Wednesday morning buffet

Plenty to nosh on this morning…


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20 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Athens Dog

    Worst home schedule i can ever remember. And I’ve been attending since the 60’s. Jeez

  2. watcher16

    Still shaking my head at how bad next year’s home slate is. Thanks, McGarity…

    • PTC DAWG

      I,like the scheduling of Notre Dame home and home, would you have rather had two home games those years vs Sun Belt teams?

      It is the movement of the AU game a few years back that screwed up things.

      • markclegg

        Can anyone explain why we moved the AU game? It didn’t help us, and it didn’t help the Barn to have to play Bama, both Mississippi schools, and us on the road every other year.

  3. Macallanlover

    Happens to every SEC team at times due to eight game SEC schedule with a couple of cupcakes among them, and the tried and proven recipe of OOC cupcakes. Remember a couple of horrible years TN had when I was living there. Fans have taken it lying down and putting up no resistance….so far. But I feel the stadium expansions will prove to be a big mistake in the near future as long time supporters fade away. Next generation fans aren’t as tied socially to attending and will easily cross over to watching on TV and cherry picking the few good games provided each year.

    • Athens Dog

      That upper deck at Sanford is going to be empty…………..

    • Russ

      I noticed a lot of empty seats at Texas A&M vs UCLA (which should have been a premium matchup). The aggies just expanded their stadium, and if that cult can’t fill it up for a game like that, then we’re all in trouble.

  4. RocketDawg

    Getting rid of the transfer rule for underclass men is a bad idea, especially in basketball. You would essentially have to re-recruit your team every year. With the fragile egos of today’s youth I feel like chaos would ensue.

    The graduate transfer rule should stay as written. If you complete your degree with eligibility remaining then the athlete should be free to go where he/she chooses.

    The difference is that with the graduate rule both parties have fulfilled their part of the contract where the school provides an education in return for the athlete representing them on the field of play.

  5. I was wondering aloud, “Is Georgia slowly relegating South Carolina on a homecoming weekend?”. LOL.

  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Looking forward to seeing Sony. Once we get Eason up to speed, he’ll have no shortage of offensive weapons.
    * Godwin and Imac can go long, spread the field, and/or take short passes to the house. But no, I don’t expect either will ever be confused with John Hannah when it comes to blocking.
    * Chubb, Michel, Herrien, and Payne have got to be the best group of RBs one could ever ask for. Honorable mention to Douglas also.
    * We could actually go with a 5 TE set with Blazevich, Nauta, Woerner, Harris and Davis! No excuses for not throwing to the TE in that formation!

    My kingdom for an offensive line!

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    “His wife, Shelley, a psychiatric nurse, ” Nobody ever said Corch did not plan ahead, aight?

  8. AusDawg85

    The story of Corch is one every AD should read and then suspend ever hiring a search firm for a new coach. Just simply ask potential candidates, “Are you a maniacal, OCD “gifted” individual willing to risk your family, health, and all else in the pursuit of winning?” Nick would say yes. Probably Pete Carroll. Definitely not Richt. Boom probably did which is why he keeps getting hired.

    Wonder what Kirby would answer?

  9. Debby Balcer

    Doesn’t Saban have a team psych Dr or guru too?

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