Today, in run the damned ball, Chaney

Math may be hard, but it’s math.

Advantage Saturday should go to the team with Nick Chubb.


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33 responses to “Today, in run the damned ball, Chaney

  1. William

    Only if their O-Line plays better. I love that he can break tackles, but I bet it’s easier on him it its LBs and DBs he shrugging off instead of monster DTs.

  2. Biggus Rickus

    It’s my understanding that because Georgia played bad last week, they have no advantages at all and are lucky to even be on the same field with Missouri.

  3. Chubb runs the right, Chubb runs the left, Chubb runs strait.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Breaking news from 1975?

  5. Brandon

    I get we have to run to be successful. What I don’t get is while our coaches preach balance… we have run the ball something like 90 times to 40 passes through two games. That’s not balanced. Imagine how much more effective our running game would be if defenses had at least the slightest worry about our passing attack.

    • Athens Dog

      Agree……have to get the safeties backed up.

    • Gravidy

      When have the current coaches done any preaching about balance? I honestly may have missed it, but the last coaches I remember preaching balance work at Colorado State and Miami now.

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t agree with “forced balance” where you attempt to maintain a close balance but when there are 8-9 in the box and you are being throttled on the run, it seems kind of elementary doesn’t it? We have had our opportunities to exploit the defense’s over commitment of personnel to stop our most obvious weapon. I honestly don’t recall less passing since Dooley left the sidelines, barely know who our receivers are. And don’t think the young HS receivers we are targeting aren’t paying close attention to how Cheney operates. “Hit ’em where they ain’t” applies to more than just baseball.

        • Biggus Rickus

          The more frustrating thing to me was that it seemed like the kind of game where you could let Eason sling it around and get a feel for reads and everything. Granted, they may have wanted to work on other areas of his game. Who knows?

        • rpcpisme

          I think this can be spun to a “look how badly we need someone of your skill set speedy, strong, large-handed recruit X.”
          I dont think its a refusal to run. I think it is more of a necessity at this stage.
          Plus, Nick Chubb.

          • Macallanlover

            But to Biggus’ point, what better game to build confidence for the freshman? And send a message that we can/will burn you if you fudge up with the DBs. I don’t pretend to know, perhaps there is an Evil Kirby at work here to keep our deep threat attack under wraps but that may have been cutting a little too close. Seems ill advised with a newbie on board, receivers that need work, and us needing some room for our rushing game to be effective. We will know soon because every coach on our schedule is going to attack the front until they know it can be costly, we haven’t scared anyone at this point.

            BTW, I think the gap integrity style of Mizzou’s front has shown plays right into Chubb’s hand, you can’t afford to make first contact at the line with him on the move.

        • Gravidy

          To be clear, I’m not arguing for or against balance. I was simply noting that I don’t remember the current coaches harping on it.

          All things being equal, I enjoy seeing a dominant running game. But I really don’t care as long as the offense is doing its part to score points.

  6. paul

    To be able to run one must first be able to block. Something we were unable to do against perennial powerhouse Nicholls State and their freakishly large linemen. Let’s see if we can do better this weekend.

  7. Noonan

    Exhibit A for “Why Larry Fedora is a Dumbass”

    • Jared S.

      It’s sad thinking about how baldy things probably would’ve turned out for us if he’d known what he was doing and had run the ball like he should. Yikes. What was his teams average YPC? 8?

  8. hassan

    So if we are supposed to run it, and they know we are supposed to run it, then we should throw it. Unless they know that we know that they know we are supposed to run it and are planning to throw it…then we should run it.

  9. Tommy

    Causation =/ correlation. If you have a lead going into the fourth quarter, you’re going to be running the ball no matter how much of a throwing team you were up until that point.

    Granted, if you’re having success establishing the run early on, it’s going to be a long day for the other guy. But, again, that’s symptomatic, as it means you’re big uglies are whipping theirs. In which case, your offense can do whatever it wants.

    • 81Dog

      thank you for pointing this out. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc is what I thought when I read the post. Although we certainly want to maintain a strong running game, with the best back in America on our team, it isn’t as easy as just giving him the ball 40 times and we win.

  10. John Denver is full of shit...

    Just don’t give it to #11

  11. 69Dawg

    The scary part is that the freshman offensive lineman have not been able to get a shot. If all you are going to do is power the ball down field then get the big uglies in there. Chubb was being tackled in the backfield. Our experienced Oline was swiss cheese. As we all know with Chubb’s vision and cutting ability he only needs a crease and we couldn’t give him that. Mizzou learned some valuable information from last Saturday, UGA is still a one denominational team. Make UGA pass to beat us. Run blitz the hell out of them. Their only using the TE’s to block and apparently they won’t play the best WR’s because they can’t block either. Dawg I hope I’m wrong.

  12. shane#1

    I’m not a smart man Jenny, but wouldn’t it be helpful to Chubb and his pals to spread out the D with multiple receivers and put Jacob in the shotgun with a single back and let the RBs hit the gaps? Jacob ran a similar O in HS and should be able to zone read pretty well. Jacob has all year to get reps under center and learn the power I. If Kirby is worried about downfield blocking UGA has TEs they can split out.

  13. In the 2012 SECCG Alabama rushed for 350 yards. We rushed for 113. Obviously, Alabama just out-coached us.

    • Jared S.

      Well we all know Saban’s smart enough to take what a team gives you. (Unlike Larry Fedora, thank heavens.)

      • dawgtired

        We we’re 18 of 33 for 265yds passing and Bama was 12 of 21 for 162yds. We came within a tipped pass. It sounds like both teams took what the other gave. After that game Saban didn’t sound too cocky about the win. He knows how close it came. It probably wouldn’t hurt TOO bad to praise our own coaches every now and then…but I digress. Back to how awesome Saban is…

  14. We certainly have to be successful with the run but we need to have a better passing threat to back defenses off a bit to help the OL help the running game. Maybe one day our OL will be Alabama good so we can line up in the short splits power formations and impose our will on others. Right now, though, it doesn’t seem we’re making the most of what we have. Maybe( hopefully) most of the early struggles are more a result of the new staff and team trying to gel.

    I get wanting to implement your system and get your players but you can’t sacrifice the here and now for the future. Otherwise you’ll lose support and future commits. I think most of my concern comes from Chaney and his ability to make the most what we have. I really wonder how much Smart gets involved with the offense anyway.

  15. Mayor

    The closest correlation to winning college football games is rush attempts. The team with the most rush attempts wins a very high percentage of the time.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Well…it stands to reason the team getting the most YPP will get the most opportunities to run and pass. And the team winning at the start of the 4th quarter will likely run the ball more, as someone mentioned above.

      So I wonder if volume of rushes (much like the nefarious “number of plays run”) are the result of playing good football rather than the blueprint to winning…

      • Mayor

        Good points. Is the reason the team won because it rushed the ball a lot of times or did the team win because it was leading and rushed the ball more times in the final quarter to run clock and close out the game?

  16. Cosmic Dawg

    What’s the W-L percentage of the team winning the passing battle? Also 85%, perhaps!

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