There’s coachspeak…

… and then there’s whatever language Les Miles is fluent in.

LSU coach Les Miles says that he hasn’t named a starting QB for Saturday’s game against Mississippi State but then says he expects Danny Etling, who replaced former starter Brandon Harris against Jacksonville State last week, to take the first snaps. “I can’t imagine that Danny Etling won’t take the first snaps.” So Etling IS the starter?

He’s the first snappee.



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7 responses to “There’s coachspeak…

  1. Jared S.

    I love it. CKS could learn a few things if he’d pay attention to the Hatter.


  2. down island way

    Do believe he’s found the honey badgers private stash……according to his most recent public offering. GO DAWGS!


  3. AusDawg85

    Harris is the starter, but that’s just to confuse our opponent. Etling will take the first snaps. Don’t tell anybody.

    In a related note, Mizzou’s coach was interviewed this morning on College XM and asked who he thought Georgia’s starter was going to be. He remarked that the offensive schemes look the same with both QB’s, so it doesn’t matter. Think about that….


    • DawgWalker07

      I mean it makes sense. It’s not like one is mobile and one isn’t. They’re both statues in the pocket. One can throw it further but isn’t as polished in the everyday details of QB’ing. One can throw (rarely) but not very far and is okay at managing the offense. They look strikingly similar. It’s not like we’ve used Eason’s arm effectively enough to force safeties back. By and large it’s been run, run, pass for both.

      Hopefully someone is ready to open it up a little bit this week and actually do some damage in the air. Idc who just as long as it’s someone in white.


      • AusDawg85

        I agree. I want our first play, with Eason under center, to be PA to Chubb and throw deep to Godwin/IMac just to let the Mizzou D know we’ll change up that pattern. But that feels like we’re going back to the days of “1st & Bomb” when Bobo, too, was terribly predictable. If Chaney’s problem is that he has a QB that knows the playbook, but can’t execute, vs a QB who can execute, but is limited in the plays he’s learned, then he (Chaney) has his work cut out for him. Handing the ball to Chubb off-tackle 30 times a game is not going to work against SEC defenses. And this goes back to the Senator’s lament…if Eason is the answer but needs experience to know the playbook, then give him the reps. What more are they hoping for from Lambert he can’t already do (or not do) with fewer reps?