Game day thoughts, Georgia-Missouri edition

In no particular order, a few bullet points for your consideration:

  • If Georgia plays the same way tonight it did a week ago, I think we can dispense with any detailed analysis.
  • So, let’s assume the Dawgs don’t.  How many times do we say to ourselves “it’s about time Chaney called that”?  I don’t see how they can’t open up the playbook, at least some; the three-tight end, one fullback set that was deployed frequently against Nicholls isn’t going to get ‘er done against the Tigers.
  • I do think Georgia will have to throw a little more on first down than it has, for a couple of reasons:  one, Eason’s passer rating on first down is 198.88, and, two, on second down, it drops to 64.90.
  • The dilemma is that Nick Chubb’s average yards per carry on first down is 7.30.  And Chubb is averaging over eight yards per rush in the fourth quarter.  So you don’t want to get away from hammering the defense.
  • On defense, it’s going to be key to get pressure on Lock… and pray that the secondary’s luck on the opposition’s inability to convert the deep pass continues.
  • On special teams — ah, hell, I’m out of suggestions.

I sure hope Smart’s figured out how to wash the collective bad taste out of the team’s mouth.  If there’s any trace of a hangover, that, with a conference road game, may be bad news in the form of a slow start.

The talent advantage lies with Georgia, but it did last week, too.  I’m thinking everyone’s heads are a little straighter, but not so much that it leads to a dominant effort.  Say Georgia wins, but doesn’t cover the 6.5.


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237 responses to “Game day thoughts, Georgia-Missouri edition

  1. Spike

    My advice? Drink heavily. I think I’ll follow my own advice..

  2. Mayor

    It really is up to Kirby and the rest of the coaching staff. If they persist in the idea that they are going to play a brand of football “which is physical, relentless, tough, knock you back” (see Quote of the Day above) they will lose because the Dawgs don’t have the personnel to win that way yet.

  3. This team is more talented. This coaching staff has more experience. We shouldn’t even be talking about the potential of losing this game. Dawgs win by 10 if the players are interested and the coaches do their jobs. If not, we may look back at this game as the first head-scratcher in the Smart era.

  4. Hope the O line and #27 play angry tonite

  5. DawgPhan

    Someone said something about “Meyer Ball” the other day. Playing defense and punting them deep until the offense cracks em.

    it made me very sad.

    • Macallanlover

      “Dooleyball” FIFY

      Agree with most, think the Dawgs rebound this week. We will get burned some on deep throws but pressure will force them into some mistakes…think we have be more aggressive up front this week as we have not gotten after anyone yet. If we should drop this one, the indicators are all pointing downward for this season. Feel DAwgs cover but couldn’t pull the trigger after what I saw last weekend . Pride takes over, UGA 31 Mizzou 20. Go Dawgs!!

  6. DawgPhan

    So Mizzou @ home with a new but somewhat familiar coaching staff against UGA with a new but somewhat familiar coaching staff.

    New QBs.

    Dawgs have better talent, right? Mizzou hasnt even come close to recruiting at our level. Is our new coach better than their new coach?

    Can the dawgs play on the road?

  7. Positively Munson (formerly Skpetic Dawg

    Welcome to the first SEC and East game of the season! It is early, but we have already seen the good (Chubb and the OL vs UNC), the bad (Lambert…) and the ugly (last weekend’s O) from this squad. The nasty taste of a poor performance has lingered for week and I have a hunch that Kirby and the Dawgs are ready to knock that taste out of their mouths. We will see an OL that plays with a purpose today. The TE’s will actually be involved in the gameplan beyond blocking. Eason will look to his check downs and appear to be in control of the offense. The defense will pressure and sack Lock all night. Special teams will…well, they will do something “special” along the way. Dawgs roll 34-17 tonight. Enjoy your bourbon tonight fellas! I am trying something new for the evening…Bib & Tucker. GATA!

  8. Athens Dog

    Team is over last week…….but don’t know who QB is going to be. Hope they come to play

  9. Athens Dog

    Oh Spike. YES to heavy drinking…………

  10. TXBaller

    Dogs 2-0 in Columbia – with 2 covers – will be 3-0 when the night is over. I rarely bet UGA, but when I do it is with extreme and clear confidence.

    DOGS 31-20

    *** ApSt 27 – Canes 21

  11. Turd Ferguson

    I hate to pin it all on one unit, but I can’t help but think that everything rises or falls on the O-line today. If they block well, we win comfortably. If they don’t, we lose a close one.

  12. 86BONE

    Rowan’s Creek Bourbon(3 fingers) over ice
    Cointreau(half jigger)
    Ginger Ale(top off)
    Orange wedge squeezed on top

    This will get your game day cranked up I promise!

  13. AusDawg85

    I am so post drunk iam dAwgS GO!!!


  14. sniffer

    I’m looking for our 5 Star freshman qb to rise up and take the game over. It’s a bit tiresome to here all the talk about bringing him along slowly. Those days are over.

    C’mon, Jacob, lead the team to victory!

  15. Mary Kate Danaher

    Oh oh.

  16. OrlandoDawg

    Hope someone lets the D know before the next series that the game has started.

  17. D as in Dawg

    Uh oh. I would say that looked easy, but that would not be fair to Mizzou. I’m going to get a lot done this fall.

  18. D as in Dawg

    I was absolutely not worried about the direction of this program under CKS until that opening series. CMR did not recruit so bad that we can’t stand with Mizzou or Nicholls. Most of these performances are on this staff and it’s not a promising start. This isn’t Alabama about to open a can. It’s Missouri. W.T.F.

  19. Eason has the “it factor” too bad he has a shitty o-line that is horrible at run blocking and meh at pass blocking. Pretty sad when you have to use Chubb as a blocker actually on the line. Thanks Richt and Sales.

  20. Debby Balcer

    The human joystick is a pleasure to watch.

  21. Hillbilly Dawg

    Why does our run blocking suck like a Knoxville whore?!?

  22. The Truth

    I would immediately assign one of our 600 support staff to go out and find someone who can kick the ball 6-8 yds deep in the end zone on 9 of 10 kickoffs. One job. Don’t return until you’ve found him.

  23. I am so tired of seeing Kublano get stood up at the line.

  24. God our o-line sucks fucking ass.

  25. walk34

    Spurrier would have thrown a bomb to the end zone after that MO fumble

  26. Hillbilly Dawg

    Eason is playing like a freshm….oh….never

  27. D as in Dawg

    The moment Eason shows some True Freshman, this team shows it doesn’t deserve him. Good grief. This blocking is atrocious!

  28. Soccerdawg

    I am not a football expert but what don’t we run the toss sweep? We obviously can’t run between the tackles.

  29. D as in Dawg

    I don’t know crap about defensive schemes, but do any of ours involve sticking receivers?

  30. Is Lorenzo Carter one of the biggest disappointments on defense in years? He’s made maybe one play this year.

  31. OrlandoDawg

    We’re going to give up 300+ passing yards in the 1st half. Chad Kelly is feeling better already.

  32. If this is the best players on the o line the others must be really bad.

  33. Mary Kate Danaher

    Is Musberger drunk, senile or both?

  34. Digitalis

    Can’t run-block at all. Very disappointing.

  35. AusDawg85

    Will be fun to see Easin develop. Is sad to see Chubb wasted. Get him some space dammit!

  36. 92 grad

    Nothing to see here y’all. We’ve got the QB, RB, and a couple catchers and it’d be lights out if we just had the rest of the team. D is working pretty hard and actually doing well considering the degree of “fish outta water” they’re in.

  37. Scorpio Jones, III

    Here’s a thought that should be taken with Zantac…Smith is doing a helluva job….he could not start at Bama. But he’s a helluva player for us.

  38. Digitalis

    … and the Defense looks worse than Grantham’s.

  39. Do we have anyone who can get pressure on on the QB? Carter apparently was riding Floyd and Jenkins’ coattails.

  40. The Truth

    Simply put, our D sucks.

  41. D as in Dawg

    I feel bad for Chubb and Eason. How pathetic is it to not be able to give our great RBs any room on any play in any game on any planet? Nobody can stick a receiver, no one can get pressure on the QB, and no one can block. Good luck.

  42. aladawg

    Anyone could do better than Catalina. Move Wynn to LT. Try something different! Please!

  43. Digitalis

    What the hell is going on with this team? Could the cupboard be this bare? Could Catalina be our best left tackle option? He’s going to get Eason/Chubb killed.

  44. aladawg

    Do we have a draw play or a screen?

  45. BrightOwl

    Nick Chubb is an all-SEC halfback. (On a better team he’d be an all-American.) Eason has potential to be an all-SEC quarterback one day. Our slot receivers can get open and take advantage in space.

    The team as a whole though? We’re just not very good. We’re especially weak on both lines of scrimmage. We can’t get pressure on the passer and we can’t get two yards when we need it. We’re not gonna compete for any trophies. In a year or two, maybe. But maybe not. It looks like it’s gonna depend on recruiting, because I’m not seeing any willingness from our coaches to adjust their gameplans to the level of talent they have as opposed to the level of talent they want to have. So if Smart can reel in a top 3 class or two, we might start looking like Bama. In the meantime we won’t be turning into Houston. (Not that I’d want to. I’m honestly happy to remain UGA.)

    We still got a chance in our rivalry games! Otherwise, I’m just not gonna get upset about the results of the rest of the season. Go Dawgs!

  46. Scorpio Jones, III

    I think Mizzou may be better than Nichols. And all that implies.

  47. Digitalis

    Chip-shot fg try another knuckleball miss. 23 yards is a freaking extra point. We got nothing.

  48. D as in Dawg

    I just can’t believe our OL are this bad. Ben Cleveland isn’t good enough to play on this team?? How is that possible?

  49. This team is garbage. As in I don’t like taking out the trash but I’ll continue to do it. Good thing that our previous staff didn’t give a shit about line play. And our OC seems to not realize that running Chubb right into a stacked line might not be the best idea. Screen play? Toss sweep?

  50. AusDawg85

    Reasons you don’t use Nick Chubb in the red zone:

    you’re just going to run him off right tackle into a stacked box
    he’s a better blocker than any OL we have
    throwing to him in the flats would deny our speedy FB’s any touches
    Richt took the page from the playbook with the toss sweep with him

    Or Chaney is setting up something for later. Sigh.

  51. Apparently the only people who can shut down Nick Chubb are his o-line and our OC.

  52. aladawg

    Excruciating. Even players who don’t know plays could do better than this!!! Where’s a draw or a screen?

  53. The ghost of Kevin Ramsey

    How many years did Ray get?

  54. Hillbilly Dawg

    I’m still hearing the echoes of the many who predicted 8-4 or 9-3….

  55. Wow. Chubb running outside leads to his biggest gain of the night. Shocking.

  56. AusDawg85

    Chubb going wide. AFT.

    I still think we win this, but it’s ugly in a bad way.

  57. Scorpio Jones, III

    FSU ad just met with Petrino.

  58. charlottedawg

    ugly stat: our offense has scored 0 points off turnovers this year.

  59. TN Dawg

    It’s a sad day when I have to be the optimistic one….but we are in this thing.

  60. I welcomed the coaching change and liked the KS hire but his defense is shit so far and I’m highly underwhelmed by his choice at OC. Could be a long season.

  61. AusDawg85

    Again, reasons you don’t use Nick Chubb in the red zone…???

  62. Digitalis

    FG miss from 38. not even close….

  63. TN Dawg

    Oh…My…Dear…Lord….that was….indescribable.

  64. AusDawg85

    At least pastor pooch kick had FG kickers.

  65. D as in Dawg

    I’m sorry, but some of this is just laughable. They’ve had every chance to win this game in spite of how bad they’ve played. Give Mizzou credit defensively for making adjustments and screwing up the only thing we had going for us.

  66. aladawg

    It’s all Richt’s fault!

  67. Spike

    Disgraceful. No O line play so we can’t run the ball. No place kicker. No pass rush. Secondary getting torched. Then they get a couple nice pics and we go backwards.

  68. What a shitshow. Do we not have a soccer team? Still can’t kick the ball into the endzone or avoid horrible shanks on short FGs. Can’t someone kick worth a shit?

  69. 86BONE

    I’m about to whip somebody’s ass…this shit is embarrassing Bo…say what you want, but I swear Dooley is up in the box calling this offensive game!

  70. MurphDawg

    Billy Bennett have any eligibility left? Jesus, what’s up with kickers for us the past few years?

  71. TN Dawg

    You have to wonder how bad Rodrigo Blankenship is…

  72. Wtf is Chaney doing?? He’s doing such a disservice to this offense and especially to Chubb. It’s obvious he’s running the ball because he only gets it out of the same obviously running formation. I’m not usually knee-jerk but is the 4th quarter of the 3rd game too soon to fire him?

    We can blame it all on the OL but the formations tell Missouri exactly what we’re running.

  73. HVL Dawg

    hey Kirby, that Preferred Walk On kicker thing is a mistake.

  74. You run the wild dawg when you don’t have to not after a TO and when you’ve moved it into their redzone. Again..telling Mizzou exactly what we’re doing.

  75. Sparrow

    Remember that time we were all excited about Sam Pittman? That was cool…

  76. aladawg

    Mauger makes a grand play!!

  77. How will this offense squander the 30th INT of the night? Chaney??

  78. Digitalis

    Maugher has saved us — twice.Time for the offense to do something.

  79. aladawg

    Do we have a draw or a screen?

  80. +3 in turnovers and down by six. Pathetic

  81. My god this line play on both sides is atrocious.

  82. aladawg

    Mahlzahn for OC……………….Sic

  83. Digitalis

    One thing noticeable is that exchanges in the backfield are too slow and not especially clean. Chubb’s strength has always been to hit the line quickly.

  84. aladawg

    Another Drop!

  85. aladawg

    4 T/O’s and no points

  86. Digitalis

    Eason also is holder for the PK. Just saying.

  87. aladawg

    Where’s the discipline on punts? This is really ugly! Really Ugly!

  88. JarvisCrowell

    Reggie Davis needs to be kicked off the team… Period. He has ruined multiple games for this team

  89. This is fucking horrible in every facet of the game. Can you imagine what Bama would do to this team?

  90. Pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Welcome to the Georgia Way, Smart. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  91. aladawg

    And to think we could still win this game…………

  92. Noonan

    It’s okay to rape codes and little boys, but you can’t tackle the punt returner.

  93. HVL Dawg

    I like Kirby’s passion.

  94. Russ

    Boom 2.0 and Weis 2.0.

    Oh, and glad we have Pittman. Just think how bad our OL would be without him.

  95. 69Dawg

    Welcome to the desert.

  96. Watching this game is like eating rocks. Outplayed in every area. Fucking pathetic.

  97. Digitalis

    I am stunned by how uncompetitive this team is. Stunned.

  98. aladawg

    That’s OK. We get to donate more and pay more just to get our home tickets in 2017………..and get to see Samford, App.St., KY, Miss St., SoCar. and Missouri. Luscious. Let’s see Kirby win at Tenn. at Auburn at ND, at Jax and at Vandy(well maybe)

  99. The Truth

    How can Jesse “The Brain” Palmer done this many Dawg games and not have looked at a media guide to see how Mauger’s name is pronounced? He’s a tool’s tool.

  100. TN Dawg

    Bring in Lambert. He’s the closer.

  101. Russ

    This coaching staff has made the best running back in America irrelevant.

  102. aladawg

    Actually Mauger asked to have it pronounced Mau jay……

  103. We actually still have a chance. Lmao .Maybe this will be where Eason forms his legend or Chubb reinforces his. Or something….

  104. Richt Rules, Smart Drools

    Same old fanbase as always. We think a new coach or coordinator will be far better than his predecessor and it’ll be nothing but blue skies and championships. How could anyone say with any degree of confidence Smart would be a better coach? He NEVER coached a game IN HIS LIFE before we anointed him our savior.

  105. aladawg

    You are right Jaboo52. That tells you how bad Mizzou is.

  106. TN Dawg

    Mr. Hanky saves the day!

  107. aladawg

    Do we have a draw or a screen>?

  108. MurphDawg

    Holy crap! Now can we hold on for a minute and a half?

  109. TN Dawg

    Alright D! GATA!!!

  110. aladawg

    Unbelievable, but U Mo. still can kick a long one……..
    Crazy play calling….Crazy and fortunate……….

  111. AusDawg85

    Hob. Nail. Boot. !!!

  112. TN Dawg

    Legend of Skinny!!

  113. Digitalis

    We win. No sweat.

  114. aladawg

    5 Turnovers, no points and 1 WIN

  115. Wow. We did not deserve to win that game by any means

  116. Moultriedawg

    And y’all thought it was over… How bout that freshman QB going on the road and getting a win

  117. Scorpio Jones, III

    Never quit baby, never quit. Hello Kirby Smart, hello Jacob Eason.

  118. PatinDC

    Scrappy win by the DaWGS!

  119. 3rdandGrantham

    You gave up, I did too. We were out if it and gone. Miracle.

    My God a freshman.

  120. TN Dawg

    Gameball to William Ham for that clutch extra point to win it.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Normally that would be dropping sarcasm, but sadly in this case you’re correct, as we don’t have a fg kicker.

      • Dolly Llama

        I always feel guilty for piling on a kicker more than any other position for some reason that is not rational. But damn. The alma mater of Butler, Robinson, Kasay, Walsh, et al, cannot find — in this world of soccer players — somebody that can’t do better than that?

  121. aladawg

    This ain’t gonna last boys! We play like that against Ole Miss, etc. we will get it handed to us. West Virginia beat this team…….I’ll take it, but OMG

  122. D as in Dawg

    You guys should really chill. 😉 CKS and CJC know exactly what they are doing. 🤓

  123. And so began the lore of Jacob Eason, maybe? McKenzie da real MVP. Chaney will make Chubb leave early if he thought about stayting for his senior season. That was some real grit by this team after constantly getting punched in the mouth and squandering opportunities. I had flashbacks of hobnail boot before that pass.

  124. Debby Balcer

    My fault we struggled i wore a new shirt the first half. I changed shirts and the D came alive. The joystick was amazing and Eason was great too. Hopefully Butler can help our kicker.

  125. Argondawg

    That shit was easy!

  126. Stumpy Pepys

    As Erk would say, “It wasn’t pretty, but 28 is more than 27!”

  127. charlottedawg

    Good God we suck but I’ll take 3-0 bay-bee!!!!! Our offense is basically Jacob Eason to IMac. Props to the D for the 5 turnovers.

  128. dawgman3000

    I don’t how the rest of this season will play out, but by-God we have ourselves a quarterback !

  129. Dolly Llama

    I love everybody.

  130. AusDawg85

    I just saw the Senator running down 6th Street wearing a toga, smashing guitars, and being chased by the Austin mounted police. #news@11

  131. Way to go, Dawgs! We finally decided to open up the offense and look what happened.

  132. WH

    I have to say, coming here well after everything ended: that was one of the most entertaining, roller-coaster comment threads I’ve ever read.

  133. OdontoDawg

    Ring that chapel bell.

  134. D as in Dawg

    I’m no expert, but I think Chaney did a better job than many others on here. But this OL… if there is anyone alive that thinks they are anything short of stank bomb, I’d love to hear from you.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Agree. Chaney was not bad at all
      Thanks to CMR we have no OL and no wr to throw to.

      • I'm right, you're wrong

        Seriously? The same Mark Richt that was the only one on the staff that wanted Isaiah McKenzie and overrode them all to offer him a scholly? Enjoy the win…and go fuck yourself.

        • @gatriguy

          Tell the truth: how disappointed were you when we won? You had your whole post about Kirby and “The Process” written in your head didn’t you?

          Don’t lie, we all know you did.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        You know that whole whine meme about Richt gets stale after every game. Let it go.

      • Russ

        This OL managed to get Michel 1100+ last season with zero passing threat. They have regressed noticeably this season.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Apparently that’s Richt’s fault somehow.

          • The Bruce

            If you think offensive line recruiting under Mark Richt wasn’t a huge problem then your head is truly up your ass. Nick Chubb will end up with more than 1100 yards this year, but that doesn’t mean the line is good, as (I hope) you can see from watching. 1100 for Michel last year didn’t mean the line was good then, either. The offensive line hasn’t been good for years now.

            • Russ

              I never said last year’s line was that good. But this year’s line is easily worse. I wasn’t sure that was possible but our “OL whisperer” has managed it.

              Oh, and pull your head out of Kirby’s ass and take a real look at this team.

              • @gatriguy

                Bro, Kirby walked into a situation where his best option at tackle was to get a grad transfer from Rhode Island. How you can blame that on anything other than the previous captain’s poss poor roster management and OL recruiting is beyond me.

                Richt left him a car with spinners and a system but a busted transmission.

          • @gatriguy

            Well, Theus and Houston graduated and we in such bad shape at Tackett that we had to get a graduate transfer from Rhode Island. So yeah, I think it’s ok to hold Richt accountable for his piss poor roster management.

  135. The Lone Stranger

    Off topic, but what’s with all the sudden Love for Hugh Freeze? Earlier, the CBS cats said Saban is one of his blood buddies, and on the postgame Smart referred to him as “a great man”? This loses me.

  136. DawgFlan

    Go Dawgs!

    Whew, that was amazing. I’ll take the 3-0 anyway it comes!!!

    That said…

    We can haz kicker plz?

  137. AthensHomerDawg

    I had the Dawgs by 14. I think Mac had them by 9? Glad to see the Dawgs hunker it down in the end. ” You thought it was over…I did too.” Tough game coming up in Oxford but for tonight let’s savour the victory.

  138. Biggus Rickus

    This was a weird game. It felt like Georgia shouldn’t have won and should have won by more at the same time. Eason’s play was reassuring. He stood in and delivered the ball pretty well all night, and there weren’t too many freshman moments considering he threw the ball so much. The defense adjusted pretty well after an ugly start. The problems are obvious at this point: OLine, pass rush, and depth at receiver,. Hopefully, they’ll be sorted out as the season progresses. Next week is going to be tough, but on the bright side, this seemed like good preparation for it. Missouri is kind of a lesser version of the same team they’ll be seeing in Oxford.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Good thoughts — agree with all, especially the whole we shouldn’t have won yet should have won going away at the same time remarks. My wife said the game just felt like UGA should have won by 10+, yet I’m sitting thinking ole lady lucky really helped us, as we had no business winning that thing.

      • Yeah feels more like a loss but will take it.

        Got a chance to go up to Oxford next week since I live on the Ms. Coast. Last time I made a trip up that way was to Starkville and I left there with bells ringing in my head and my head down after that loss. Maybe I will stay home.

  139. After having some time to think about the game:
    1) Jacob came of age last night. The kid has IT. The throw to McKenzie reminded me of the throw Murray made to AJ to send the Florida game to OT. Almost the exact same play.
    2) If we can get the downfield passing game worked out as Eason matures, the running game will open up as safeties have to stay back. Chubb at the end of the year could get some yards.
    3) Our special teams are a house of horrors. Coaching was supposed to solve this, and it hasn’t moved the needle an inch.
    4) The secondary needs work. Briscoe got picked on last night. When he got safety help, it was OK. Otherwise … Ugh!

    This team is flawed. We are paying for the smoking crater that was the 2013 class. The last 3 games have shown us one thing in particular: They never give up. For that alone, I believe the future is bright.

  140. Yeah, we can dispense with any detailed analysis

  141. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok, Ok….I broke my chair, a metal steel chair….who knows whether in coming years this might turn out to be bigger than Jacksonville?

    My God, did you see what he did, there? He’s only a freshman, too.

    Stick for Hypeman.

    This morning I am so happy we changed coaches. So happy, bigly happy, YUGE!!!ly happy.

  142. Scorpio Jones, III

    Barry Odom post game seems a really nice guy…sad, but nice.

  143. PTC DAWG

    SKINNY had it all the way!

  144. Bulldog Joe

  145. Jared S.

    It’s Monday morning and I’m just now reading this thread….all the in-game commentary is priceless. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun reading readers’ live reactions to a game. Hahaha.

    It’s always kind of easy to forget just how bad your team sucks after they get the W. It’s fun to read the elation and OMG reactions after the Eason/iMac connection to put the game away, but it is painful to read all the previous (and well-founded) remarks about how ineffective UGA was in the game. They totally controlled the time of possession, got off an eye-watering 93 plays and were +4 in turnovers yet only won by 1 point.

    Great Googely Moogely. If Georgia continues like this against Ole Miss we’ll get beat by 30 points.

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