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Today, in run the damned ball, Chaney

Math may be hard, but it’s math.

Advantage Saturday should go to the team with Nick Chubb.



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I’m sure it will be tasteful.

So, with the blessing of the Paterno clan, Penn State’s gonna do some honoring this weekend.

Penn State detailed plans Thursday to mark the 50th anniversary of Joe Paterno’s first win as hundreds of the late coach’s former players made their way back to State College for a private reunion, marking a milestone that has emerged as a sensitive issue for the university and people critical of Paterno’s role in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Athletic director Sandy Barbour said Thursday that commemorations during Penn State’s game Saturday against Temple would focus on Paterno’s commitment to student-athletes and academic, plus highlights of the 1966 game.

“Coach Paterno wanted academic success not only for his players but also for every student who came through Penn State. Together with his wife, Sue, they helped countless students become leaders and earn a Penn State diploma,” Barbour said in a statement. “Our plans are consistent with the wishes of the Paterno family as well, with a focus on the players and their accomplishments at Penn State and beyond.”

If this strikes you are somewhat tone deaf, you’re not alone.  What in the world are these people thinking with a public show of support?  Hey, it’s college football, so you only get one guess.

So here comes Penn State on Saturday against Temple with a commemoration that may satisfy nobody and anger everybody. Note to Penn State: When your administrators won’t conduct interviews about the commemoration in advance, as Penn State refuses to do, it’s a good sign you don’t need to honor Paterno right now.

Paterno has not been officially recognized in Beaver Stadium since his last game on Oct. 29, 2011. The Paterno statue came down from outside the stadium. And now is the right time to honor him?

Why now? Fundraising is probably a big reason since the school is going through another capital campaign. There are plans to renovate Beaver Stadium. As I wrote in May, some major Paterno supporters won’t write checks until they see him honored.

It’s times like this that make me grateful Charles Manson wasn’t a successful head football coach somewhere.


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That’s not funny, man.

In Jim Harbaugh’s world, it’s okay to joke about boogers, but you never, ever make fun of another man’s depth chart.


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“It’s just a commitment thing.”

It sounds like Georgia isn’t the only team with a line going through a transitional phase.

Last year, the Mizzou defense recorded a sack for every 31 snaps it was on the field and made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage every 4.8 plays. This year, it’s a small sample size, but the Tigers have just one sack on 176 plays and average a tackle behind the line every 17.6 plays.

For one, what’s this staff asking of the defensive linemen that’s different from the past? On his radio show Monday night, Odom said he wanted to run the current gap/read scheme last year but didn’t have time to fully install the system. It should also be noted that when Odom became defensive coordinator, longtime D-line coach Craig Kuligowski was on Gary Pinkel’s staff — though he discussed a job offer with Illinois shortly after Odom was hired — and he coaches a different philosophy for his linemen.

Let’s allow defensive coordinator DeMontie Cross to explain his system.

“We’re a gap scheme. We play gaps,” he said. “We make sure our guys have gap integrity. I don’t know this for a fact, but I think those guys were able to cut it loose all the time (under the former system). They didn’t have that (gap) responsibility. I wasn’t 100 percent certain. I wasn’t part of that staff. But watching the tape those guys had the freewill to go (rush the pocket). That’s not how we play. They’re not eating up gaps as much as they’re controlling their gap and then making plays within the scheme. That’s what we do.”

Gonna be a funky battle in the trenches if neither set of linemen have their hearts in it yet.


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