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Game day thoughts, Georgia-Missouri edition

In no particular order, a few bullet points for your consideration:

  • If Georgia plays the same way tonight it did a week ago, I think we can dispense with any detailed analysis.
  • So, let’s assume the Dawgs don’t.  How many times do we say to ourselves “it’s about time Chaney called that”?  I don’t see how they can’t open up the playbook, at least some; the three-tight end, one fullback set that was deployed frequently against Nicholls isn’t going to get ‘er done against the Tigers.
  • I do think Georgia will have to throw a little more on first down than it has, for a couple of reasons:  one, Eason’s passer rating on first down is 198.88, and, two, on second down, it drops to 64.90.
  • The dilemma is that Nick Chubb’s average yards per carry on first down is 7.30.  And Chubb is averaging over eight yards per rush in the fourth quarter.  So you don’t want to get away from hammering the defense.
  • On defense, it’s going to be key to get pressure on Lock… and pray that the secondary’s luck on the opposition’s inability to convert the deep pass continues.
  • On special teams — ah, hell, I’m out of suggestions.

I sure hope Smart’s figured out how to wash the collective bad taste out of the team’s mouth.  If there’s any trace of a hangover, that, with a conference road game, may be bad news in the form of a slow start.

The talent advantage lies with Georgia, but it did last week, too.  I’m thinking everyone’s heads are a little straighter, but not so much that it leads to a dominant effort.  Say Georgia wins, but doesn’t cover the 6.5.


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This week’s non-Dawg game day post

Lots of good games today.  Here are a few choices to get you started.

#2Florida State


11:00 AM

Man, it’s gonna be irritating if Louisville pulls this off.


Georgia Tech

11:30 AM

If Ted Roof can’t stop Vanderbilt’s offense…


#19Ole Miss

2:30 PM

The one bonus from Ole Miss winning this game would be an epic sad from PAWWWLLL.

#17Texas A&M


6:00 PM

The story coming into the Hot Seat Bowl is both teams’ improved defenses… which means this’ll be a shootout.

#3Ohio State


6:30 PM

It’s been a while since Big Game Bob’s faced a game like this as an underdog.



7:00 PM

This one’s gonna be ugly, right?


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“Maybe y’all will leave me alone about that.”

Yeah, leave Nick Chubb alone.  Bug his offensive line instead.

… Georgia’s revamped offensive line was getting manhandled most of the day, mainly by a couple of transfer defensive linemen from “Last Chance U” and a charging linebacker corps playing behind them.

“We had to look ourselves in the mirror and say, ‘with the best back in the country back there, there’s no way that he should’ve been held to only 80 yards,’” senior tackle Greg Pyke said. “It comes down to us getting our assignments right and (playing with) the right technique. That’s why you watch film on Sundays and Mondays. You come back out and try to make those corrections.”

We’ll be watching.


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Righteous halftime show, Owl Marching Band.

The Rice marching band formed a “IX” on Friday night at halftime of a 38-10 loss to visiting Baylor in an apparent reference to the sexual assault scandal that has rocked the Waco, Texas, school this year.

The Marching Owl Band, which has long been known for its parody-driven performances, took the formation in front of the Baylor fan section, in an apparent reference to Title IX.

Too bad Art Briles didn’t stick around to watch.



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