When five means zero

Yeah, you already know Georgia came up with five turnovers last night (the Dawgs are now tied for first in the conference in turnover margin) without scoring a single point off any of them, but as Seth Emerson notes, it’s actually worse than that.

Briscoe’s interception, in the third quarter, didn’t lead to any points. In fact none of the five turnovers did: Georgia’s offense has yet to score any points this season after a turnover.

Basically, Lorenzo Carter’s been a more efficient scorer after a turnover than Georgia’s offense.

Don’t get me wrong — every time you force the other guy to turn the ball over is one more time he can’t score.  And they’ve needed every one of those takeaways.  But a few touchdowns or field goals here and there would have made some of the early going a little less nerve wracking.  It’s also the kind of tendency that makes you worry about the time coming when it bites this team in the butt.


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59 responses to “When five means zero

  1. Cojones

    Cardiac Kids. Whaddaya gonna do?

    Go Dawgs!

  2. @gatriguy

    We’re going to have to attempt less FGs, that’s all there is to it.

  3. DawgFaithful

    And that time is definitely coming Senator…

    Just glad we got the win. Maybe we can find a competent kicker and figure out how to run the ball a little in the coming weeks. These drops are killing us too. I’m having a hard time seeing 8 or 9 wins.

  4. JoshG

    I think we really need to savor this win. This team is a discombobulated mess.

  5. gastr1

    I worry far more about the junior high-level kickers we’re throwing out there, personally.

  6. Spike

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat..

  7. Russ

    I don’t think we’ll have to wait long for it to bite us. I fear Ole Miss will take out plenty of frustrations on us.

    • I’m wondering if they are going to sleepwalk into an 11 a.m. start like Auburn did in 2006. They struggled after the FSU game, and I have to imagine Freeze is going to be dealing with a battered and bruised team right now. Not saying we win, but a noon Eastern kick is very, very good for us.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Or they’ve checked out after gakking up big leads in 2 big games.

  8. The good news is that we found another twist to the offense late last night and it won the game. That’ll take pressure off the OL and Chubb. Now, if only Chaney will get his head out of his ass and stop only running Chubb out of the same gotdamn formation. Dude…Chubb can actually run out of shotgun and catch out of the backfield. Not sure why you only run him out of the FB, 25 TE, super tight splits formations. All Mizzou had to do was watch film of the last 2 games. Grrr! He’s certain to leave early if this is how you’re gonna do him.

  9. +4 in turnovers and 1 point win when usually that type of margin is worth at least 14-18 points. Definitely is going to come back and bite us probably sooner rather than later.

    Ole Miss has big receivers who can go up and get the ball, plus they have a pretty good OL and DL and I am afraid that they will just dominate the LOS on both sides of the ball.

    Going to be tough to go in there Saturday

    • The Truth

      For all the good he did/has done, McKenzie also let one TD bounce off his face mask. That and a high school level kicker, and last night was more comfortable.

      • Yes…because if there’s anyone to blame for the game being so close last night, it’s McKenzie.


        • Hogbody Spradlin

          I don’t think he meant it that way.

        • The Truth

          Yes, seriously. Did you not see the ball bounce off his face mask? If not, you’re blind. It’s a play he should have made and he’d be the first to say so. He’s a big if not THE reason we won that game, but he didn’t make that play. Did you not read the part of my post that said “for all the good he has done?” Is reading comprehension not your strong suit?

          Dude, seriously.

          • Dawg19

            He scored three touchdowns and you’re whining about a dropped pass. Seriously.

            • The Truth

              He could have EASILY scored 4 and the game “might” have been more comfortable. Not whining about anything, but if one of the coaches doesn’t correct him on what he did wrong ON THAT PARTICULAR PLAY they aren’t coaching. That’s how coaching works. Seriously.

              • Dawg19

                You’ve convinced me. Nobody else for Georgia did anything wrong that was as glaring as McKenzie’s drop. He nearly got everyone fired. I hope he’s running steps all week.

              • I vote that YOU should try out for the team. Then maybe YOU can attempt to catch one of those laser beams thrown by Eason.
                McKenzie had a monster night and YOU are nit-picking about one pass he didn’t snag?
                I notice you didn’t complain about Chigbu.
                Does he wear receiver gloves or boxing gloves?
                Because he doesn’t seem to be able to catch a cold, much less a TD pass.
                And he can’t get off of man coverage to save his life…and neither can Stanley…or Wims.
                How come you aren’t complaining about them?
                How about the piss poor play of the OL?
                And don’t forget Nick!
                Second game in a row with less than 100 yards rushing!
                It seems that, at present, we pretty much have McKenzie, Godwin and sometimes, the FB or one of the TE’s for Eason to throw to.
                Will we work to repair these deficiencies? Become more creative offensively?
                That remains to be seen.
                I think all of these factors contributed to last week’s game being closer than it should have been.
                The important thing to keep in mind is this…regardless of our shortcomings all over the field right now…these kids are playing their hearts out and refusing to lay down and quit.
                So, shut up about Isaiah’s facemask, will ya?

    • The only Ole Miss’s offensive line dominates is if they throw every down. They’re worse at running the ball than Missouri.

  10. And speaking of Carter, is it the new scheme or just the DL getting eaten alive but I thought he was supposed to be our next good pass rusher? I’ve seen him on the field but haven’t seen much else the last couple of games.

  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I thought the turnovers on both sides figured to be high because we have a baby QB, they have a grammar school QB, and the offense they want to run is very high risk/reward. To me, as much as it was being thrown by Eason, only one INT was great. Yeah, it sucks we didn’t get any points out of them, and our kicking still… well, he got the winning extra point so there’s that.

    Most important part of the game was Kirby’s time management in the last 5 minutes, and the fact that every Dawg watching knew we had a good chance of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I was confident of it for some odd reason. The team played 60 full minutes; we needed every one of them; I said that would be what I was looking for, and I am not changing from that yet.

    USS Kirby still making the turn to get on course.

  12. PTC DAWG

    Cue the whiners…

  13. Uglydawg

    Our FG kicker actually scored the winning point. There’s a bright side to every coin.
    Seriously, if we can’t capitalize on turnovers against Misery, we’re in big trouble..but every week Eason and the line will learn and grow…if O’Ms doesn’t kill him.
    This team is young and on a learning curve. It’s going to be a bumpy road, But they proved last night that they don’t quit.
    Give credit to the really quick d-backs and good hands. They won the game by keeping UM points off the board. Great defensive backfield effort.

  14. 86BONE

    Senator hope your Texas trip was all that you expected and more.
    I would expect a blanket email, like to over 40,000 students in Athens, will be going out this morning to try and find a kicker. I can’t remember when I cringed so when a UGA kicker lined up for 3 points…unreal

    Great victory on the road for sure. Very proud of the full 60 minute effort our team gave last night.

  15. Forgive me for nitpicking but there needs to be an asterisk by the fifth turnover we got. We didn’t need to score after that one.

  16. If I am the punt returner for Ole Miss I am probably worried about receiving a cheap shot at some point. I wonder if this will effect his game.

  17. ApalachDawg

    Or maybe we figure out how to score when we get a takeaway. Why does it have to be negative?

  18. Is it just me, or does anyone else hear a definite tone of negativity in just about everything that Seth Emerson writes or says on video? Now, I know we are struggling in several areas, especially OL , WR, ST, and to a certain degree, the secondary. But, even when we win, he’s prospecting for anything negative he can dig up. He’s fault finding a bit too damn frequently for my palate. I read DawgNation regularly, but this is really starting to piss me off.

    • @gatriguy

      He’s definitely a darker cup of coffee. But, he has also been privy to a lot of information about last year and this year that he probably can’t divulge. So I think maybe having a more knowledgeable opinion about what a shitstorm the last 12 months around the program have actually been like comes through some.

  19. Why can’t we tell young Mr. Ham to come back and try again when he develops better technique? And why was Mitchell Wasson deemed a non-viable option just because he didn’t go thru spring? If the kid can kick, why can’t the staff deem Ham inactive, remove him from the roster, and replace him with Wasson? I mean, no offense, but Wasson can’t possibly be any worse than Ham is, right?

  20. Macallanlover

    We have certainly minimized the usual lift a team gets from turnovers, no question, but correct me if I am wrong, didn’t the last scoring drive come as a result of Mauger’s INT in the end zone? I realize we had to drive 80 yards but it was a direct result of a turnover. Doesn’t change the concern over missed opportunities, and not trying to nitpick the details; just saying, the well isn’t totally dry.

  21. 69Dawg

    If any of you think the Joystick can keep up being the only go to receiver and live through this season, let me know. The kid is the smallest player on the roster, not trying to kick a field goal. If and when he goes down we are screwed.

  22. Uglydawg

    On the last Mizz turnover..the one where the Georgia DB knocked the ball loose after a completion..;thus sealing the win, was as good as a score. I was at home and could hear Palmer and Muschamp both shitting their pants when it happened. That’s worth a lot of points, ain’t it?

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