Not far enough.

We all know an AD who has no problem with Jeremy Foley.


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  1. MLB2

    Your lips to God’s ears.

  2. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t like Greg McGarity. But if he was going to walk, I really wish he would have done it a year ago because I am just completely done with the drama that comes from having an AD who didn’t hire the football coach or the basketball coach. I’m sick of a dysfunctional Butts-Mehre Building.

    • Otto

      B-M was dysfunctional before McGarity.

    • Rick

      The dude made the dumbest move an AD has ever made. Unless Smart bucks historical precedent, they will teach classes in AD school on the idiocy of trading Richt/Pruitt for Kirby Smart for years to come.

      Which is to say don’t worry, McGarity isn’t going to walk. When he gets fired, he will never be hired to an AD position for as long as he lives, and definitely not at somewhere like Florida.

      • He’s not getting fired. He’ll retire in a few years, instead.

        I have to admit the concept of an AD school made me chuckle.

      • The Dawg abides

        Do you actually believe that Pruitt would be here if no HC change was made?

        • Rick

          As far as I know, no McGarity = no problem. So all he had to do was sit down and shut up, which is what a good AD should do. Their job is not difficult, you or I could do it without any training whatsoever (indeed, this is why coaching hires are so predictable nationwide by even crappy sports journalists).

          Pruitt was adamant about doing the things that would bring UGA into the same league as Alabama, and that caused conflict with McGarity. Kirby is doing the exact same thing, but McGarity’s ego is ok with it because he picked Kirby. Unfortunately, Kirby isn’t half the head coach Richt was, and might not even be as good a D coordinator as Pruitt. McGarity threw us into the wilderness walked by Bama, Florida and Tennessee before us this century, and the only way out will be to cycle coaches until we get lucky or open the checkbook like never before. I don’t really care which, I’m happy to ride out Smart’s likely mediocre tenure, I just want McG gone.

          • dawgman3000

            Wow! 3 games in and you have already declared Kirby is a failure………sigh

            • Rick

              No, I said that it is likely. How could anyone argue with this? Look at coordinator hires, then look at how many even sniff Richt-level results. The odds are terrible.

              • dawgman3000

                Coordinator hires? Really!? Do the names Willie Martinez, Towel Boy Todd, or Brian Schottenhiemer ring a bell?

                • Rick

                  Sorry, I was unclear. I meant the hiring of coordinators to head coaching positions at top 20 programs.

                  • ugafidelis

                    What position was Richt hired from?

                    • Texas Dawg


                    • Rick

                      I actually don’t know if you are joking, that does seem like the logic behind the move, like there is something magical about UGA that makes coordinators good head coaches. Yes, Mark Richt is the greatest success story for hiring a coordinator as an HC in the SEC in a quarter of a century It’s not impossible that Smart breaks that record, but it’s extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, the fact that he comes from a school where the HC is a genius on that side of the ball stacks the odds even more against him.

      • @gatriguy

        FFS, maybe wait more than 3 games before making up your mind? Kirby deserves the opportunity to get more than one class of his own players in before the “it’s wasn’t Richt, it was McG” crowd determines the whole thing is a failure.

  3. Russ

    Puh-leeeeeeeze make it so!

  4. Debby Balcer

    I hope he goes.

  5. Mike

    Looks like MSU’s AD Scott Strickland is the choice. According to sources, he was offered the job.

  6. Ben

    I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to work with Foley and Spurrier right down the hall.

  7. 3rdandGrantham

    Foley is not that old, has a monster ego, and plans on residing right down the hall in his own cushy office as some sort of an ambassador. Gee, I wonder why they can’t get anyone to take that job.

    Part of me feels that Foley realizes he made another bad coaching hire, and by leaving after McElwain caught lightening in a bottle in his first season, the new AD will take all of the blame when McElwain eventually fails. Thus, Foley can ride back in on his white horse and save the program.

  8. DawgPhan

    Someone please send McGarity the job description.

  9. DawgPhan

    Saw that Arthur Lynch is working @ Insights Global, a staffing firm, maybe he could help us out.

  10. 69Dawg

    For all the Kool-Aid drinkers out there lets recap the season so far. We beat a ? UNC team, whose coach is saying that we weren’t all that great. I say that most any competent coach could have beaten us by continuing to run the ball. So I chalk UNC up to poor coaching by the opponent more than great play by us.

    Game number 2 what can I say a 62 point dog takes us to the wire.

    Game number 3 Coach Pinkle would have beat us. Fortunately their new coach is not all that great. When you get 5 turnovers and only beat somebody by 1 point you are more lucky than good.

    I’ve said before that what has been missing since 1989 was Vince’s horseshoe. Maybe Kirby has found it because this team is 8-4 at best but luck will win over all, after all we could just as easily be 1-2 right now. We lose to Ole Miss, UT, UF and one unexpected team where our luck fails.

    • Rick

      This is about as bad as a team can be with a fully operational Nick Chubb.

    • I’m not drinking any Kool-Aid, but you overstate your case.

      Fedora’s a good coach. His quarterback had a bad game and that made for a poor decision to run the ball less than he should have. He also didn’t say UGA wasn’t all that great, just that UNC’s opponent this week is the best team he’s faced this season. Usually, that’s called coachspeak.

      You can’t say bad enough things about the Nicholls game. I know, ’cause I’ve tried.

      If Pinkel were still coaching at Mizzou, they’d still be running the same abomination of an offense they ran last year, so, no, I don’t think that would have been good enough to win.

      Georgia’s a flawed team, but it’s a team that’s also undefeated despite being behind in the second half of every game so far this season. That’s not all luck.

      • Rick

        No, it’s not all luck, but I don’t see how you characterize this team as ‘flawed’. It’s not a good team with flaws, it’s a bad team with the unavoidable bright spots you get from having all that talent. We only have three games of data, so there is only so much you can say, but wins are a particularly bad metric because they collapse to three binary data points. And, to be fair, forget the ‘lucky’ statistics like missed FGs and turnovers. Look instead at the over 400 plays of football we have, things like S&P+, where UGA is cratering at light speed, held up only by the weighting of generous preseason estimates. As inexorably as gravity itself, the W/L will eventually reflect those statistics.

        • It’s not a good team with flaws, it’s a bad team with the unavoidable bright spots you get from having all that talent.

          That totally explains the situation at offensive line. And place kicker.

          Overall, there is talent, but it’s not evenly allocated. That’s largely due to a combination of the 2013 class cratering while the program is crawling out from Richt’s roster mismanagement of several years.

          I think I’ll stick with my label, thanks.

          • Rick

            Let me amend that to ‘it’s a bad team with bright spots and flaws’.

            Every fanbase after a coaching change complains about the previous guy’s roster management. We know the drill. Observe what sucks, say ‘if only’ and blame the last coach. It has never been more of a farce than it is for 2016 Georgia. This is not Urban Meyer seeing a talent deficit and bolting. This isn’t a coach like Muschamp or Dooley whose fate was written on the wall for a season or two while recruiting suffered. This is a team that was ripped from it’s coach while averaging 10 wins a season, and within days handed to another guy along with an elite recruiting class and keys to a factory refurbished Nick Chubb.

            Of course the talent is not ‘evenly allocated’. That is true for every team in America outside of a precious few. It is true for the 40 or more teams that are better than Georgia, despite vastly inferior talent.

            • Every fanbase after a coaching change complains about the previous guy’s roster management.

              I get that you’re totally in the bag for Richt, but c’mon, man, I deserve more credit than that. Check the archives here to see how long ago I was complaining about Richt’s roster mismanagement.

              You can try to pretend that it wasn’t about Richt, but I don’t know of too many D-1 coaches out there who elect to let their active roster of scholarship players dwindle under 70. And it’s not as if Richt didn’t finally wake up to the problem, either. That 2013 class of which I spoke was huge and part of a scramble over his last three years to rebuild the numbers. If you don’t want to see that as an issue that led to him losing his job, that’s your problem, not the fan base’s.

              • Rick

                You get full credit of complaining about roster mismanagement in long ago, and are absolutely correct that he began addressing it in full force in 2013, which is why we are at full capacity and agonize over spending a scholly on a kicker.

                This is 2016. That class is seniors now. Are you suggesting that our roster woes come from not having enough red-shirt seniors?

                I don’t quite know what you mean by my being “totally in the bag” for Richt. I have always been perfectly fine with firing him for someone better, there are options out there. We elected to drive off a cliff for not damned reason.

            • @gatriguy

              According to your own advanced stats, there are only 26 teams better than Georgia, including the UNC team they beat by 9.

              If you’re going to troll, be consistent. Btw, I love the “ripped from their coach” line. They aren’t kittens that were weaned too quickly.

              You still haven’t addressed my point: what win in 2015 was better than the UNC win WR already have this year?

              I get this team might not finish with as good of a record, but to act like 2015 was some great team and this is a huge step back is major rerichtionist history.

              • Rick

                Here is your consistency: Georgia is 26 purely by virtue of the preseason ranking of 12th that is still weighted 50%. If the algorithm looked at only evidence from 2016, we are easily out of the top 40, and like the top 50. Other metrics based only on 2016 evidence reflect this.

                We’re getting the Richt bump (or Schottenheimer bump, if you prefer).

    • @gatriguy

      I’d venture to say that the UNC is better than a single team we beat last year–considering the only team we beat with a winning record was GSU and we had to go to OT to do that.

      Georgia was bailed out by a ridiculously easy schedule last year. Which is how you win 10 games and finish unranked.

  11. OdontoDawg

    “Not far enough.”

    That right there belongs in the Blog Post Header HOF.

  12. Dovedawg

    Come on everybody, can we at least get a little more into the season before we bbq the coaches and the team? Coach Richt was 8-4 his first season with a great wins over Tenn and Tech. This team, while “flawed”, at least has the staying power to fight to the end of the game. That part is impressive. If we can steal another one this weekend, great! If not, then we match up better against Tenn next week and maybe we take them down at home. UF has no offense, altho a great defense, but we can play with those boys. The rest of the schedule is winnable. So let’s hope for the best and handle the losses when they come. No one expects this team to be undefeated, but I like their spirit and determination.

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