Fabris Pool Week 3 results

It’s that rare bird:  a perfect 10-0.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 wtjoyner Adj 10-0 10   28-14

Congrats to wtjoyner.  And as you can probably guess, a 10-0 result early in the season puts you in good standing in the seasonal results.

Selection Name
1 wtjoyner 21-9 21
2 zdawg15 20-10 20
2 CoastToCoast 20-10 20
2 DardensDawgs 20-10 20
2 Brizzer 20-10 20
2 Lost_dog 20-10 20

On to next week’s picks.


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11 responses to “Fabris Pool Week 3 results

  1. Jeremy Coulter

    Keep it up wtjoyner. I’m going bet using your picks.

    • I used to bet – I don’t anymore. From my experience, I suggest you follow my example rather than my suggestions.

      • Macallanlover

        But the pressure is off when it isn’t your money….helps you think clearer. Now dust off that crystal ball and get those picks up early, and put them in the comment question so we can see them before the noon games kick off. Winter is coming and baby needs shoes! I am up for the year but a 10-0 sweep could help greatly.

  2. Jami shingler

    I don’t understand the tie-breaker. I guessed 32-17 but finished behind others that guessed 30-28, 31-24, etc when the final was 29-16. How does that work exactly? Is it closest winning score and then closest losing score maybe?

  3. Argondawg

    it would be in my best interest to keep my day job based on my current level of picking proficiency.

  4. 92 grad

    The point spreads for every noon and 3:30 game on the list got me but I went 7-3 overall with a great rebound in the night games. I really thought I was going sub .500, much like my experience during our game with MO.

  5. watcher16

    Anybody else see a spread for the Washington/Arizona game this week?

  6. Cojones

    For all of you who may have deferred, got behind, etc, every week is a new contest and if you do your math, all of these posted winners were an accumulated 11-9 last week. There , feel better?

    Luck moves in mysterious ways.

  7. Kevin Brigman

    I go 9-1, so of course someone goes 10-0. I pick the Dawgs, so of course they don’t cover the spread. Daddy always said “Son, never bet on your team. If you bet with them they’ll break your heart, bet against them and they’ll win every time.” 35 years and his words ring true.

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