Here’s a stat we never saw coming.

Everyone who had Isaiah McKenzie in the star of the Georgia offense pool, raise your hand.


Receiving yards this year for Isaiah McKenzie, putting him on pace for the most single-season receiving yards in school history. (He would have 1,220 in a 12-game season, and Terrence Edwards with 1,004 is the only other player ever to surpass 1,000 yards.)


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40 responses to “Here’s a stat we never saw coming.

  1. He was targeted 17(!) times last night according to the WWL. He’s a really tough guy to defend in the slot especially when you have a QB that can throw it like Skinny.

  2. artful codger

    I haven’t looked for stats, but thinking he gotta be among NCAA
    reception leaders so far this season.

  3. gastr1

    I’ll raise my hand to Wondering Why He wasn’t Used Before for $1000.

    • Gaskilldawg

      I accept PayPal. Last year he had lingering hamstring issues that affected his availability and performance . He also had fumbling issues. It was not because anyone was stupid.

      • gastr1

        Seems to me he played in most of the games despite these issues.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Missed 3 games due to that injury. Hamstrings are tough to get back to full speed after an injury.

          • gastr1

            Ok, so he played in 9 games, actually, and had 11 carries, 10 catches. But it’s pretty obvious that our offense didn’t need him last year, so it’s understandable.😉

            • Cosmic Dawg

              Right? Stupid Richt had Mitchell out there (wtf?) and if you believe reports NEVER told Lambert “throw like Eason”.

              He totally knew he was going to Miami and was intentionally sidelining his best players…or dude just cannot evaluate talent, I wonder who on the staff pushed to recruit iMac…

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                Its about time the Truth About Richt finally came out…

              • gastr1

                Honestly, I was thinking more along the lines of “stupid Schottenheimer.”

                Of course, instead of the sarcasm suggesting that I think Richt (or anyone) was sandbagging, I’ll treat your comments seriously. No, I think Schottenheimer lacked the creativity to figure out ways to use McKenzie.

                Debate that if you like. I guess the other reason might be that McKenzie was in the doghouse off and on, so there’s that. But he played in those games and they didn’t get him the ball– on an offense that struggled all year save for one game.

                Sounds to me like stupidity, but I’ve never been in the arena.

  4. 81Dog

    “…and the best thing we can say about our main offensive weapon is…….it’s WIRY!”

    I Mac is pretty fast, even by Welsh standards.

  5. Russ

    Well, when you have an OC and OL that have somehow made Nick Chubb irrelevant, you have to turn somewhere.

    That said, I’m happy to see IMac succeed. He’s a tough kid. Took some hard shots but just hopped right back up. That catch to win the game was big time.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Why was it only CMR wanted that kid?

    • Kirby… winning with CMR’s players.

    • CMR didn’t want him. Isiah only got his offer the night before signing day because some commit left Pastor Poochkick at the altar at the last minute. That caused a mad scramble and resulted in Isiah getting a scholly offer.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Hah. He had about 20 offers. Including Florida, Olé Miss, Notre Dame and Michigan. When I wrote no one want him it was because Coach Richt was apparently the only Georgia coach that wanted. That pastor stuff is pretty stale by the way. Keep trying.

        • Macallanlover

          Our sicko segment lacks class, they will run down players and cpoaches all to justify theor opinions. Can’t love ’em all, have to hate on something, or somebody. We are right at the bottom of fan bases for this type of thing. Isn’t like we are talking folks that brought shame to the program or didn’t have high moments. I didn’t care for Vince’s style much, but adults should be able to maintain a certain level of perspective, and he did nothing to harm the program while making some good memories. So did Richt, at an even higher level, but these days trash talking is all the rage of the kids, and they don’t care if they take down the building with it. I hope Mark does well at Miami, and hope Kirby can build on what he inherited. You don’t make your bubble bigger by trying to make someone else’s smaller.

        • Olddawg55

          Took in the “Pastor’s” game against App State…there he was coaching/calling plays from the sideline and winning 45-10…he’s gone, folks so just let go and cool it with the cheap shots. He was, and is, a damn good coach…and he left with a 10-3 his last year. And, he will develop young Kaaya as a good QB. After thought: I notice the walk-on fullback got a lot of targets last night. Stars beside your name aren’t everything!!!

        • Yes, he had other offers but his offer from UGA didn’t come till Feb 3rd. He signed two days later on signing day. If Richt wanted that kid he surely took a long time to giving him an offer.

      • lakedawg

        Some folks that don’t know shyt just make something up.

      • Patrick

        We poochkicked after our final TD last night. But we won, so you probably didn’t notice.

        • SlobberKnocker

          +1000. Only time I’ve seen anyone mention. And the first play after was a huge gain. Only difference was a safety (who didn’t wrap btw) caused a fumble. If Dom doesn’t put a pad on the ball that play is likely a td.

          But no one noticed cause we won….

        • 81Dog

          As we were lining up to kick off, I said to myself, “Anything but a pooch kick, surely we won’t pooch kick…..oh &^$%, did we just pooch kick?” I guess all is well that ends well, but I sort of recall assurances from some of our fans we had seen the last pooch kick ever.

          Just for the record, I had the same reaction in 2014, too. Hate the pooch kick. HATE. THE. POOCH. KICK. Glad it worked out this time, but still hate it.

  7. He’s on my fantasy team. Does that count for something?

  8. 69Dawg

    He is the smallest player on the roster. He can’t keep getting hit as much as he did last night. Enjoy him while he can play but he’s not going 12 games.

  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Chubb isn’t the only weapon we’ve got. Glad to see Imac contribute in a big way. And Payne had some big plays. Looking forward to other skilled players like Sony, Godwin, Herrien, Chigbu and the TEs get their chances to break games open.

  10. Junior

    He is our version of Percy Harvin

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