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SEC Power Poll, Week 3


Another week, a (slightly) larger sample size.

  1. Alabama.  When the Tide was down by 21 late in the first half, did you think it was more likely Saban’s team would lose, or that the lead would shrink by two touchdowns before the teams went to the locker room at halftime?
  2. Texas A&M.  That makes three solid wins in a row for the Aggies.
  3. Florida.  I know Del Rio is hurt, but the Gator defense is giving up less than five points per game, which is best in the country.
  4. Tennessee.  Eleven fumbles, one lost is the story of the Vols in 2016 so far.
  5. Arkansas.  Cupcake win.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  6. Ole Miss.  The best first quarter team in the country.
  7. Georgia.  So, would Missouri be a one-point favorite over Nicholls?
  8. LSU.  Up by 20 in the first half to Mississippi State, win by three… sounds about right.
  9. Mississippi State.  Down by 20 in the first half to LSU, lose by three… sounds about right.
  10. Missouri.  The first thing an inexperienced team has to learn is how to close out a game.
  11. Auburn.  I think we just figured out where the hottest seat in the conference is located.
  12. South Carolina.  With Kentucky up next, the ‘Cocks have a good shot at winning three of their first four games.  Can they win three of the eight remaining after that?
  13. Vanderbilt.  Geez, I don’t know what’s worse — giving up 511 yards, or only scoring seven points on a Ted Roof defense.
  14. Kentucky.  122nd in scoring defense is no way to go through an SEC season, son.


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Well-paid man becomes irritated by job-related questions.

The Process works in many ways, my friends.

Smart was asked whether the change in offensive line coaches may have contributed to the run-blocking problems, because of an adjustment in schemes.

“What went on last year?” Smart responded.

In terms of run blocking?

“Yeah,” Smart said.

Not as good as they would’ve liked, probably, the reporter replied.

“Same way we feel,” Smart said, alluding to this year’s staff. “So I mean, to me that’s the biggest difference, is they’ve changed the coaches but a lot of the personnel’s the same on the offensive line. And you’ve got to do a great job of getting those guys better, and you’ve got to get them stronger in the year. We’ve got to become a physical football team that runs the ball.”

Georgia has three returning starters on the line: center Brandon Kublanow, left guard Isaiah Wynn and right tackle Greg Pyke (who was at right guard last year.) Rhode Island transfer Tyler Catalina has started the first three games at left tackle, with redshirt sophomore Lamont Gaillard at right guard.

Another reporter asked Smart if he had thought about experimenting with the lineup, and shuffling some players to different spots, or giving different players an opportunity.

“What are you suggesting?” Smart replied.

The reporter replied that he wasn’t suggesting anything, but that Wynn had played left tackle.

“Move Isaiah (to tackle), move Catalina in?” Smart said.

No, just any general thought to shuffling the lineup, the reporter responded, or perhaps Wynn to left tackle, Catalina to right tackle. (The implication being Pyke could then move back to right guard.)

“Because we didn’t practice that in camp, and try that already,” Smart said. “You know, we’ve looked at every combination we can, and we’ll continue to do that. Those guys practice when y’all aren’t there, besides the 12 minutes you are there (for the media viewing period). They do those things, and we look at them. And we go against the defense. We go against (defensive linemen) Trenton (Thompson) and (John Atkins). Then we go over and do one-on-one pass rush when you guys aren’t there. And they pass (protection). And Isaiah does tackle and different guys play guard. At then at the end of the week we say ‘what’s our best lineup?’”

Smart paused for a beat.

“I hope that answers your question,” he added.

The Coke bottle couldn’t have done any better.

Hunh.  Makes you wonder why anyone was asking questions in the first place.


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If you know me, you know I hate this.

Nothing good will come of this… at least not for me.

Georgia has been selected to return to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in four years.

The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game decided to pair Georgia and Virginia for  one of its opening games in 2020, which will take place on Monday, Sept. 7, 2020 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Ah, well, it’s been a while since my loyalties were divided.


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Meanwhile, as the sphincter tightens

Evidently, Booch has time for this shit.

Butch Jones said Monday that the sky is not falling on Knoxville, and he’s keeping track of people saying it.

Sure, the Vols are 3-0, but they’ve struggled at times in all three wins. Statistically speaking, they’re No. 69 in scoring, No. 73 in yards per rush, No. 84 in sacks allowed per game and No. 71 on third down offense. They’ve also been hit with injuries to several top defensive players.

But Jones says there’s been overreaction, and he’s noting it in a journal.

“Each week, there’s something that is the major issue, it’s a catastrophe, it’s blown out of proportion,” Jones said. “I’m charting week to week what we blow up in the media, the main issues. At the end of the year, I’m going to go back and relive those. We spend so much time creating things that really aren’t there. We make them real when they’re not real…”

You’ve got a football program to run, a division to win, recruits to chase and you’re keeping a record of journalists who piss you off?  That’s some serious multi-tasking, dude.

I just hope he calls a presser in the offseason to share his reliving with the rest of the world.


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Fabris Pool Week 3 results

It’s that rare bird:  a perfect 10-0.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 wtjoyner Adj 10-0 10   28-14

Congrats to wtjoyner.  And as you can probably guess, a 10-0 result early in the season puts you in good standing in the seasonal results.

Selection Name
1 wtjoyner 21-9 21
2 zdawg15 20-10 20
2 CoastToCoast 20-10 20
2 DardensDawgs 20-10 20
2 Brizzer 20-10 20
2 Lost_dog 20-10 20

On to next week’s picks.


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