“If it wasn’t clear before now, Joshua Dobbs is not a great passer.”

Unfortunately for Tennessee’s opponents, he makes up for that shortcoming as a runner.

Tennessee is scoring touchdowns 80% of the time in 2016 when Dobbs carries twice on a drive. These aren’t gimme touchdown drives either, as all of them were more than 50 yards long…

Dobbs being enough of a threat to run that he actually does run at least twice opens up the offense enough that it makes for a 2.3 yards per play difference.

Georgia’s defense had better be ready for that.  Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if Debord were to live down to Michael Elkon’s expectations.


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39 responses to ““If it wasn’t clear before now, Joshua Dobbs is not a great passer.”

  1. Rick

    It was stunning when Tennessee hired Debord. They had momentum, good recruiting, and then Booch trashes it all on hiring just about the worst coordinator imaginable because it’s his buddy. We freaked out at holding on to Martinez for a year too long, can you imagine actively hiring someone far worse to a shiny new contract?

  2. Mike

    Florida hopes to try and make Dobbs beat them with his arm, not his legs. In last years Florida/UT game, he was UT’s leading rusher and ostensibly won the game for them, were it not for several unlikely Florida 4th down conversions.

  3. OK, We beat Mizzou. Look at their schedule.so I think 6&6 or 5&7.
    That makes It difficult for me to get excited about Ole Miss. But I
    Still think the Ga./Fla game will determine the SEC East Champion.

    • Otto

      Agreed on Ole Miss but UT is looking interesting especially with UT coming off an emotional W or L against UF. If UGA beats Ole Miss it will be because the UGA D come up with turnovers.


    IF UT leaves Athens and UGA has only 1 loss, we are in good shape.

  5. Will Trane

    Dobbs may have had a good game last year against the Gators. No doubt the Gators are aware of that. This is 2016
    Plus they are probably aware of the Dobbs’ 2016 stats and performance.
    Thru 3 games the Gators have allowed 97 rushing attempts and a total of 127 yards. The latter is not per game, but a three game total.
    Many think that UF could have the best defense in the SEC.
    No doubt, like UT and Dobbs, they plan to make a statement in Neyland.
    The issue for UF is can they move the ball now without their starting QB and maintain field position.
    If it is close in closing minutes, and the Gators trail by less than 3 and sit inside the UT 40, they have a top flight place kicker.
    I think the Gators run it to 12 based on their rushing attack and schemes.
    But by the time this game is over I expect to have seen Nick Chubb have another 200 yard rushing day at Oxford.

  6. DawgPhan

    “It’s all about getting Dobbs into 3rd and long.” -Tony Barnhart

    just because duh

    anyway Dobbs can’t throw the ball down field. They have some great backs and a mobile QB. A lot of teams have done very well like that.

    but yes. 1-1 over the next 2 weeks is a very good outcome.

  7. Biggus Rickus

    In watching them against App. State and Ohio, I was left wondering why they weren’t calling more designed runs with him. I didn’t see the Va. Tech game where he had the bulk of his success on the ground.

  8. Do mine eyes deceive me? Did somebody in the media actually finally point out that Tennessee’s wins come from the calendar turning November?

    The problem is that Tennessee has gotten fat on inferior competition. Jones has put together a respectable win-loss record, but it doesn’t hold up upon closer inspection. Eleven of his 21 wins from 2013-15 came against teams that finished the season below .500. Against teams ranked in the AP poll, including this season, he’s 3-13. In the SEC, only Florida, Vanderbilt and Kentucky have fewer wins over ranked teams during that time.

  9. stoopnagle

    To Hell with Tennessee.

    I can’t seem to make up my mind about Ole Miss: either they’re crushed with a turnover machine at QB and facing a resilient road underdog who knows how to come from behind and win in an early game… or we can’t run the ball and are susceptible to gashing by high-tempo passing attacks playing a really good team on the road with a frosh QB. So, we’re either winning or getting hammered. No idea.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I’m going with the most ironic outcome. Georgia goes up 24-3 by the middle of the second quarter and ends up losing 45-34 or something.

  10. CB

    “(There were plenty of Michigan fans who said “we were 32-5 with Debord as OC, so he must be great!”) When he didn’t get shit for job offers…”

    Sounds like the career arc of Colorado State’s current head coach which is a good sign for the dawgs on October 1.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Career arc… $1.5 mil per yr. With 5 mil buyout? Oh piss off. Go play with your crayons. Your couldn’t hold this man’s jock.
      Mike Bobo:
      Bobo was a four year letterman with the Georgia Bulldogs football team from 1994 to 1997. He was the MVP of the 1998 Outback Bowl and holds several Georgia passing records.
      he returned to Georgia as quarterbacks coach under newly hired Mark Richt. He was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2007. He helped groom very successful Quarterbacks in Matthew Stafford and Aaron Murray.

      December 23, 2014 Bobo took the head coaching job at Colorado State University, that was previously held by Jim McElwain who left for the head coaching vacancy at the University of Florida.
      Arc indeed…what a DA.

      • CB

        Nice history lesson AHD. You forgot to mention that CSU backslid last season. I’ll pose the same challenge to you that I pose to everyone. Give me any year that Bobo coordinated the offense at Georgia and I’ll give you at least 2 if not 4-5 games that the offense utterly failed.

      • CB

        Also, refresh my memory on the job offers that Bobo turned down during his time at Georgia. I only recall rumors of a Ga Southern offer when they were still FCS that never materialized.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Look cb… if youre making better thsn 1.5 mil a year with a 5 mil buyout with his resume and history at uga and you’re looking down on that as his zenith. You must be one hell of a guy.

          • CB

            Ha, nobody ever takes me up on that challenge. EVER. Btw any year outside of the anomaly of 2014 and I could give you a lot more than 2 examples.

            I’m not comparing him to myself. I’m comparing him to the rest of the FBS coaching world, and that salary just isn’t very impressive. I don’t hate Bobo and I don’t think he is a bad coach. I just always felt like we could do better.

  11. Jp

    CB , UGA had horrible scoring defense all through Bobos tenure as oc we scored had the highest Scoring offense off all time under Bobo. Ok give me 2 or 4 or 5 in the 2012 season when we were 4 yards away. See it easy to spot a punk that never played past pee wee . If that.

    • CB

      If you really wanted to have this conversation then you would have replied to my comment so I would have actually seen a notification. Either way I saw it by chance, so let’s see what we can learn from my pee wee football career.

      Yes, the offense scored 21 points against Bama in 2012, but utterly failed on the last goal line play allowing time to expire. Tipped passes happened frequently with Aaron Murray and are almost always a direct result of a qb staring down receivers which is exactly what happened in the 2012 SECCG, and that all comes back to coaching. Murray was looking at Mitchell all the way.

      Which brings me to the obvious failure at South Carolina where the offense only managed 7 points in garbage time in a blowout loss. Then there was the Florida game. Georgia limped to 17 points with Murray throwing 3 interceptions, and if it wasn’t for Georgia’s defense causing 6 turnovers (one of the few bright spots under Grantham) Georgia likely loses that game.

      Boom, roasted. Let me know if you need anymore recaps.

      • Yes, the offense scored 21 points against Bama in 2012, but utterly failed on the last goal line play allowing time to expire. Tipped passes happened frequently with Aaron Murray and are almost always a direct result of a qb staring down receivers which is exactly what happened in the 2012 SECCG, and that all comes back to coaching. Murray was looking at Mitchell all the way.

        I hate to interrupt someone on a smug roll like this, but you’re wrong about the play. The first read was on the tight end and what the safety coverage over the middle looked like. Mitchell was the second option after the initial read.

        As far as the tipped pass goes, fine if you want to blame it on Murray, but Gurley didn’t step up to block Moseley as he should have.

        Carry on.

        • CB

          Incorrect. Perhaps that was supposed to be the first read, but Murray definitely never looks at the TE or the safety (unless you’re talking about pre snap). Watch his eyes. He looks straight at Mitchell as soon as he gets the ball.

          On smugness: Perhaps you should check the initial comments of my opponents. I think you’ll find my smugness quite mild in comparison. Doesn’t matter what names I’m called, facts are facts.

          Keep em coming though. My skin is thick.

          • CB

            On the tipped pass. I would give Murray a break if it didn’t happen constantly throughout his career. The freshman running back could have given Moseley a bit more of a shot, but Murray could have also stepped up in the pocket.

          • I was talking pre-snap. Lynch was supposed to be the target on that play, but was covered up.

            It was designed to be a quick pass, which is why you see Murray go straight to Mitchell.

            Really, it’s funny to see criticism of Murray for that play after he drove the team down the field with some killer throws.

            • CB

              Agreed. There were a lot of great throws on that drive. Bama was backed way off in a prevent making it a lot easier to hit them with underneath routes, but I still give Murray all the credit for getting us near the goal line.

              Still, he stared down Mitchell on the last play which caused the tipped pass. Just like he did multiple times throughout his career. He also did it in the debacle against S Car earlier that season. That time it was intercepted.

              • Jp

                Sen,Asef,AHD CB will never let facts get in the way. He says that the sample size in not big enough to judge if Bobo is better than Schott . I guess I rest my case there. Bobo is head coach making 1.5 , and is not on our staff anymore but CB can’t help but show his ignorance and insult Bobo , write a blog that maybe 5 people read. If that. Carry on CB maybe call Kirby and give him some coaching tips for this weeks game. Just curious , how is that radio program going?

                Oh by the way the 2+2 is 4 and that is why I repeat myself.

                Try the Temperance Movement for a new band also if u haven’t heard of them

                • CB

                  Still stupid I see. UGA owes Schott $1.9 mill on top of the current salary that the colts are paying him. If you’re talking market value Schott comes out on top. What else you got fool?

        • Bazooka Joe

          Also I didn’t realize Bobo was the one throwing the interceptions instead of AM… stupid me !

  12. ASEF

    Bobo inherited an offense minus a NFL Draft Round 3 QB, a NFL Round 2 OT, and a former 5-star RB. Backsliding was inevitable.

    Interesting story given the earlier post about Smart’s abrasive press conference.


  13. Jp

    Where did you play ball CB ?

    • CB

      Dude, if you don’t reply to my comments then I probably won’t see it. I played a little college ball. What’s it to you? I know a lot more about the game now than I did in college. It’s not rocket science.

      • Jp

        Don’t worry guys CB actually said he would take schott over bobo any day. That is all you need to know about what CB knows.

        Again he said he would take schott over the oc that was UGA s highest scoring O ever.

        He said it on his old blog that I guess is now “out of business ” because I was the only guy that ever replied to it and I got a day job man .

        All you need to know about CB is he is busting on Bobo when he no longer is here, and he said he would take schott any day over Bobo any day .
        Great analysis and judgement CB . No wonder your blog is out of business

        • CB

          A. I just put up a blog post two days ago.

          B. I never said I would take Schott over Bobo. I just said the sample size for Schott was too small to judge. Kind of like if you judged Bobo on just the 2010 season.

          C. Congratulations on getting a day job. Isn’t that what grown men are supposed to do?

          D. Why do you repeat yourself so often? You do realize that when it’s written we can just reread if we need to. Maybe try all caps next time if emphasis is the goal.

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