‘Bruh, you were this close’.

As of this moment, Georgia is next to last in the conference in sacks.  That’s not where Smart and Tucker want the defense to be, but just as we discounted Georgia’s performance last season in passing defense due to the offenses it faced, it’s worth conceding that the Dawgs have faced at least a couple of teams that feature quick strike passing attacks.

Chuks Amaechi says that’s been frustrating for Georgia’s pass rushers.

How do you guys compete with each other as a group?

“It’s about the team. We’re trying to get wins. We’re not worried about stats. As a position group, I know a couple times [Davin Bellamy] was close to getting a couple sacks. I know when he gets mad he’ll sit there and not look at anybody. He can see me out of the corner of his eye and he would chuckle and then go back to being mad. I would say ‘Bruh, you were this close’ and he would say ‘I know! Leave me alone.” I would tell him I was just trying to get him ready for the next series.”

On Missouri getting the ball out so quickly:

“It’s very frustrating. That was all Bell talked about yesterday, ‘Every play was one one thousand, two one thousand, throw.’ It was very frustrating when you don’t have time to get there. Teams that throw like that have linemen who like to cut [block] too.”

Mizzou’s o-line did its fair share of that Saturday night.  Cut blocking — it’s not just for the triple option.

The impressive thing to consider is that, despite the poor showing in sacks, Georgia’s defense leads the conference in takeaways.  Imagine what they could do if they could get the quarterback on the ground more often.



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10 responses to “‘Bruh, you were this close’.

  1. watcher16

    Imagine what the team could do if we could actually score off of those takeaways…


  2. Mayor

    Too small a sample size. Let’s revisit total sacks after the season.


  3. AusDawg85

    Yeah…let’s not over analyze that stat just yet. We aren’t blitzing, and with quick release HUNH offensive series, you really don’t expect more than your front 4 to get a push and contain. I would be really excited if I saw some NFL style zone blitzes and coverage, but we may not have the personnel for that. For most of our schedule, I just want to see we keep containment on the edges (which was missing vs. UNC but look improved vs. Mizzou). This week is just scary and will be interesting to see what Kirby, Tucker and Rocker come up with, but I’d rather see we’re ready to contain UT, FL and AU offenses to close out the season.


  4. DDawg

    Who would’ve thought Lorenzo Carter would have more touchdowns than sacks?


  5. I don’t expect a lot of sacks from this type of defense. Maybe if we get Alabama talent that win 1vs1 matchup but it really won’t because we blitz much.