The ultimate “Second Chance U” candidate?

After all, you know how some coaches love offensive linemen with a nasty streak.


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35 responses to “The ultimate “Second Chance U” candidate?

  1. Daniel Simpson Day

    More like a coward streak….looked like he was hiding behind a bunch of his teammates.

  2. WF Dawg

    And the school is defending him. C’mon, guys. Tape don’t lie.

  3. It’s a new defense: “the incident looked worse in the video than it did in the classroom.”

    Is this a reason to get rid of instant replay? I mean it looked incomplete in person. The video is telling them lies again.

    • AS Trump would have it, “The media is exaggerating/embellishing what was seen/ said/ heard (done)”, LOL.

    • Hardcoredawg 93

      I will bite on your race baiting comment:

      It is common sense to listen to lawful authority when they tell you to do something. They have a gun, a billy club, and a badge. She was warned.

      I know you are not going to like to hear that and I’m sure a priceless repsonse is coming with a personal attack saying I must be racist. But, she could have saved herself a of of hassle by just doing what she was told.

      It’s that simple.

      • DawgPhan

        You will probably call me a racist, but I am going to say something really stupid and offensive anyway.

        I also promise to be offended when you call me on saying something stupid.

        Nice work. You nailed it.

        • Hardcoredawg 93

          Dang dude.

          Please tell me, do you work in a cube? You give off that impression by the continual comments on nearly every post on this blog- day in, day out. That tells me you don’t really have a whole lot going on during the workday.

          Also, you have a general “wussness” about you based on reading some of your comments.

      • Race baiting? Where?

        In any event, I always thought that Jefferson, Washington and co. should have yeilded to the lawful authority. Same with william wallace. If he’d just yeilded to authority right? The IRA also should have, at most, joined arms and sang we shall overcome. Germans trying assisinate Hitler? How awful? Traitors!

        I always find it interesting to hear the beneficiaries of revolution insist that the answer is never violent resistance to an unjust government authority.

        Government is here to serve us, we are not their subjects. They are our employees. They should conduct themselves at all times as servants not jackbooted gestapo thugs. If law and order require acquiescence to an unjust authority I’ll choose anarchy or death. I guess I’m just like that traitor who said: give me liberty or give me death. I think someone decided that would make a good state motto too. They’re probably just race baiting though.

        • Hardcoredawg 93

          Like I said- priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

          • There’s a whole a lot of wussiness packed into your comments around here. This last one may be the wussiest post in the history of this blog. Your posts demonstrate weakness, that you are ineffectual and you are admittedly defensive. I think that checks off every box in the definition of “wussy” so congrats to you on that.

            • Hardcoredawg 93

              Just pointing out that had she just coughed up her phone and not been a numb nut she could saved a lot of trouble. But I guess instead we should compare her to William Wallace, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

              And the only reason why I commented is because you took a post about a juco kid punching a ref and tried to turn it something that happened totally unrelated to football in the state of South Carolina. I know you have been pissed about it since you read that NY Times article and just waiting for your chance to work it in on this blog.

              I’m not the one crying all the time about social injustice, trump, the republicans, waah, waah, waah, it’s not fair.

              Waah. That’s you.

              Now go smell some Napalm- maybe that will aleve all the BS that’s clogged in your brain.

              • I’m not comparing them. I’m saying that blindly yeilding to unjust authority is just cowardice, pure and simple.

                As far as the story it just struck me as odd that anyone would think that “it didn’t look that bad in person” had any fucking meaning. The tape doesn’t lie. Witnesses do. Not necessarily intentionally, but perception is a powerful hard wired force.

                Think whatever you want to think about my motives but the college’s argument with the tape reminded me of that case so I commented.

                I knew it would probably get on the nerves of some of the wussies around here. You didn’t disappoint. Whining is what wussies do.

      • Napoleon BonerFart

        Is it also common sense to listen to unlawful authority when they tell you to do something? If they demand to look for drugs in your ass, or insist on a blowjob in order to avoid arrest, or a beating, should you just shrug your shoulders and let it happen? Or should you exercise your legal and natural rights and resist?

        Yes, the girl was rude for being on her phone in class. But, when I was in school (if we’d had phones), the punishment would have been detention or a bad grade. It wouldn’t have been an ass kicking and an arrest.

        • Hardcoredawg 93

          It was not unlawful authority and they didn’t ask to look in her ass or for a blowjob. Not really a great example on your part.

          My point is she was dumb to not give her phone up and give Derek some grief because he tries to continually bring what he perceives as social injustice to a football blog.

          • Napoleon BonerFart

            So, your opinion is that American must unquestioningly submit to whatever demands authority makes of them?

            A guy in New Mexico ran a stop sign (allegedly), so the cops looked in his ass (repeatedly), gave him enemas, x-rays, and a colonoscopy. Do you think they did anything wrong? Or do you think that Americans should just submit to anal searches anytime cops get suspicious about their asses?

            A policeman in OK was convicted this year of multiple counts of rape after demanding blowjobs and other sex acts from women he stopped. Were the women who refused him correct to do so? Or should they just have accepted that a badge grants a dude the power to rape them? After all, blue balls matter, amirite?

            Yes, the school girl should have given up her phone. But when did it become OK for an adult to beat up an unruly child? I don’t have any problem holding an adult to a higher standard than a child. I’m a parent. If I tell my children to do something and they refuse, I will punish them. But I will stop short of kicking their asses. Because I’m an adult. And I insist that law enforcement act like adults. If children become unruly, de-escalate the situation rather than escalate it. Like an adult would. If law enforcement is going to be in schools, let’s make sure it’s to protect kids from outside threats, rather than to criminalize unruly behavior.

            It is humorous to see people suggest that high governmental officials like the President or Secretary of State can’t be trusted (especially if they’re of the wrong party), but sheriffs and local policemen should always be trusted and submitted to. Logically, that’s completely inconsistent.

            • Same thing with the Death Penalty. If you don’t trust government because they are inept and untrustworthy then why would we give that same government the authority to decide who should live or die?

              The answer is that most Americans are authoritarians at heart. They have no interest in freedom from anything expect those they disagree with. So long as their police state is in charge and not the other guy’s they are content as can be.

          • To be fair you said that I “race baited” which was quite a reach actually. The import was solely about whether we can or should trust what we see with our own eyes, period. You brought the other stuff up, not me.

            • Hardcoredawg 93

              So, it was just a coincidence that you posted a video and article totally unrelated to the Juco situation of a white cop tacking a black teenager? That nothing to do with race given all of your past rhetoric on this blog regarding all the racial injustices in this country?

              • No. It just had to do with accepting or not accepting what can be seen on a video. I did find it odd that the DA kept referencing responses the witnesses made about thier real time impressions as if they mattered in the least. That’s why it popped into my head.

                I do think that there are definitely racial implications to that situation and I think that if a black officer had done that to a white girl that the KKK in South Carolina would be mobilized beyond their numbers in 1924, but that’s a different story.

                You might accept that the reaction would be the same, but I don’t.

                There is some evidence of that race matters in these situations:

  4. The coke bottle will give him second chance for sure, LOL.

  5. sUGArdaddy

    There are two things here that bother me beyond the obvious lack of control of the player:

    You really do have to look at the video closely. The first time I watched it, the headline skewed what I saw. After I watched it closely several times, it became clear to me he was smacking his helmet and hit the ref on the way down. I could be wrong, but if I was the one in the court reviewing that film, that’s what I saw.
    The kid is out of control here, but what in the world is this ref doing. If your son got in a shouting match on a field (which happens often) and a ref stepped in front of him and pushed him, what would you reaction be. Officials should stand between guys, but he pushes the kid, then wraps his harms around him and darn near tries to tackle him. I don’t like it at all.

    It will be very interesting to see how this played out. Had the kid not hit the ref (intentionally or unintentionally), what would you think about that officials actions prior to that moment. I’ve never seen a ref push a kid, fully extending his arms then wrap his arm around them. If they want to fight, let them fight and throw a flag. You don’t wrap kids up like that. Very crazy scene all around.

  6. steve

    Howard Cosell is screaming in my head….’down goes Frazier…down goes Frazier’…
    Shades of Nick Fairley’s vicious illegal and premeditated hits on Aaron Murray, Nov. 2010. One difference is that Fairley is an Auburn ‘role model’ and was never held personally accountable. Auburn is the dental equivalent of the useless detritus removed when flossing. A source of disease, cavities, and foul smells.

  7. Sh3rl0ck

    Mentioning Second Chance U, I can’t believe you haven’t posted this one yet.

  8. aristoggle

    So, who’s secretly wishing that had been Penn Wagers?

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