Another day without a comment from Stacey Osburn

This doesn’t sound like a good thing for the NCAA.

A specially presiding senior judge has ordered the NCAA to turn over emails and other communications related to the repeal of Penn State’s sanctions as part of a defamation lawsuit filed by the estate of Joe Paterno.

At issue is whether the NCAA maliciously and unfairly tarnished Paterno’s name and harmed the plaintiffs, which include former assistant coaches Bill Kenney and Paterno’s son, Jay.

The lawsuit was filed in 2013 and seeks punitive damages. The defendants include the NCAA, president Mark Emmert and former executive committee chairman Ed Ray.

According to Judge John Leete’s order, which was filed Monday, the NCAA must turn over communications between board members and administrators and between itself and Penn State officials. Privileged communications are exempt, but the NCAA must provide a privilege log outlining what documents are withheld.

It may be a bullshit lawsuit, but they’re playing on JoePa’s home field, and that’s likely to yield some embarrassing disclosures.

None of this is to excuse what went on, or to say that the school didn’t deserve to be punished for enabling a serial child molester, but when Mark Emmert decided he didn’t need to follow any established guidelines in his pursuit of Penn State, it was pretty much a given that he’d get this kind of reaction.  To mix metaphors, when you break a few eggs to make your omelet, don’t be surprised when some of the chickens come home to roost.



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5 responses to “Another day without a comment from Stacey Osburn

  1. Jared S.


    Most like the judge will concur that Paterno “maliciously tarnished” his own name without any help from the NCAA.


  2. BarneyDawg

    Wouldn’t the possibility of embarrassing disclosures cut against both parties and not just the NCAA?

    I have come to believe that the tax exempt status of college and pro sports should be yanked.


  3. Mayor

    Not a BS lawsuit Senator. Just wait. The NCAA will end up paying mucho dinero to settle the case or it will get a substantial judgment crammed up its ass.


  4. doofusdawg

    “Oh shit”.


  5. The NCAA messed this up. They should have dotted every i and crossed every t, and then:

    1) Banned Penn State for life from having a football program.

    2) Absolutely never let up on sanctions.

    What JoePa, the President, etc. did to cover up and allow child rape to continually occur for 20 years is absolutely monstrous. It needs to be shown that winning sports games is absolutely never an acceptable reason to do something like this.