It looks like they’re gonna need a bigger Wifi.

If you love this year’s home schedule, you’re gonna go crazy over 2017’s.

If that’s how things shake out, that may be the least glamorous bunch I’ve ever seen roll in to Sanford Stadium.  Good thing McGarity got those ticket price increases taken care of in time.


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39 responses to “It looks like they’re gonna need a bigger Wifi.

  1. The Lone Stranger

    OHHH NO!!! Appy State!


  2. HVL Dawg

    Maybe they can cancel one of the contracts and play a neutral site game, ya know, for the fans.

    Charlotte is looking for something to host.


  3. Brandon

    This brings Groo’s point home all the more. Man alive, give me something to look forward to. Doesn’t help that the East is just garbage nowadays.


  4. Bright Idea

    Athens merchants have to be wondering what is going on. Only 6 home games 2 years running.


  5. DawgPhan

    thats a bummer.


    plenty of games to take the kids too, I guess.


  6. Aladawg

    Don’t forget that donation priority levels go up in February. The tipping point is here and now.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      I hear ya Ala! I’m waiting for them to release the donation requirements and likely cutoff scores for the ND game. I wouldn’t be surprised if a $5k donation gets you the option to buy 0-2 tickets and a $10k donation gets you 2-4 tickets. Stubhub combined with HDTV keeps looking better and better every year…


  7. OrlandoDawg

    What a great slate of games–to keep our Saturday evenings free. 6 noon starts should be exciting.


  8. 1) Did we actually admit Texas A&M to the conference or is that still a rumor?
    2) The SEC Network truck is going to have a permanently reserved spot for the 2017 season. I didn’t want Brad Nessler in Athens anyway.
    3) 9 game conference schedule, now, please!
    4) Maybe this year will be the year the ticket office finally moves my seats to a better location because everyone decides to spend their money on StubHub for ND tickets.
    5) The increased giving levels are probably going to be a very difficult sell to contributors for this home schedule.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    At Notre Dame, At Florida (JAX), At Tennessee, At Auburn, At Tech… that is a BRUTAL schedule. That’s just ugly. We got really screwed hard with the Auburn flip-flop thanks to SEC expansion. Not only is next year’s home schedule the least inspiring that I’ve ever seen, we’ve somehow also got what has to be the toughest schedule in the country.


  10. ltrftc

    Woof. That is some kind of awful. Seems like a good year to roadtrip to South Bend though. 2018 looking pretty soft since the return ND game is 2019, with one game outstanding. Picking up LSU on the road should prove tough, but UMass and Murray St… wow. McG loading up on the tickle fights. Perhaps in the wake of Nicholls this is a good idea though? Maybe we’ll open against a team with a pulse.


  11. Macallanlover

    Never understood why UGA/AU didn’t have the SEC wait one year to implement that back to back because the rotation is bad for both schools this way. They have UGA and Bama on the road the same years, and we have AU and GT on the road the same years. That was something that could have been worked out. Bad decision, lack of foresight, imo.

    As to the totality of the schedule, going to nine conference games is the obvious first move. The other would be to make GT a home game every year, no need in treating that a real Power 5 school. They play in a band box, in a bad locale, with rude fans, and cannot sell the game out without UGA’s help. Much better solution than some trying to screw with the WLOOCP, the one thing we do right in scheduling. We don’t need them, terrible risk/reward and it costs us opportunities to get a decent OOC game. I know, I know, some of you like it. Definitely nothing going to change soon, but never say never.


  12. stoopnagle

    Expected home schedule? Hell, we’ve known the home schedule for a while now:

    Today we just find out the whens with the SEC schedule.


  13. stoopnagle

    I think our biggest scheduling question is what is McGarity doing about our 2018 opener? We’ve got Murray State and UMass already penciled in, most of the neutral site kick-off games are booked (except ours in Atlanta), and most schools already have their P5 OOC schedules set (but that doesn’t mean deals can’t be made).


  14. Brandon

    Welp… If its still going into next year that should be 6 solid opportunities to expand on our current 30 game win streak against unranked opponents at home


  15. Jeff Sanchez

    1) Do away with SEC divisions. Each team has four permanent rivals (for us, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina) and rotate the other five games evenly

    2) Flip the Auburn and Tech games back to how they used to be (home/ away)

    3) Stop playing the game in Jax. There, I said it.


  16. JCDAWG83

    Keep those checks coming in folks. The BM crowd knows the fans will pay for whatever crapfest of a home schedule they put out. The extortion racket known as the points system forces the fans to pay top dollar for whatever snooze-a-thon schedule the AA puts out.

    $10 tickets on the bridge and TV are much better options than paying hundreds per game to see snoozefests.