This week, in moronic punditry

Mark Bradley being Mark Bradley aside, anyone who uses last Saturday’s squeaker against Nicholls to justify questioning Georgia’s talent level doesn’t know nearly as much about college football as he’d like to make us believe he does.


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  1. Gaskilldawg

    I do not have the desire to reread Bradley columns from last year, but my memory is that he complained that the previous coach underachieved the past two years in comparison to what results the talent should have produced. Bradley cannot have it both ways.

    (This is a Mark Bradley comment, not a comment about any previous coaching staff. Please let’s not get into a 100 comment thread rehashing previous debates.)


    • dawgtired

      Nice. I’m glad some of you remember those type of things and bring it to light. It’s ridiculous to think this is about talent unless we are prepared to claim the recruiting numbers and rankings mean nothing. I agree that the parity in college football is greater than before but not on the level of top programs vs FCS teams.

      Nicholls was a little better than we thought and our team slept-walked through the day coupled with team leaders learning to lead. And while the buck stops with the coach, I’m not convinced its his fault for a bunch of 19-22 year olds playing down to the competition. It happens coast to coast in college football.


  2. St. Johns Dawg

    I think most of us fans believe we have talent … But some need to really look close and understand it is YOUNG talent mixed with slightly above average upper classmen. Very hard to compete consistently with a bunch of freshman playing. And the Pups have to play due to our depth issues. Better days ahead but I long ago tempered my expectations. UNC was a pleasant surprise to me. There are some nice wins on the schedule potentially. But there will be some disappointments, too.


    • I’m not arguing about the nature of Georgia’s talent. I’ve posted more than once about the effect of the 2013 recruiting class. But to suggest that Georgia’s close call against a mediocre FCS team is due to its talent level is BS.


  3. @gatriguy

    I’d bet a bottle of Crown Royal that Bradley’s source is Jeff Dantzler (see what I did there?).

    Mind you, I don’t think that they’re wrong at all. That is still no excuse for Saturday’s performance, but it 100% is a bigger picture issue.

    Kirby can’t be completely honest about the talent situation without taking a shot at Richt, so I think he’s walked that line pretty well. But you don’t take in a LB from UAB that starts right away or QB from UVA or an OT from Rhode Island unless you don’t have someone on the roster better.


    • RandallPinkFloyd

      There are talent deficiencies at key positions. LT and RT for sure. QB is more of a depth and experience issue. ILB we’ve got one stud in Smith and I think Natrez will come around with seasoning. Behind those two, it’s pretty bleak. DE/OLB/Pass Rusher is quickly becoming a disappointment. No FLO this year apparently means no pass rush.

      But yeah, this wasn’t a talent issue on Saturday. We did fine against UNC. This was a lack of effort and execution from the players and the coaches.


      • Will (The Other One)

        They’ve whiffed or ignored some line issues for a while now (tackle has been a hole since, what, Strudivant got injured? DT/NT recruiting did finally pick up with Pruitt, but was spotty at best under Grantham/Willie.)


  4. 81Dog

    We had enough talent to handle UNC. Suddenly, we struggle against a mediocre FCS team and “we don’t have enough talent.” I’m pretty sure that everyone left on our schedule has lots more talent than Nicholls State.

    The gap between “not having 5 stars at every spot on the 3 deep” and “little or no talent on the roster” is pretty big. I’m hoping this week was a lack of focus and not a preview of what we can expect going forward, both effort wise and responsibility wise. This isn’t like Rich Rod coming into a mediocre Michigan program and trying to run a completely foreign offensive system with players ill suited to it. This isn’t like Saban coming into Alabama after 10 plus years of barely or sub .500 seasons. Nobody expect UGA to win the national championship this year, but nobody was looking for us to have to come from behind to beat one of the patsiest patsies in the history of payday games.


  5. MGW

    Would more talent have helped? Sure. What loss or near loss could that not be said about, though.

    But the much bigger problem was the lack of desire to kick an ass.


  6. CB

    At the beginning of the article he’s saying talent level is the reason for Georgia’s poor performance on Saturday, but he voids that statement in the last paragraph.

    I wonder who he thinks the founder of ISIS is?


  7. ClydeBoogie

    For me Senator this had to be one of the dumbest articles that Mark has written or will ever write. One I read it earlier my thought was that Bradley was drunk as hell when he conjured that non sense up. Damn Fool!


    • @Clyde: It is all about the clicks on his site. what better way to get that click bonus. This is what it has come down to. $$$$$ for clicks. I will take your comment to heart and not read it.


  8. Bright Idea

    When will we learn that Bradley and Schultz aren’t legitimate analysts? Does anybody really believe they watch the games regularly, Georgia’s or anybody else’s? Their comments are based off social media reaction to the games.


  9. lakedawg

    My belief that considering all factors our talent level this year is better than last year, and we did win 10 games last two year albeit some were pretty shaky. Also there are o ly couple teams in SEC that has better talent and that comment is made by looking at number stars in each teams classes last 3 years.


  10. Brandon

    Anybody with the slightest inkling of knowledge about football and how the game works could see that this year is going to be a learning experience… for the players and coaches alike. Too many just get too excited thinking Kirby is going to come in with ZERO head coaching experience, an entirely new staff, a completely decimated “senior” class (See one of the Senator’s many posts about the 2013 recruiting class) and wiggle his nose and POOF we are Alabamanized!!!. I think we are going to love what this team brings to the table week in and week out perhaps as early as next year…. it will more than likely be 2018 before we have the depth and talent in place that Kirby wants… but these things take time. Roll with the punches and lets look for improvement next week rather than lighting the torches and sharpening the pitchforks after two fucking games.


  11. stoopnagle

    Would love to read everyone’s new and improved final record predictions.


  12. Aladawg

    Winning less than 10 will be a total failure after the UNC win. The schedule is way easier. Missouri has a new coach, a campus and team in some disarray and a general lack of talent. Ole Miss can’t compare to Bama and after getting bludgeoned by FSU and Bama Ole Miss will be wiped out for us. UT is better, but we lost to them last year. The clucks are terrible. (V)Candy lost to the clucks. UF is another loss from last year. UK sucks worse than Nichols and All barn is no better and at home. Then U LaLa and tech. We don’t win 10 and it tells me that Kirby and Chaney continue to not maximize the talent we do have. Trying to man over teams with the mature talent we have is ridiculous. Use your playmakers like Godwin and McKenzie. Spread out so Chubb can get some space and not face 10 in the box. Throw to the tight ends. The secondary was #1 last year and Mauger can’t get on the field? This reeks of stubbornness, the very thing I hated about Richt. A great coach adapts to the talent strengths he has, rather than trying to make the team something they aren’t. Let’s see our game plan Saturday.