“Maybe y’all will leave me alone about that.”

Yeah, leave Nick Chubb alone.  Bug his offensive line instead.

… Georgia’s revamped offensive line was getting manhandled most of the day, mainly by a couple of transfer defensive linemen from “Last Chance U” and a charging linebacker corps playing behind them.

“We had to look ourselves in the mirror and say, ‘with the best back in the country back there, there’s no way that he should’ve been held to only 80 yards,’” senior tackle Greg Pyke said. “It comes down to us getting our assignments right and (playing with) the right technique. That’s why you watch film on Sundays and Mondays. You come back out and try to make those corrections.”

We’ll be watching.



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8 responses to ““Maybe y’all will leave me alone about that.”

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Pyke is certainly the leader of the running hot or cold club. Guy looks like a monster when he has good games and awful when he has bad games. Must drive Pittman nuts. But I’m going back to something I was harping on the other day. We need to see some of the freshman and sophs step up. Madden, Cleveland, Baker, Allen, Kindley, Barnes, Hardin, etc. Somebody needs to step up or we need to clean the OL house after the season.


    • Cleveland is getting redshirted


    • Sh3rl0ck

      Pittman will run the six that are currently playing a lot. They just need to be consistent.

      The question is for next year as both Tackles and the Center are graduating. Wynn will probably slide out to LT. Galliard, I would assume, will shift to Center as he is the back up. Sims would take over at LG. The right side will be new. Pittman has 11 months to develop something there. We could really use a 5 star tackle that can play RT his freshman year and move to LT as a sophomore.


    • rchris

      I think maybe Bynum is also in the mix.


  2. Mayor

    No Greg. It comes down to being a man and whipping the guy in front of you.


  3. “Charging linebackers” … Can you say play action intermediate passing on early downs?


  4. WF Dawg

    About “Last Chance U”: I just finished it last night and got the impression that John Franklin III was overrated by AU when they offered him. Rhett Lashlee showed up the one game that Franklin got a lot of PT (due to the starter being injured), and Franklin scored 6 TDs in a half, but against garbage competition. Otherwise, he spent a lot of time on the bench. On the other hand, I think Ronald Ollie was underrated. He missed three games last year due to a concussion and a potential three games in the playoffs due to his team being DQed. So, there wasn’t a lot of tape on the guy. But he was a playmaker and totally disrupted a lot of offenses single-handedly. He’s a little undersized for the NFL, but he’ll be a good one for Nicholls this year.


  5. Dawgy1

    I say feed em some Gunpowder. Need to be meaner!