Because, Mark Emmert.

Oh, FFS.

NCAA President Mark Emmert on Thursday expressed a clear desire for the NCAA to have direct power to punish schools and athletes in connection with sexual abuse cases.

Can you imagine what he would have done with the Duke lacrosse scandal?  Or how much the NCAA would have wound up spending to defend and settle the inevitable lawsuit arising from his reaction?

Though I admit watching Emmert go after Ken Starr would have a certain sense of pass the popcorn to it.  But not enough to make this even remotely a good idea.



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  1. mwo

    Watching Mark Emmert go after Ken Starr would be like FU and UT playing, you would hope they get in a fight and kill each other!


  2. Mark Emmert … Possibly the biggest d-bag in sports management


  3. KershDawg

    Jeebus – Mark and his crew are making it seem as though Michael Adams would have been a better option than he to head that organization.

    Just another step in making college athletics just a mini version of their professional counterparts. I wonder if Emmert and Goodell hang out in their spare time.


  4. Grathams replacement

    I guess that’s why the NCAA backed off the penn state punishment


  5. ASEF

    Come on, Senator – if you really want to see the NCAA implode so that players can receive markat value, aren’t you for giving Emmert as much rope as he could possibly want?


  6. Bright Idea

    Nothing like the NCAA and NFL becoming our social conscience. I thought individuals surrendered that to the federal government.


  7. Debby Balcer

    Two words due process. He has no understanding of that concept.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    More selective enforcement. Fire McGarity now before he has another chance to f*#k things up.


  9. MGW

    So it appears someone asked him how he can sleep at night or what he’s going to do about the recent Baylor type stuff and he wants to show he “cares”.

    A few points:
    1. The isolated incidents of accusations of sexual assault are rarely black and white. Sometimes a girl has been assaulted, sometimes she’s made a bad decision she regrets. There has to be an avenue a girl can take to seek recourse and it must be effective, but a knee jerk reaction by Mark Emmert against a school is not it. Nor would it do a single thing to prevent anything.

    Incidents of sexual assault are a terrible societal problem, but again, a knee jerk reaction by Mark Emmert so he can show he cares every time there’s an accusation or an above average for the general population string of accusations happens within a program, is not it either, nor will it deter anything.
    Due process generally takes a while. The athletes will almost certainly be gone from the program by the time a conviction happens. So what are you going to do other than pre-punish someone for something they haven’t been convicted of. This isn’t some non-crime like accepting money for play that you can independently investigate outside of the law. Good luck getting players and victims to subject themselves to your special interview committee or whatever it is. You punish a player or program for something they don’t wind up getting convicted of and you open yourself up to a real nasty defamation suit that you WILL lose. How much did Peyton Manning earn over his career from endorsements and NFL contracts? Because thats how much a star QB who gets suspended because of this and becomes untouchable by NFL franchises and advertisers is going to sue you for.


    • LamontSanford

      Solid post…this is so reasonable. I have never understood how the NCAA or the NFL can pass judgment first–or at all. I was thinking we had a whole branch of government that was supposed to do that shit.


  10. Tony

    A little off topic, but the NCAA is making a huge mistake joining the effort to politicize sports.


    • ASEF

      As opposed to conservatives weaponizing a host of social issues of their own? And being joined in that effort by a variety of business, non-profits, and other organizations?

      After 40 years of consuming political commentary on both sides of the aisle, I just flat quit it cold turkey. 99% of it transparently molds itself to fit whatever narrative might be hot with the audience – usually by a highly selective arrangement of facts with a little rhetorical hot sauce thrown on top to mask the otherwise dull and unoriginal flavors.

      It’s reading fast food. And I gave up fast food, too.

      Much healthier, much happier, and much better informed.


  11. Sh3rl0ck

    With the NCAA doing everything they can to ruin college football, we should all pick a new sport to follow for when they finally kill it. I vote for Aussie rules football.


  12. Granthams replacement

    Senator – how does a title 9 lawsuit apply Baylor? Everything I read about title 9 indicated schools must evenly distribute resources to male/female athletics, but nothing about investigating/punishing crimes. I’m not implying what happened at Baylor was right but how can Baylor be sued under title 9?


  13. Mr. T

    Sooooo how does this mesh with the NCAA’s Political Activism?
    A Karmic Smackdown is imminent.


  14. Walt

    Why are you posting this? It has nothing to do with sports you pinko, liberal, commie, pantywaist, Trump-hater.