players about PT, I hope.

    I don’t think it’s going to damage anyone’s psyche, just like not starting didn’t damage Lambert’s psyche – when his number got called he trotted out and played.

  33. Walon Smith

    If Lambert doesn’t finish the game we’re on ESPN highlight shows for 5 years. No way Eason completes that pass after throwing the interception. Kirby made the right call to win the game. If Eason’s ego can’t handle that situation he’s not the guy anyway.

    • Remind me who all Alabama lost to in Saban’d first year?

      Yeah, nobody gives a damn.

      • waltondawg

        Bama went 7-6 in Saban’s first season and lost to UGA in OT in Birmingham and Louisiana Monroe late in the season at home in Tuscaloosa. Bama had Jr starting QB in John Parker Wilson and nobody gives a damn now but sure as hell did then. And if you are wondering what my point is – we sure as hell can play for championships this year – this isn’t about what is best for Eason, it is about what is best for UGA. If we had zero chance to win or multiple losses in the SEC i can understand selling out and playing Eason 100% and let him make his mistakes but that isn’t the case and not fair to the rest of the team to suggest otherwise. No matter how you look at it, this team has an opportunity as of now to win the East and the SEC until we don’t. The next 3 games will go a long way towards deciding that but putting Lambert in didn’t take an opportunity away from Eason it preserved it for him and the team. To Senator’s point, Lambert didn’t do much last year in terms of making great plays but he also didn’t make mistakes at the end of several close wins last year. That experience and the mistakes he didn’t make is why the coaches have confidence putting him in those situations this year and seriously doubt it has affected Eason’s confidence in the least. He is growing and getting better weekly but building for the future doesn’t happen in one game. It is an ongoing process and requires some patience.

    • And if you’re wondering what my point is – we aren’t winning any championships this year. We’re building for the future. And you don’t build for the future by taking away opportunities from your future and giving them to the past so you can feel better today.

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