Booger nights

If there was ever a thou doth protest too much reaction to an incident, this is it.


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7 responses to “Booger nights

  1. Spike

    Well, if he didn’t eat a booger, he sure missed a good chance, didn’t he? Besides.. Athens Dog dubbed UF the Booger Eaters long ago..


  2. Cosmic Dawg

    Admit it, you just covered this story ’cause you had an awesome headline. I expect this emotionally-charged post to reach 100+ comments before noon.

    btw – my brother HAS eaten boogers


  3. I'm right, you're wrong

    I eat boogers all the time


    • Russ2

      You can have mine 2 , if u so desire. if not I will send to Harbaugh. Is there a normal retail price for boogers? per pound?


      • LamontSanford

        The price varies based on the 4 Cs…only Clarity in this case is a negative–the less clear the better in booger valuation. Yellow/Brown are the most common–so they have the least value. I nice solid green or red can fetch a nice price from the right buyer though.