Since you brought it up…

I noticed a comment yesterday referencing Jim Chaney’s stint at Purdue in a somewhat negative way, so for balance’s sake, here’s something else to tuck under your hat.

That’s a bad ass turtleneck, though.



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18 responses to “Since you brought it up…

  1. stoopnagle

    It’s been a good week of commentating for me: “liked” tweet by Spencer, reply from Men in Blazers, and the creme de la crap a mention in one of the Good Senator’s posts.

    I should probably start focusing more on my job.

  2. BarneyDawg

    Nick kind of looks like the dwarf from Game of Thrones in that picture. D

  3. It’s not a turtleneck it’s his foreskin showing.

  4. Otto

    Chaney was the last OC to beat Saban 3 in a row with the same team.

  5. lol, Nicky has on a dickie.

  6. TimberRidgeDawg

    He looks like Eddie Munster

  7. Little Nicky looks like Grumpy of the Seven Dwarfs.

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  9. Hodgie

    Is the collar on that shirt not more impressive than the turtleneck?

  10. Hopefully not 2012 Derek

    Remember that time Chaney led Tennessee’s offense under Derek Dooley?

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