“It’s just a commitment thing.”

It sounds like Georgia isn’t the only team with a line going through a transitional phase.

Last year, the Mizzou defense recorded a sack for every 31 snaps it was on the field and made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage every 4.8 plays. This year, it’s a small sample size, but the Tigers have just one sack on 176 plays and average a tackle behind the line every 17.6 plays.

For one, what’s this staff asking of the defensive linemen that’s different from the past? On his radio show Monday night, Odom said he wanted to run the current gap/read scheme last year but didn’t have time to fully install the system. It should also be noted that when Odom became defensive coordinator, longtime D-line coach Craig Kuligowski was on Gary Pinkel’s staff — though he discussed a job offer with Illinois shortly after Odom was hired — and he coaches a different philosophy for his linemen.

Let’s allow defensive coordinator DeMontie Cross to explain his system.

“We’re a gap scheme. We play gaps,” he said. “We make sure our guys have gap integrity. I don’t know this for a fact, but I think those guys were able to cut it loose all the time (under the former system). They didn’t have that (gap) responsibility. I wasn’t 100 percent certain. I wasn’t part of that staff. But watching the tape those guys had the freewill to go (rush the pocket). That’s not how we play. They’re not eating up gaps as much as they’re controlling their gap and then making plays within the scheme. That’s what we do.”

Gonna be a funky battle in the trenches if neither set of linemen have their hearts in it yet.


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22 responses to ““It’s just a commitment thing.”

  1. I don’t know anything about coaching but it would seem like common sense for Cross to ask the previous coach what technique he was teaching so that he could understand where the kids were coming from (and make the transition easier)?

    • @gatriguy

      Yeah, that quote is very weird. I don’t believe for a second they don’t know what the previous DL coach was teaching.

      Very strange. I’m guessing they didn’t feel the way the previous guy coached was very sound (they would get out of position and gashed by power running teams), and now they’re throwing some shade.

      Just weird though.

  2. Billy Mumphrey

    Sounds like Missouri coaches aren’t putting their players in the best position to succeed. Must be humiliating for the players.

  3. Sounds like the new Mizzou DC is running his system, regardless of whether or not he has the personnel for it. Sound at all familiar?

  4. Macallanlover

    What makes this more puzzling is the new HC was the successful DC until December of last year. Have they legalized drugs in Missouri? Not sure I would change anything they were doing previously on defense, especially along the front line. We can keep fingers crossed they are confused Saturday night until the lights go on for our guys.

    This could be another ugly game with Mizzou but gut says the good guys pull it out. Encouraged by the 15K unsold tickets, and earlier in the week there was a 50% chance of rain…always dampens crowd enthusiasm. Call me crazy but Dawgs could be 3-0 on Sunday and we still may not know what we have going into Oxford.

    • dawgtired

      The suspense is killing me but I’ll take the 3-0 and remain in the dark if need be. It just raises the anxiety for the next game against Ole Miss. Just keep winning. Hopefully all this ‘attention to detail’ that drives Kirby will payoff at times like these. I expect last weeks let down has alerted the players to what can happen if they don’t bring their A game.

      • Macallanlover

        I can buy into the “it was just one game, or an off night” rationalization most every time, but that effort last week makes it difficult due to the lack of improvement in the 2nd half against such a weak opponent. We should know about that this Saturday as the players had to pick up on the universal dissing of them all week. If they don’t stand tall this week, it may just not be our time this season. I think we will see a focused UGA team tomorrow night in Columbia……Mizzou will get our best shot!

        • RugbyDawg79

          Mac I got a feeling last weeks opponent was better than expected – half their DL was on that last chance U show – they are playing to get Grandma a house.

          • Macallanlover

            Agree, they were better in a couple of spots so maybe a couple of new houses were earned last weekend. But it doesn’t explain why we couldn’t get the ball to the perimeter, or downfield, with this new fangled thing called passing. Also, they won’t be the only talented DL players we face this season so it doesn’t bode well for us against teams named Ole MIss, TN, or Florida who more of them than Nicholls did. Not sure Mizzou will give us the answer but I hope to see some adjustments to personnel groupings and an OC that has a plan to go around walls when we face them and not think we can knock them down. Fingers crossed.

        • Nate Dawg

          Ha! Mac, did you or anyone else hear the Nicholls coach at the half time interview right before the 3rd quarter started tell the reporter he knew they’d get Georgia’s “best shot” for the 2nd half of last weeks game? I thought that was hilarious and figured someone would mention it here but don’t think I’ve seen it yet this week…

          • Macallanlover

            Let’s hope that didn’t represent our best shot. I did think the guys would wake up in the second half and the lack of dominance in the third and fourth quarters cause me much more concern than the halftime score. What are these “adjustments” people speak of. Hopefully better days ahead, sometimes an OL just has to jell. If it doesn’t this week, we need to shake some trees and see who falls out.

  5. Brandon

    What I’m afraid of is Ole Miss getting absolutely clubbed by the Bammers this weekend and then taking all their frustration out on us next week. So lets just beat Mizzou and worry about that later.

    • LamontSanford

      Ole Miss has way more frustrations than most teams before this weekend’s upcoming shellacking. No way they keep it together. To me TN and FL are scarier than Ole Miss. Sell out the first 10 minutes, get up by 10, and I think they wilt.

  6. Bulldog Joe

    Thinking this game will be higher scoring than we thought it would be at the beginning of the season…

  7. DawgPhan

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow night.

    Should be a solid matchup for the dawgs.

    Both schools will have a much better sense of where they stand with their first year head coach. Seems like both teams are trying to figure out who they are.

    7 points on the road @ night seems like a lot of points.

    • LamontSanford

      I dig night games. But I have a wedding to go to. They had better have the game on in the back. What kind of asshole gets married during football season? If you have to get married in the fall–at least have respect enough to pick the off week. Jesus.

  8. 69Dawg

    Here are some thoughts on motivation. You can motivate people by love or fear basically. I think we have gone from one extreme to another. Mark would love them up and would get them to play hard on occasion. Usually at the end of the season when they were out of the SECE hunt. Nick hasn’t got time for that shit and by extension neither has Kirby. I’m not saying Kirby does love his players, I’m just saying it’s a tough love kind of thing. Nick’s main motivation tool is that he has guys on the bench that are as good as you are so screw up and you sit. Kirby would like to be able to do that but lets face it we don’t have that at all. The worst thing about last Saturday was the waste of an opportunity to get the Freshman, who have not played a chance to get battle tested. Kirby is pretty much in a quandary. After the starting 22 we are just an average football team. Not at all positions but in the offensive line for sure. This season has a potential to go south in a hurry. It’s helpful that Mizzou’s HC is obviously letting the DC change the D. Does it really matter if all we are going to do is try and “exert our will” on the other team. If we run plays like we ran them last Saturday against Mizzou, our only hope is our players are just flat better than theirs. If they are not then the whole game comes down to turnovers.

    I started at Georgia when Dooley started and by that happening I am a Dooley/Munson worrier. I’m worried.

  9. lakedawg

    Coaching the DL must matter cause Kugiowski is putting those numbers he at Mizzou up at Miami this year, both cases with less than stellar talent.

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